Bullitt County History

African American Death Reports, 1860 Mortality Schedule

The following list is transcribed from the 1860, Bullitt County Mortality Schedule by Daniel Buxton. Possible additions and corrections are welcome. Contact us using the link above.

Slaves Listed in 1860 Bullitt County Mortality Schedule

NameAgeSexRacePOBDODProfessionCause of Death#Days Ill
H.C. McKay5MBlkKYFeb 1860Pneumonia60
Chas Samuels3MMulKYJun 1859ScaldedScalded
Weslley Samuels2MBlkKYAug 1859Pneumonia5
Vaughn3MMulKYFeb 1860Croup1
Step Brooks65MBlkKYApr 1860? HandRheumatism62
Susan Rogers38FBlkVAFeb 1860Child Birth1
H. Hornbeck2MBlkKYJun 1859Croup2
H. Summers8MBlkKYUnknownNegro Comsumption90
Demas Summers12MBlkKYUnknownTyphoid Fever16
R.M. Duvall24FBlkKYFeb 1860Nausea Sore Mouth90
Martha Brook30FBlkKYDec 1859House ServentInfection of Womb6
Frank Hill36MBlkKYDec 1859Field HandKilled By ? on HeadSudden
H.B. Glass1moMBlkKYSep 1859Infection ?5
Lee1moMBlkKYJan 1860Pneumonia5
H. Harris3FBlkKYJun 1859Worms1
J. Hough8FMulKYOct 1859Typhoid Fever14
Mary Barns1FBlkKYJun 1859Unknown6
M. Lewis11moFMulKYAug 1850Unknown30
John Dent1moMBlkKYMay 1860Unknown1
Hall1moFBlkKYJul 1850Unknown12
Sarah Scott3FMulKYMar 1860Scarlet Fever4
Thos Scott11moFMulKYApr 1860Scarlet Fever3
Nelly Wellege43FBlkKYFeb 1860Unknown14
Wellege1moFBlkKYApr 1860Unknown1
Jas Weller15MBlkKYFeb 1860Pneumonia4
Emma Trunnell3FMulKYNov 1859Brain Fever7
Fanny Trunnell9moFBlkKYSep 1859Hooping Cough21
Dennis Combs3M MulKYFeb 1860Brain Fever7
Ned Weller75MBlkKYJan 1860LaborerOld Age1
Malvine Magruder8moFMulKYDec 1859Smothered1
Gant Buky75MBlkKYMar 1860LaborerSpasm2
John Simmons9MBlkKYDec 1859Fever14

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