Bullitt County History

Bullitt County Teachers 1782-1953

compiled by
Daniel Buxton

This list has been compiled from newspapers, census records, written histories and old pictures archived at the Bullitt County History Museum. This list is not complete it is just a compilation of all the sources that are available. If you can add to this list or correct any errors please email us with the information.

Early Teachers:
1782 - Peter Cummins (Kept school in a fort most likely Brashears Station)
1784 - Ben Roberts
1785 - William Marshal
1785 - William Kings
1785 - William Larkismone

1850 Census
Oliver C. Curry
A.H. Sampson
Alexis Stansbury
James Smock
Jackson Barrell
George W. Rusk
D.M. Barmore
Robinson Mumphford (School Master)
B.H. Ramsey (School Master)
William H. Holsclaw (School Master)
A.F. Magruder
Frances M. Lutes
E.H.C. Hall
John B. Bottom
Thoms Applegate
James Chase

1860 Census
R.S. White
Sarah Collings
Carrie Ulin
J.M. Shawler
A. Jackson
Maria E. Cornell
R.H. Brown
H.M. Brown
H. Brown
E.F. Brown
Joseph Lux
J.P. Backus
J. Butter (School Master)
A. Smith
M.S. Ringo
S. Kimble
P.B. Truotman

1870 Census
Leaches Cane Springs
  Louisa Barger
Mount Washington District
  Jas. B. Gentry
Town of Mount Washington
  Joseph Lux
Pine Tavern Lebanon Junction
  Rich Blair
  John Cundiff
Pine Tarven District Belmount
  F.T. Roark
Shepherdsville District Shepherdsville
  Kate Bond (Mulatto)
  Annie M. Combs
  R.E. Robinson
  John S. Stratton
  Ella T. Kalfe
Town of Shepherdsville
  James Jinkins

1880 Census
District 32 Shepherdsville Magisterial District
Sudie McNutt
  Fannie Smith (Keeping School)
District 33 Town of Shepherdsville
  W.A. Field
District 33 Town Shepherdsville M.D.
  Jas F. Combs
  Jon. D. Strother
  Mary P. Barton
District 34 Mount Washington
  Susan Hall
District 35 Pine Traven East of L&N Railroad
  George Miller
  Elmira E. Atcher
  Clara Watts
  John J. Ferry
  Anna Peoples
District 36 Pine Traven
  William Sicking
  Lee Warren
  W. Gwynn
District 37 Leaches
  J.P. Sampel

1900 Census
Precinct 1
  Josie L. Foster
  Clara Shepherd
  Annie? N___?
  Martha Hornbeck
Precinct 11
  Minnie Harris (African American)
  Edith B. Henderson
  Jinnie Carpenter
  Hallie Carpenter
Shepherdsville Ward No. 1
  Gertie Chaddic
Shepherdsville East First Street
  Mattie Hays
  Maud Glenn
Shepherdsville North Main Street
  Chas W. Smith
  Myrtle Smith
  William Shafer (African American)
Shepherdsville East Street
  Chas Birdwell
Precinct 10
  Lattie P. Hardesty
  Mary K. Martin
  Sallie A. Chappell
Precinct 2
  Hettie Ridgway
  Otto C. Tydings
  Annie F. Dmarsh
Mount Washington District Mount Washington Town
  Anna Cooper
  Adeline Riley
  Bessie Riley
  Tillie A. Hedges (June 8,1900) Listed her with her family
  Enoch A. Cochran
Leaches Precinct Magisterial District No. 3
  Charls P. Bradbury
Magisterial District Part of Pine Tavern, Lebanon Junction Town
  Samuel Hancock
  Cora Adams
  Tillie Hedges (June 5,1900) Listed here as a boarder
Magisterial District Part of Pine Tavern, Lebanon Junction
  George H. Harned

1910 Census
Magisterial District 1 District 16
Shepherdsville, Main Street
  Stilla Troutwine
  Anne Troutwine
  William Shaffer (African American)
Magisterial District 1 District 16
Salt River Station
  Louise Buckman
  Ora Roby
  Cora Roby
Magisterial District 1 District 16
Bardtowns Junction

  Sophia Morrison
  Lillie Mooney
  Mammie Mooney
Magisterial District 1 District 17
  Daisy Vaughn
Driskill District 18
  Christena Griffin (African American)
  Emma Harris
  Maud Harris
  Lavada Bogard
  Lena Bogard
Leaches District 20
  Harry Jones
  Nora Birdwell
Magisterial District 4 District 21
  Mary Masden
Magisterial District 4 District 21
Lebanon Junction Town
Railroad Ave.

