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William Caldwell to Francis Maraman - Multiple Tracts

William Caldwell, who had moved to Louisiana, sold several tracts of land to Francis Maraman through his attorney in fact, William Grigsby on 8 Apr 1837, including a 335 acre tract on on the waters of Long Lick Creek where Morris Orme had recently lived, and which Caldwell had received from James Caldwell in 1821; also an adjoining tract, and a third tract of 100 acres that had been first patented to Benjamin Stansbury.


Bullitt County Deed Book H, Pages 416-418

This indenture made this 8th day of April 1837 between William Caldwell, now of the state of Louisiana by William R. Grigsby of Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky of one part and Francis Maraman of Bullitt County, Kentucky of the other part. Witnesseth that the said Caldwell by his attorney for and in consideration of the sum of $1,500 lawful money of the United States to him in hand paid by said Maraman (heretofore paid to said Caldwell himself), he said William Caldwell by his said attorney in fact has sold and by these presents does sell, and convey unto the said Francis Maraman the following tract of land on Long Lick Creek or its waters in Bullitt County containing 335 acres, be the same more or less, being the farm on which Morris Orme lately lived; the same land conveyed to said William Caldwell by deed dated the 15th of November 1821 made by James Caldwell of record in the Bullitt County Court, this tract so conveyed is bounded as follows, viz.

Beginning at two beech trees being the southwestwardly corner, and corner to the land owned once by James Magruder; thence North 55° East 140 poles to a poplar; thence South 50° East 103 poles to a poplar and black gum; thence North 40° East 96 poles to a beech on the bank of a branch, thence down the branch with its meanders thereof to Crow's line, thence with the line of the old Crow land to an ash and beech tree; thence with said line North 30° West 16 poles to a poplar and ash; thence with a line of Weathers Kings' old tract South 40° West to a white oak standing on the north side of the road and a corner to the land formerly Chinn; thence with Chinn's line South 82° West 107 poles to a stake in the county road where a beech tree formerly stood marked R.C.A.S., thence with the road South 72° West 40 poles to two beeches on each side of the road; thence South 15° East 51 poles to a stake at the corner of the fence; thence North 77° East 42 1/2 poles to a stake at another corner of the fence; thence South 19 1/2° East 30 poles to a stake; thence with the fence South 8 1/2° West 12 poles to a stake; thence South 16 1/2° East 64 1/2 poles to a stake, thence South 39° East 28 poles to the intersection of Froman's line, thence with Froman's line South 5° East 64 poles to the beginning.

Also said Caldwell by his said attorney sells and conveys unto the said Francis Maraman the tract of land more or less adjoining the aforesaid tract, the same which was decreed or awarded to the heirs of James Caldwell by the Washington Circuit Court in suit of Adam Shepherd's heirs and said James Caldwell's heirs &c, reference to the suit and commissioner's deed s made to show the quantity of land and the boundary thereof.

Also said Caldwell by his said attorney sells and conveys unto the said Francis Maraman the following tract of land containing 100 acres more or less, the same land (adjoining the old farm of James Caldwell in Bullitt County) being the same 100 acres of land patented to Benjamin Stansbury and sold as the property of said William under execution from Bullitt Circuit Court of said Benjamin against William Stansbury and purchased byand conveyed to said Benjamin Stansbury by the sheriff of the County of Bullitt and sold by the Sheriff of Bullitt as Benjamin Stansbury's property, and purchased by said William Caldwell.

All these lands conveyed for the purchase money first herein named with their appurtenances be the same more or less to each tract. To have and to hold said land and appurtenances unto the said Francis Maraman and to his heirs forever. And the said William Caldwell by his attorney in fact does hereby covenant and agree to and with said Francis Maraman and his heirs to warrant and defend the title of said lands forever against the claim or claims of all and every persons whatsoever; except the said 100 acres aforesaid patented to said Benjamin Stansbury and purchased by said William Caldwell as aforesaid. That tract of 100 acres more or less the said William Caldwell by his attorney in fact as aforesaid only sells and relinquishes his title to, and is not responsible for the title or consideration for the same in case the said 100 acres of land lost by any other or better claim than the one here named. Witness the hand and seal of said William Caldwell by his attorney in fact the date first herein written. (signed) William Caldwell, by his agent and attorney in fact, W. R. Grigsby.

State of Kentucky, Bullitt County, Sct. I Noah C. Summers, clerk of the county court for said county, do certify that this deed from William Caldwell to Francis Maraman was on this 10th of April 1837 produced to me in my office and acknowledged by William R. Grigsby, attorney in fact for William Caldwell, to be his act and deed and the same is thereupon truly recorded in my said office. Att. N. C. Summers, Clerk

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