Bullitt County History

Adam Shepherd to James McKeever - Two Tracts

In this deed Adam Shepherd and others deeded two tracts to Jame McKeever mainly as a mortgage for funds received from him. These are the same two tracts that would later belong to Beckwith and Grayson as their forge tract just west of Shepherdsville.

Bullitt County Deed Book A, Pages 372-4

Know all men by these presents that we Adam Shepherd and Michael Troutman and Guy Phelps are held and firmly bound unto James McKeever, his heirs and assigns, in the just and full sum of $20,000 to be paid to the said James McKeever, his heirs, executors, administrators and assigns, and for the faithful and punctual payment thereof we bind ourselves, our heirs, executors and administrators. Witness our hands and seals this 13th day of August 1804.

The condition of the above obligation is such that if the above bound Adam Shepherd shall within six months from this day execute and cause a deed with general warranty to be executed to said James McKeever, his heirs and assigns by himself and the heirs of Peter Shepherd to the two following tracts of land, the one containing 150 acres of land near and adjoining Shepherdsville, and is bounded as follows, to wit. Beginning at two black walnuts and three mulberry saplings on the north bank of Salt River, thence South 79° East 240 poles to a black or red oak, elm and sweet gum saplings in a flat, thence South 6° 30' West 49 poles to a stake corner to the grave yard, thence with a line of the same North 83° West 25 poles to another stake, thence South six degrees thirty minutes west six poles to another stake, thence South 83 1/2° East 25 poles to a stake, thence South 6° 30' West 26 poles to a line of said Shepherd's 600 acre survey on the bank of Salt River, thence down said river and binding thereon with the several meanders thereof to the beginning; the other tract being principally contained by the bed of the river adjoins the said 150 acres of land and is bounded as follows, to wit, beginning in the upper line of said McKeever's 150 acres aforesaid at the junction of the lower line of Water Street, thence with said street line up the river as far as Walnut street, thence with said street to the river, thence up the river to a large beech tree marked A.S., corner to Peter Shepherd's 600 acre survey, thence with the line thereof South 36° West to the south side of Salt River and so far up the bank thereof as shall be seven feet perpendicular height above low water mark, thence down said river at the distance aforesaid to opposite the beginning corner of said McKeever's 150 acre tract, thence crossing the river to the beginning corner, thence up the river with the lines of McKeever's 150 acres aforesaid to the beginning.

And the said Shepherd shall also give possession immediately of the premises except the cabin furnaces and the privilege of the salt water pipes now on the land to William Pope Jr. with liberty to renew and replace others in their stead, but the possession of the cabins and sheds to be given up to said McKeever on the first day of April next and the privilege of the pipes are to remain for nine years from this time without any compensation for any injury which may be occasioned by said pipes so remaining and the said privilege of the pipes is also to remain forever by paying said McKeever, his heirs &c for all damages which he may sustain thereby, and the said Shepherd does also reserve to the use of said Pope the wood already down on said land, and it is to be understood that the said Shepherd does not sell the store house on the last of the aforesaid two tracts of land, but is to remove the same off the premises within one month after said McKeever shall give notice that he wishes it removed, or said Shepherd shall let said McKeever have house at its valuation by three good men to be chosen by the parties, provided said McKeever shall chose to purchase it, and let it be understood that as to the bed of the river contained in the last of the said tracts, the conveyance is to give title to the river according to the patent of Peter Shepherd within which it is included, but with the general warranty as before, then this obligation to be void or else to remain in full force and virtue.
(signed by) Adam Shepherd, Michael Troutman, Guy Phelps
(witnessed by) G. Saunders, Moses Lane, Fred W. S. Grayson

Received of James McKeever the sum of $1750.00 in cash, $300 an order on Basil Beckwith, $950 a check on the bank of Lexington, and $300 a note on John Duhamil which check, note and order when paid will discharge in full said purchase money. (signed) Adam Shepherd, August 13, 1804. Witness - F. Grayson.

Bullitt County Sct
To all it may concern, I Frederic William Spence Grayson, clerk of the county court of said county, do make known that on the 13th instant Adam Shepherd personally before me at my office acknowledged the annexed bond from the said Adam Shepherd to James McKeever with the receipt thereon to be his voluntary acts and deeds. And that I have recorded the said bond or instrument of writing with the said receipt in my office truly and correctly. Witness my hand this 14th day of August 1804. (signed) Fred W. S. Grayson

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