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Shepherdsville and Cedar Grove Church Turnpike Road Company

In 1869 the Kentucky General Assembly passed an act to incorporate the Shepherdsville and Cedar Grove Church Turnpike Road Company. A transcription of the Act is given below. If you can share any additional information about this corporation and/or the road itself, please use our "Contact Us" link at the top of this page and write to us.


AN ACT to incorporate the Shepherdsville and Cedar Grove Church turnpike road company.

Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky:

§ 1. That a company is hereby created, with corporate powers and corporate succession, under the name of the "Shepherdsville and Cedar Grove Church Company," for the purpose of building a turnpike or gravel road from the town of Shepherdsville, in Bullitt county, to the Cedar Grove Church, in said county.

§ 2. That the capital stock of said company shall be fifteen thousand dollars, and may be increased at any time, at the pleasure of the president and directors of said company, and shall be divided into shares of fifty dollars each.

§ 3. That books for the subscription of stock may be opened at such times and places as may be deemed best by the following named commissioners, under whose direction the stock may be subscribed, viz: Charles Lee, Wilhite Carpenter, H. O. Maraman. Jas. Y. Pope. W. P. Simmons, Myron S. Combs, D. J. Weller, Noell Simmons, and Richard H. O. Simmons: Provided, however, Any three or more of the foregoing named commissioners, who may first organize under this charter, shall have the same authority as if all should act.

§ 4. That such of the commissioners appointed by this act to open books for the subscription to the capital stock of said company shall procure one or more books, and the subscribers to the stock of said company shall enter into the following obligation, written in said book or books, viz: "We, whose names are hereunto subscribed, do promise to pay to the president, directors, and company of the Shepherdsville and Cedar Grove Church turnpike road company, the sum of fifty dollars for each share of stock in said company, in such manner and in such proportion, and at such times as shall be required by the president and directors of the company.

§ 5. The books for the subscription of stock shall remain open until the whole of the capital stock, or enough to complete the road, shall have been subscribed, and persons may subscribe at any time until the books are closed.

§ 6. So soon as one hundred shares in said company is subscribed, it shall be the duty of some one or more of the commissioners to give notice, by written or printed notice, posted up at Shepherdsville, Weller's Mill, and Cedar Grove Church, that a meeting of the stockholders of said company will be held at such time and place as may be named by the commissioner or commissioners who may give the notice, for the purpose of choosing a president and board of directors for said company, at least ten days before the day of such meeting, at which meeting such of said commissioners as may be present shall proceed to hold an election, by taking the votes by ballot of the stockholders, in person or by proxy; and each stockholder shall be entitled to one vote for every share of stock subscribed by him or her for each of the officers of the company; at which meeting the person securing the largest number of votes shall be duly declared elected president of the company, and each of three directors shall be chosen in like manner. The president and three directors shall constitute all the officers of the road except a treasurer, who shall be chosen in the same manner as the president. All of said officers shall hold their office for the term of one year, and until their successors are elected and qualified. The treasurer shall be required, before entering upon the discharge of his duties, to execute, with sufficient surety, a bond to the company, stipulating a faithful discharge of his duties.

§ 7. That the Shepherdsville and Cedar Grove Church turnpike company shall by that name have perpetual succession, and shall be capable of taking and holding, and of purchasing, selling, and conveying, in fee simple, all such real, personal, or mixed estate as may be necessary to carry out the object of this enactment; and may sue and be sued in all the courts of this Commonwealth as natural persons may do; and do all and every thing which a body politic and corporate may do.

§ 8. That said company may erect a toll-gate and tollhouse on their said road whenever two and one half continuous miles of said road are completed, and may collect any rate of toll fixed by the president and directors: Provided, That the toll charged shall not exceed that allowed by the general law of the State.

§ 9. The president and directors may locate said road, fix and regulate the elevation and grade of said road, the width and depth of stone or gravel on said road; and may proceed by writ of ad quad damnum to condemn such land, stone, or earth, as may be necessary for the location and construction of said road.

§ 10. All elections of officers after the first shall be at such time and place, and after such notice, as may be agreed upon by the president and directors.

§ ll. That the president and directors of said company shall have power to pass all by-laws necessary to promote the interest of the stockholders, and to superintend the construction of said road, and to carry out the object of this enactment.

§ 12. The president may call meetings of said board of directors at such times and places as he may think best. A majority of the directors shall constitute a quorum; and, in the absence of the president, a majority of the directors may elect a president pro tem.

§ l3. The written or printed certificate of the president, countersigned by the treasurer, shall be evidence of ownership of stock, and the same shall be transferable on the books of the company in person or by attorney.

§ 14. The president and directors may fill all vacancies occurring in their board, or in the office of treasurer of the company, until the next regular election.

§ 15. This act shall take effect from its passage.

Approved February 15, 1869.

From Acts of the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky passed at the Adjourned (January, 1869) Session of the General Assembly, Which was Begun and Held in the City of Frankfort on Monday, the Second Day of December, 1867, pages 369-371.

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