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Knoll Park Company

In 1870 the Kentucky General Assembly passed an act to incorporate the Knoll Park Company, which appeared to be a planned residential community along the railroad just north of Gap of Knob Station. A transcription of the Act is given below. If you can share any additional information about this corporation and/or the planned community itself, please use our "Contact Us" link at the top of this page and write to us.


AN ACT to incorporate the Knoll Park Company, of Bullitt Connty.

Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky:

§ 1. That James H. Huber, George Shanklin, John O. Harrison, and Henry C. Pindell, or any one or more of them, may lay off a park of not exceeding three thousand (3,000) acres of land, now held and owned by the corporators herein mentioned, or may hereafter be acquired by them, in the county of Bullitt, adjacent to the Gap of Knob Station, on the Louisville and Nashville Railroad, and set apart by metes and bounds; lots therein to be held and owned as private property. And whenever the owners, not less than three in number, of all said private lots, shall acknowledge and lodge for record, in the county court clerk's office of Bullitt county, as is required by law for the acknowledgment and recording of deeds to real estate, a deed setting forth the boundaries of said park, and the private lots therein, and that the parties do accept the provisions of this charter, and convey to the company herein incorporated the ground within said park, outside of said private lots, and embodying in said deed a copy of the constitution which they shall have adopted for said corporation, the owners, from time to time, of such private lots, shall be a body-politic and corporate, in the name and style of the Knoll Park Company; and in said name they may contract and be contracted with, sue and be sued, plead and be impleaded, and answer and defend, in all courts and places whatsoever as a natural person. The said corporation may have and use a common seal, to be prescribed in its constitution.

§ 2. The said corporators may adopt a constitution, not inconsistent with the constitution of this State or of the United States, regulating the number of votes and other rights to which the corporators shall be entitled; the number of directors, the mode of selecting them; the necessary officers and employees of the corporation, their qualifications, terms of service, and other details of its organization, and the mode and manner in which its affairs shall be managed, and amend and modify the same from time to time, according to its provisions; but no such amendment ar modification shall be of force and effect until the same, attested by the seal of the corporation and the signature of its president, shall have been acknowledged by the president, and lodged for record in said county court clerk's office, as is required by law for the acknowledgment and record of deeds of real estate.

§ 3. The affairs.of said corporation shall be conducted by a board of directors, to consist of such number as may be prescribed in its constitution, and a president to be elected by the. board of directors; and said board may make rules and regulations to govern its proceedings, and fix its times and places ol meeting, and alter and amend the same as may be therein provided.

§ 4. If, upon the first organization of said company, the said park shall not include the area mentioned and authorized herein, said board of directors may, from time to time, agree with the owners of adjacent lands to admit them and their lands into said corporation, permitting them to reserve such private lots as may be agreed on; but such agreement shall be evidenced by a deed, and said deed shall set forth the boundaries of the property so to be admitted, and of the private lots to be reserved therein, and convey the land outside of the private lots to said company, and shall not be in force until the same is acknowledged and lodged for record as is above provided for the original park.

§ 5. In addition to said park, outside of the private lots, the said corporation may purchase, hold, and dispose of such machines, implements, stock, and other things, as may be necessary and proper for carrying on its operations, and such birds, fish, and animals, and their offspring, as, in the opinion of the board of directors, may be useful or ornamental in its grounds. It may, within the limits of its park, lay off, erect, construct, and provide for operating and putting to their appropriate uses, for such compensation as may be agreed on, pasture and pleasure grounds, a cemetery, a dairy, gardens, orchards, vineyards, fish-ponds, lakes, roads, statues, green-houses, summer-houses, churches, school-houses, gymnasiums, and other erections for use, ornament, amusement, or instruction.

§ 6. The board of directors, for the purpose of making improvements and carrying out the purposes of ihe corporation, may levy and collect such taxes, upon the private property of the corporators and their tenants within the limits of the park, as may be provided for in its constitution, and enforce the payment thereof, as of other debts, by proceeding in the proper courts; and it shall have a lien upon the property taxed to secure the payment of such taxes; but the taxes shall be equal and uniform.

§ 7. No trade, manufacture, or other business, shall be carried on within the limits of said park, without the consent of the board of directors.

§ 8. The clerk of the Bullitt county court shall record the papers, the record of which is herein provided for, in the books in which deeds to real estate are recorded, and be entitled to the same fees therefor.

§ 9. Said company may dispose of its property as may be provided for in its charter; and it may wind up its affairs and surrender its franchises upon such a vote as the constitution may require.

§ 10. It may, according to the provisions of its constitution, borrow money at such interest as it may agree on, and evidence the loans by bonds secured by mortgage on its property.

Approved January 24, 1870.

From Acts of the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, Frankfort, Ky., 1870, pages 128-130

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