Bullitt County History

Slavery in 1820

Almost 30% of Bullitt County heads of households in 1820 owned slaves. Of these 59 claimed 1 slave, 33 claimed 2 slaves, and another 33 claimed 3 slaves. On the other hand, a total of 35 heads of households each claimed 10 or more slaves.

Seven men listed a total of 223 slaves. They included Joseph A. Brooks (69), Jacob Bowman (36), Nathan Harris (26), Charles Jones (25), Henry Crist (24), William Shain (23), and Wilford Lee (20). It is not yet clear how these slaves were employed, although it is likely that a majority were used as agricultural workers.

The chart below lists the slaveholders, and lists a count, by age, of their slaves. We have tried to accurately spell the names, but there may be some errors as the handwriting was very difficult to read at times.

pg = page of census; ln = line on page
name = name of slaveholder
M1-M4 = male slaves by age; F1-F4 = female slaves by age
1 = under 14; 2 = 14-25; 3 = 26-44; 4 = 45+
ttl = total number of slaves

1521Harshfield, John000000101
1524Graham, Andrew300001004
1527Brown, Samuel100011003
1529Chappell, Abraham000100001
1541Berkley, Hugh6140202015
1542Hall, Shadrach000010001
1549Moore, Lewis001000102
15413Pilkington, Larkin100000001
15414Chappell, William000010102
15416Blandford, Benjamin6100221012
15417Blandford, Walter110032007
15418Miller, Benjamin100000001
15419Phelps, Guy311002007
15420Simmons, Joseph112001005
15421Simmons, William111001116
15424Glenn, John100010013
15425Hamilton, Edward H.000000101
15426Waters, William000000011
15429Simmons, Samuel011021005
15430Pope, Benjamin110111005
15431Miles, Moses120001004
15432Simmons, Jonathan410111109
1561Troutman, Jacob010000001
1563Harris, Zecheriah010000001
1565McAhron, William001000001
1568Thomas, Francis W.100001002
1569Miles, Nathan130013008
15613Moore, Evan000100012
15614Crenshaw, Overton000011002
15616Troutman, Philip B.100000001
15617Grundy, Gardon030001015
15618Morrow, William000021003
15620Simmons, Sedwick023012008
15621Hall, Clifton010001103
15622Brown, Samuel4020202010
15623Hall, Austin3011350114
15624Vaughn, Joel100001002
15626McDowell, John3140031012
15628Shepherd, Rachael110131119
15629Lee, John020010003
15631Lee, Henry Sr.100021004
15632Howlett, John001010103
15633Slack, Joseph100010002
15635Glass, Royal000000101
1584Lee, Willliam000011002
1585Duvall, Benjamin000001001
1586Carpenter, Michael100000102
1587Huston, Joseph000010001
15810Bowman, Jacob13230655236
15811Crow, Basel L.4012411114
15813Marsdon, James100000001
15814Hoskins, Aquilla000010001
15819Marsdon, Jonathan010001002
15821King, John6350002016
1601Kennady, Daniel000001001
1602Duvall, Dennis200010205
1603Purcell, John200110004
1604Duvall, Lewis100000001
16016Garr, Benjamin300001004
16024Hall, William100001002
16028Wise, Caleb300121108
16029Crenshaw, Bluford020001003
16030Wells, Thomas110130107
16032Shanklin, Richard100000001
16033Willson, Jesse010010002
1627Kinnison, John R.200140108
16210Smith, Peter Jr.000001001
16211Dunn, John2300311010
16212Shanklin, John100000001
16215Yocum, Matthias200000002
16221Gentry, James100000001
16225Sanders, Joseph410010107
16228Brashear, Ignatius101132008
16229Field, Henry100030105
16230Evans, Samuel000101002
1642Froman, Absolom200010014
1643Willson, Daniel010000001
1644Crigler, Abraham310001005
1647Shain, David101010104
16410Irons, Agnes000040105
16411Jewell, William410001006
16421Fuquay, Henry010000001
16422Summers, Benjamin4200621015
16423Stallions, Samuel001021004
16426Quick, Dennis100000001
16427Beckwith, John121111029
16428Lashbrooks, John200012005
16434Willson, John H.100001002
1663Joyce, Thomas211101006
1664Hedges, Joseph3210602014
1665Jones, Henry1080101011
16613Whitledge, Thomas100101014
16618McMannis, Charles010000001
16619Simmons, Levi3110411011
16621Anderson, John010000001
16630Jones, Jesse100001002
16631Sanders, Christian J.010000001
1681Simmons, William300032109
1683Stallions, Samuel100010002
16810Carter, Mashal010000001
16831White, Abraham000001001
1709Buley, John200022006
17023Stansbury, Benjamin310030209