  Jguatius Miller
  George Campbell
  Leroy Alcorn
Magisterial District 4 District 22
Pine Travern

  Lena Welch
  Ada Troutwine
  Clara Hardy
  Maddie Dawson
  Mamie Roby

1920 Census
District 1 Precent 1
Mount Washington Road

  Lillian Wigginton
Louisville Shepherdsville Road
  Ora L. Roby (School Superintendent)
  Nora M. Magruder
Shepherdsville District 18
Lick Skillet Road

  Bertha Harshfield
Bardstown Junction and Chapeze Road
  Holland Magruder
Shepherdsville District 18
Bullitt Lick Road

  Willie Quick
District 1 Precent 11
Shepherdsville, District 19
Cupio Precient 2
Ridge Road

  Mattie May Funk

Source DateSchool and Teacher Names
Bardstown Junction School
January 1915Jennie Carpenter and Blanche Troutwine
September 12, 1924Nellie Vittitoe
May 07, 1926Katherine Nusz
August 1926Katherine Nusz
May 11, 1928Mary B. Hill
June 07, 1929Gladys Murphy
May 09, 1930Ruth Crenshaw and Christine Stansbery
June 12, 1931Mary B. Hill
May 13, 1932Mary B. Hill
April 11, 1935Kathryn Harned
Beech Grove/Zonton School
July 08, 1910Lena Bogard
June 03, 1916Lena Ice
June 07, 1918Nellie M. Starks
June 11, 1920Meta R. Cooper
May 13, 1921Meta Riley Cooper
July 02, 1922Meta R. Cooper
September 12, 1924W.D. Robards
May 07, 1927Ethel M. Cochran
August 1926Ethel Mae Cochran
June 07, 1929Mary T. Melton
May 09, 1930Elizabeth Wigginton
June 12, 1931Louise Cochran
May 13, 1932Louise Cochrane
April 11, 1935Willard Wright
Beech Grove School (Southern Bullitt County)
July 08, 1910Sophia Morrison
June 03, 1916Bernie Lee
June 07, 1918Mary E. Bell
June 11, 1920Blanch Engle
May 13, 1921Blanche Cundiff
July 02, 1922Blanche Cundiff
July 05, 1923Mary B. Hill
September 12, 1924Louise Shelton
May 07, 1926Mildred Bergen
August 1926Mildred Bergen
May 30, 1927Mildred Bergen
May 11, 1928Christine Stansbery
June 07, 1929Christine Stansbery
June 12, 1931Ruth Stansbery
May 13, 1932Myrtle Ruth Stansbery
April 11, 1935Mae Mathis
Belmont School
July 08, 1910Anna M. Toutman
January 1915J.C. Rouse and Bertha Engle
May 13, 1921Sophia & Lula Cook
July 05, 1923Margaret Combs
September 12, 1924Fay Magruder
May 07, 1926Mildred Hall
August 1926Mildred Hall, Dollie Stephan
May 11, 1928Mildred Hall
June 07, 1929Mildred Hall and Zardetti Dawson
June 12, 1931Corene Beeler and John Cruise
May 13, 1932Mae Mathis and Doris Purcell
April 11, 1935Ray Masden
1940'sGertrude Cox, Joyce Fleming, Mary Blanche Hill (married Burton Wise), Jewel Bottom (married Robert Lee), Christine Cruise, (first grade teacher), Anna B. Hankins, Zardetti, Augusta, and Philomena Dawson - (sisters), and Geneva Calvert. (as recalled by Ed Lee)
Bethel School
May 07, 1926Stella Simmons
August 1926Wassell Rogers, Stella Simmons
May 11, 1928Ola May Gray, Beatrice Lutes
May 09, 1930Stella Simmons and Elizabeth Whitman
