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Tenth Precinct Birth Records 1911-1922

William F. Joyce was the registrar of births in the tenth precinct of Bullitt County during the period from 1911-1922. Recently his original birth register book was donated to the Bullitt County History Museum.

The tenth precinct was known as the Knobs and/or Griffin precinct. It was located in northwestern Bullitt County, bordering on Jefferson County.

The chart below lists all of the births recorded in Mr. Joyce's register. They are listed in alphabetical order with the child's name followed by the father and mother's names, and then the child's date of birth.

Images of the original certificates from this book are available at the History Museum. Besides the information shown below, these certificates usually include both the father and mother's residence, race, age at their last birthday, their birthplace, and occupation. Also given is the number of child of this mother, and the number of children of this mother then living. Also given in most cases is the name of the doctor who attended the birth.

Contact the History Museum to learn how to obtain copies of these birth records.

ChildFatherMotherBirth Date
Abel, Joseph EdwardWilliam Clide AbelAda Lillian Hougland30 Apr 1911
Arnold, CarlRiley ArnoldBettie Jones30 Jul 1912
Arnold, ClarenceRiley ArnoldBettie Jones30 Jul 1912
Arnold, Henry LeeLemore ArnoldMary Enmes Right19 Jan 1916
Baize, Lura DeanJohn BaizeLaura Dillander14 Nov 1913
Barrell, Albert WardMarion Foshet BarrellViola Rebecca Arnold15 Jan 1911
Beard, Catherin LouiseOscar Lee BeardLeora Geneva Joyce18 Oct 1917
Bishop, Dolly MayWilliam M. BishopLula Thompson5 Aug 1919
Bishop, Thomas C.Walter BishopMary Ross18 Dec 1920
Close, Hilda LeeBuckner CloseAlma Beard3 Feb 1915
Close, Thelma BeatriceBuckner CloseCora Alma Beard22 Jan 1917
Daugherty, Nanie PaulineGilbert Silas DaughertyNina Vema Ridgway28 May 1912
Davis, Charles Randall RobertsJames DavisVirgie Tydings21 Nov 1916
Davis, James BufordJames DavisMary Virgie Tydings11 Apr 1914
Davis, Louisa MarieJesse DavisElna Arnold14 Apr 1919
Davis, Richard Clayton (stillborn)James DavisMary Virgie Tydings8 Oct 1912
Dennison, Ruby OrnieEarl DennisonBessie Holm4 Aug 1921
Despain, Bula MayAndrew DespainGracie Emma Arnold7 May 1916
Despain, MelvinAndrew DespainGrace Arnold30 Jun 1918
Dillander, Garland EdwardWilliam Jessie DillanderHallie Stivers20 May 1913
Dillander, Whitson LavernaWhitson Rector DillanderMary Dica Miller7 Apr 1919
Dillender, Lulu ElizabethWillie DillenderHallie Stivers25 May 1919
Dillinder, AzleeWillie DillinderHallie Stivers10 May 1916
Elzy, Nellie MaeThomas ElzyMary Miller23 Mar 1921
Gibson, LeonoreJohn Leesby GibsonMary Elizabeth Perry21 Apr 1915
Gibson, RobertJohn GibsonElizabeth Perry28 Jul 1920
Goldsmith, Dorthy MayJoe GoldsmithMamie Stivers4 May 1914
Goldsmith, Katherine BennettWilliam Thomas GoldsmithLizzie Downey Stultz21 Feb 1918
Goldsmith, Mary ElizabethJos GoldsmithMamie Stivers3 Jan 1920
Goldsmith, Robert VernonJoseph William GoldsmithMayme Stivers4 May 1916
Goldsmith, Ruth M.W. Thomas GoldsmithLizzie B. Stultz18 Mar 1914
Goodhue, Nannie MaySamuel GoodhueMyrtle (Buster) Goodhue4 May 1916
Hall, CarlSimon Boliver Buckner HallBirtha Elizabeth Bagby6 Sep 1912
Hawkins, William Obe EverettJames HawkinsBlanch Wright11 Dec 1916
Hays, Lucile AddwinArthur Ivl HaysEmma Francis Goldsmith15 May 1911
Hibbs, KennethHerbert HibbsJane Druin22 Aug 1918
Holly, Joseph HenryJoseph HollySinthie Bell Wright13 Jan 1911
Jewel, TheodoreClint JewelCarrie Blakley21 Feb 1914
Jewell, Charles EdmondWilliam Clarence JewellEliza Bell Right19 Mar 1917
