Bullitt County History

Bakers to Quirey and Tyler, April 1845

On 3 Apr 1845, the Bakers and Sterling Barner as trustee for Nancy Baker conveyed what appears to be the remainder of all that the Bakers possessed in Bullitt County; specifically the land and personal property that had been conveyed to Nancy's trustee earlier, to Quirey and Tyler.

Bullitt County Deed Book K, Pages 395-396

This indenture made this 3rd day of April 1845 between John H. Baker and Nancy D. his wife of the first part, and Sterling B. Barner, trustee of Nancy D. Baker of the second part, and Charles Quirey and James E. Tyler under the state of Quirey and Tyler.

Witnesseth that the parties of the first and second part for and in consideration of the payment of $1200 to John Pope Esquire by the party of the third part on the securities of John H. Baker, one of the parties of the first part, and for and in consideration of the further sum of $800 in hand paid to the party of the second part as trustee for Nancy D. Baker, one of the parties of the first part, the receipt of all which is hereby acknowledge, have bargained and sold, and by these presents hereby bargain and sell and convey to the said Quirey and Tyler the parties of the third part the following described premises and parcels of land lying and being in Bullitt County and state of Kentucky and on the waters of Crooked and Long Lick Creeks to wit: the Collings tract of 200 acres of land on which the Crooked Creek furnace is situate; also 5000 acres of land adjoining and near to the Collings' tract and furnace called the Railey tract on the waters of Crooked Creek and conveyed to John H. Baker by N. C. Summers as attorney for said Railey which deed is of record in the Bullitt County Clerk's office; also 2000 acres of land known as the West Tract on the waters of Long Lick Creek; together with the Crooked Creek furnace and all the improvements and appurtenances belonging to the said tracts of land, and the engine and appurtenances and fixtures of every description belonging to the same. To have and to hold the said tracts of land &c with all the appurtenances to the said Quirey and Tyler and their heirs and assigns forever, and the parties of the first and second parts covenant and agree with Quirey and Tyler to covenant and defend said tracts of land &c against themselves and all persons claiming or to claim the same, by, through or under them, but against no other person or persons whatever, but it is expressly understood that Quirey and Tyler take the above described lands subject to Abner and Ben Collings' claim for the purchase money for which there is now a decree of the Bullitt Circuit Court and the Collings' 200 acres is advertised for sale, also subject to the claim of Jesse Craddock, also subject to the claim of Philip Johnson, also subject to the claim of Nathan Evans, also the engine subject to the claim of Smith and Rowland, if they have any, which the parties of the first and second parts do not admit, and all the right, interest and claim of the said Nancy D. Baker which she derived either by the deed of trust to said property or as dower to the aforesaid lands together in part or to the whole of said lands or any of them in any wise whatever. In witness whereof the parties have hereunto affixed their seals this day and date first above written. (signed) John H. Baker, N. D. Baker, S. B. Barner, trustee for N. D. Baker.

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