June 12, 1931Elizabeth Wigginton and Amelia Hoagland
May 13, 1932Elizabeth Wigginton and Amelia Hoagland
April 11, 1935Principal Quinn Pearl, Cathrine Triplett
Bowman Valley African American School
August 31, 1917Anna Rowan
June 07, 1918Louise Rankin
June 11, 1920Louise Murphy
May 13, 1921Louise Murphy
July 02, 1922Louise R. Murphy
September 12, 1924Louise Murphy
May 07, 1926Mary Bowman
May 30, 1927Mary A. Owen
May 11, 1928Maggie Owens
June 07, 1929Maggie Owens
May 09, 1930Maggie Owens
June 12, 1931Henry Owens
June 10, 1932Henry Owens and Lucy Powell
1933Henry Owens and Magie Owens
1932 to 1941Henry Owens
Cira 1940s and 1950sFrances Barbour
Brooks School
July 08, 1910Nellie Brooks
June 03, 1916Verna Funk
June 07, 1918Verna Funk
June 11, 1920Mary E. Crenshaw
May 13, 1921Mary B. Crenshaw
July 02, 1922Evelyn Hardy
September 12, 1924Jennie Carpenter
May 07, 1926Frances McAllister
August 1926Frances McAllister
May 30, 1927Mary Triplett
June 07, 1929Marie Lutes
May 09, 1930Marie Lutes
June 12, 1931Marie Lutes
May 13, 1932Easter Riley
April 11, 1935Junie Ash
Bullitts Lick School
July 08, 1910Calvin Rouse
June 03, 1916Nellie Scott
June 07, 1918Alma Forrest
June 11, 1920Willie C. Quick
May 13, 1921Willie C. Quick
July 02, 1922Willie C. Quick
July 05, 1923Mrs. Fred Quick
September 12, 1924Willie C. Quick
May 07, 1926Nassell Rogers
August 1926Ophelia Masden
May 30, 1927Ophelia Masden
May 11, 1928Anna Garr
June 07, 1929Wanda Adams
May 09, 1930Loraine Wheatley
June 12, 1931Ruth Weller
May 13, 1932Ruth Weller
April 11, 1935Sarah D. Whitman
Cane Run/Cave Run School
July 08, 1910Dollie Haley
June 03, 1916Ida Greenwell
June 07, 1918Lillian Monroe
June 11, 1920Lillian Monroe
May 13, 1921Thomas Stallings
July 02, 1922Ida P. Hicks
July 05, 1923Ruth Murry
September 12, 1924Virginia Gardner
May 07, 1926Mary Ping
August 1926Mary Ping
May 30, 1927Clyde E. Roby
May 11, 1928Clyde E. Roby
June 07, 1929Mildred Beeler
June 12, 1931Clyde E. Roby
May 13, 1932Clyde E. Roby
April 11, 1935Woodrow Masden
Cane Spring School
July 08, 1910Zora Bowman
June 03, 1916Ida Greenwell
Cedar Glades
June 03, 1916Unknown
June 07, 1918E. Nora Birdwell
June 11, 1920Passed
May 13, 1921Nora Birdwell
July 02, 1922Nora Birdwell
July 05, 1923Nora Bridwell
September 12, 1924E. Nora Birdwell
August 1926Arzetta Wilcox
May 30, 1927Orzetta Wilcox
May 11, 1928Julia Ann Ash
June 07, 1929Ruth Crenshaw
May 09, 1930T.J. Trunnell
June 12, 1931Ruth Crenshaw
May 13, 1932Junia Ashe
April 11, 1935Dale Carrithers
Cedar Grove
June 03, 1916Lillian Thomposon
June 07, 1918Alleen Swearingen
June 11, 1920Susie Crenshaw/Susie Bridwell
May 13, 1921Ruth D. Smith
July 02, 1922Fay Magruder
July 05, 1923Ruth Crenshaw
September 12, 1924Rossellee McKinney
August 1926Ruth Crenshaw
May 30, 1927Ruth Crenshaw
May 11, 1928Ruth Crenshaw
June 12, 1931Geneva Mann