Jewell, Evelyn LaverneWilliam Clarence JewellEliza Bell Wright17 Sep 1914
Jewell, Samuel HowardWilliam Clarence JewellEliza Belle Wright6 Oct 1912
Jones, CarolComie Lewis JonesNevada Owen23 Dec 1914
Jones, (no name)Laurence JonesMattie May Funk-- --- 1920
Joyce, Thomas PrestonWilliam F. JoyceClara Belle Miller3 May 1913
Lile, Gladys LavernaWm. R. LileVirginia Milby10 Jul 1917
Lile, James LuraySam LileMaud Samples12 Apr 1917
Lile, Maud LillianSam LileMaud Sample19 Mar 1918
Lile, Waller Jefferson RidgwayWilliam Rising LileVirginia Mary Milby17 May 1913
Lile, William Obie AaronLuther LileCatherine Hawkins21 May 1911
Lobb, Leona Freeda MayIsaiah LobbMary Ethel Hays24 May 1911
Logsden, CamelJ. H. LogsdenIsabel Martin17 May 1915
Logsden, (none given)Henry LogsdenIsabel Martin-- --- 1919
Marcum, LolaJames MarcumJennie Hall10 Oct 1919
Masden, Roy L.R. L. MasdenJanie Chappell16 May 1919
McCubbins, EvelynJohn F. McCubbinsEmily T. Noe22 Dec 1916
McCubbins, Gladys MayJohn Franklin McCubbinsEmma Frances Noe31 Dec 1912
McCubbins, Guy CecilJohn Smith McCubbinsEmma Frances Noe1 Jun 1921
McCubbins, Joseph HugheyNewt NoeAgnes McCubbins26 Dec 1916
McCubbins, MabelJohn Frank McCubbinsEmmily Francis Noe31 Jul 1918
McCubbins, Velma LeeJohn McCubbinsEmily Noe31 Mar 1915
McCubbins, William ThomasJohn Frank McCubbinsEmma Francis Noe30 Jun 1919
McDaniel, Albert CarlMax McDanielEthel Thompson14 May 1913
Noe, Charles PerryJesse Porter NoeGertrude May Dennison21 Aug 1914
Noe, James ElbertJessie NoeGertrude Denison14 May 1911
Noe, James IsaacJames Leslie NoeNellie Blakley22 Oct 1921
Noe, Jasper FranklinJesse NoeGertrude Dennison7 Nov 1912
Noe, Thurman WilfordJasper Newton NoeAnnie Bell Dennison21 Aug 1912
Parker, CecilJesse ParkerHattie Corum3 Jul 1917
Quick, Clifford CleoCharles Ed QuickAda Girtrude Ashby3 Feb 1911
Rodgers, Claud IrvinChas Emmit RodgersNannie Ann Chappell7 Mar 1911
Rodgers, Dora GenevaCharles RodgersNannie Chappell18 Apr 1918
Rodgers, Marie MonzellCharles E. RodgersNancy Ann Chappell7 Aug 1913
Rodgers, Marion DouglasCharles Emmett RodgersNancy Ann Chappell28 Oct 1915
Rodgers, Nannie MayCharles Emmet RodgersNannie Ann Chappell10 Sep 1920
Samuels, Hazel MayCharles R. SamuelsFannie Smith-- Jan 1917
Scott, Enid LouiseGeorge Washington ScottSudie May Estes31 Mar 1920
Scott, Martin GardnerGeorge W. ScottSudie Estes28 Feb 1915
Shepherd, Howard ClarenceCharles ShepherdKate Bell Goldsmith17 Sep 1913
Skaggs, Leonard GreenWm T. SkaggsMary Jane Warren22 Sep 1913
Skidmore, LewisLewis SkidmoreFrances Harp11 Feb 1922
Smith, EarlBen SmithOllie Able10 Jul 1914
Stearman, Emmett VernonMarion Frank StearmanRebecca Ann Martin8 Aug 1918
Stearman, (stillborn) daughterRobert StearmanNannie Bell Hawkins17 May 1911
Stivers, Altha PaulineHughie StiversAlma Arnold12 Feb 1919
Stivers, Archie LeeHugh StiversAlma Arnold23 Sep 1917
Stivers, BessieRichard StiversCordelia Dillander12 Oct 1911
Stivers, BradfordLemon StiversTrecy Elzy12 Nov 1917
Stivers, ClarenceLemon StiversTresa Ann Elzy28 Feb 1912
Stivers, Elnar FrancesGilbert StiversHazel Griffin5 Dec 1916
Stivers, Jasper GilbertGibben StiversHazel Griffin20 Feb 1922
Stivers, John EmanLemon StiversTresa Ann (Elzy) Stivers15 Jan 1915
Stovall, Herbert CecilArchie Will StovallMaud May Wright17 Jul 1915
Stovall, Virginia LeeLonnie StovallKatie Samuels1 Dec 1921
Thompson, Mary RuthCrit ThompsonCora Stovall25 Oct 1919
Thornhill, Lydia EstelleW. F. ThornhillEstelle Dilander7 Jan 1922
Watson, James Howard MorrisonKing David WatsonNettie Mabel Hall29 Apr 1913

Here is a reduced image of a typical page from this register.

Blank Register Page

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