17024Williams, John010210004
1723Peyton, Craven200051008
1728Woods, Eliza C.200000002
17216Barnes, George200000013
17220Con, James L.100010013
1743Reed, John120000104
1744Simmons, Richard P.2015110010
1745Brashear, Marsham201020106
1749Robison, John200010003
17415Halbert, James300021006
17418Murphy, John010000001
17420Jones, William000001001
17422Dosier, James J.000001001
17423Graham, John200000103
17424Alexander, James320010208
17427Robard, George L.010011003
17428Beckwith, John W.220320009
17430Oldham, Henry000001001
17431Huston, Maxwell000001001
17432Jones, Charles31070320025
17433Willson, Thomas Q.110032007
17434Hughes, Benjamin430001008
17435Tilford, Weir201011005
17436Gore, Jonathan101000103
17438Forker, Thomas000001001
17440Sanders, George110001003
1761Thornberry, Samuel1111601112
1762Hornbeck, Solomon100000001
1769Hilton, William F.100010103
17610Crenshaw, Nelson100022005
17611McGruder, Levi100020003
17612Henson, Benjamin300001004
17613Newbolt, William311030109
17622Briscoe, Harrison0311520012
17624Sanders, Nathaniel P.100000001
17631Quinn, Auther000011002
1783Cornwell, Jacob100000001
17816Simmons, Thomas000010001
17817Mothershead, Minor000001001
17826Carpenter, Joel100010103
17837Crenshaw, Corby600100108
1804Simmons, Griffin100010002
1805Radliff, Charles100000102
18011James, Richard010000001
18012John, James W.000010001
18015Sanders, Thomas Jr.010001002
18017Rogers, Elizabeth100024007
18018Landers, Thomas311001219
18021Rosson, Jesse110012005
18022Brooks, Joseph12182101161069
18025Shanklin, Sarah300011005
18028Brown, Siveloston100020115
18031Thornberry, Seth B.100000001
18032Whitledge, John110110105
18033Whitledge, Juriah210010004
18034Wheeler, John B.001010002
1821Smith, Peter001010103
1824Sanders, William011000103
1825King, William010021015
1826Briscoe, Samuel5210011111
1828White, Britain3101221010
18210King, Nelson100000001
18212Bridwell, George100000001
18228Newkirk, Tunis000010102
1849Stringer, Edward001020115
18412Halderman, David200000103
18415Greathouse, William200001003
18417Cameron, John101103017
18420Swearingen, Rachael2001412010
18421Swearingen, Jesse100000001
18423Fox, Philip100100013
18432Drake, Charles501010108
18434Stewart, Hugh001010002
1861Tyler, David E.010000001
1863Cunningham, Edward100000001
1867Russell, Nicholas100010103
18615Lashbrooks, James000021003
18622Russell, Thomas010000001
18626Collins, Benjamin101000002
18630Collins, William2110312010
18634Walker, Gideon100100103
18635Amos, Robert100000001
18636Peyton, Mary400000105
1886Stone, Mary001001002
1888Burkett, Eli100001002
18815Myers, John010010002
18818Meeks, James100002003
18824Meeks, Elijah201000104
18837Wright, Elijah201002005
1901Rolf, Elizabeth100101003
1904Clark, James000001001
1905Ash, John200030106
19018Crist, Nicholas111000003
19027Maraman, Francis120021107
19028Simmons, Richard4020420012
19029Robert, Hannah101021106
19031Simmons, Samuel4301521016
1921Simmons, Elisha100010103
1927Swearingen, Elemelake0230311111
1928Wilcoxon, Lewis200111005
1929Allison, David000000011
19210Simmons, James201011005
19211Simmons, Robert2311310314
19221Withers, Sophy000020103
19223Crist, Henry20130504024
19227McDaniel, William100010103
19228Bukey, Rodolphus120012107
19232Leewright, John022100016
19235Briscoe, Gerard W.010010002
1942Tucker, James010000001
1945Aud, Anna101011004
1948Overall, Nancy200011004
1949Overall, Robert000011002
19411Overall, Whitledge301020118
19416Blandford, Francis D.100000102
19421Hall, Thomas2022211010
19423Harris, Nathan7241614126
19425Cohorn, James100002003
19426Doolen, Permelia020000002
19427Robards, Mortimer D.100011003
19428Shain, William5450531023
19429Chandler, William3002121110
19430Caldwell, James4110301111
19431McGruder, Archibald4001301110
19432Deats, Michael000010001
19435Beard, Peggy000010001
1961Shawler, Mary000001001
1964Handley, Sherwood W.1250402014
1969Allen, Thomas310002006
19610Johnson, Ephraim010000001
19614Hamilton, George000000101
19618Middleton, John300001004
19626Lee, Wilford7220522020

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