May 13, 1932Beulah Philpot
April 11, 1935Principal Jack Gardner, Martha Weller
Central Christian Institute 1922 to 1927
1922 to 1927Thomas B. Frost
1922 to 1927Mattie B. Frost
Chappell/ Chappells Ridge School
July 08, 1910H.J. Greenwell
December 11, 1914Mattie Mae Funk
June 03, 1916Evelyn Howell
June 07, 1918Margaret Hardesty
July 08, 1910Wylmer Jones
January 1915Miss Cecil Funk and Ethel Jenkins
June 03, 1916Nadine Melton and Ethel Jenkins
June 07, 1918No Report
June 11, 1920No Teachers
May 13, 1921Kathryn Melton
July 02, 1922Lula Cook and Thelma Daugherty
September 12, 1924Lula Cook and Kathryn Nusz
May 07, 1926Willie Quick and Evelyn Adams
August 1926Etta Nusz, Willie Quick
May 30, 1927Dolly Stephens and Christine Stansberry
May 11, 1928Dolly Stephens
June 07, 1929Dorothy Swan and Elizabeth Renfro
June 12, 1931Julia Ash and Roy Parker
May 13, 1932Consuelo Simmons
April 11, 1935Principal Johnnie Cruise, Evelyn Adams
Copera Hollow School (African American)
June 16, 1900Minnie Harris
Corinth School
December 11, 1914Emmet Crenshaw
June 03, 1916Willie Chickering
June 07, 1918Christina Skinner
June 11, 1920No Teacher
May 13, 1921Hallie Wise
Culver Spring/ Culvert Springs School
July 08, 1910Grace Hardy
November 27, 1914Anna May Troutwine
June 03, 1916Bertha Engle
June 07, 1918Pearl Lawswell
June 11, 1920Ella Hardy
May 13, 1921Evelyn Sutton
July 02, 1922Janice Harned
July 05, 1923Janice Harned
September 12, 1924Elizabeth Harned
May 07, 1926Marjorie Purcell
August 1926Marjorie Purcell
May 30, 1927Hazel Hall
June 07, 1929Ida mae Wise
May 09, 1930Ida mae Wise
June 12, 1931Estelle Bradbury
May 13, 1932Estelle Bradbury
April 11, 1935Clifiton Hall
Eckstein Norton University 1890 to 1912
Circa 1890Founder Rev. William J. Simmon's
Circa 1905President Rev. C.H. Parrish
Circa 1905Professor P.T. Frazier
Circa 1905Professor Mary V. Cook
Circa 1905Professor Alice P. Kelley
Circa 1905Professor Hattie A. Gibbs
Circa 1905Minnetta B. James
Circa 1905Corenia Burk
Circa 1905Matron Amanda V. Nelson
Crica 1909Professor R.R. Brown
Edgewood School
July 08, 1910Mamie Hays
December 25, 1914Wallace Smith
June 03, 1916Lounette Stansbury
June 07, 1918N.H. Beeler?
June 11, 1920Kathryn Melton
May 13, 1921Margaret Combs
September 12, 1924Mary Collings
August 1926Ola Gray
May 30, 1927Ola Gray
May 11, 1928Catherine Smith
May 09, 1930Jimmie Harned
June 12, 1931Jack Gardner
May 13, 1932Dale Carrithers
Green Briar School
November 20, 1914Edna Starks
June 03, 1916Zella Owen
June 11, 1920Katie M. Ball
July 02, 1922Mary Powell
September 12, 1924Florence Beard
Glen Ella School
July 08, 1910Nellie Anderson
June 03, 1916Unknown
June 07, 1918Bertha Trunnell
June 11, 1920Bertha Trunnell
May 13, 1921Bertha Trunnell
July 05, 1923Mildred Ellis
September 12, 1924Julia Ash
Glen Meadows School
June 07, 1929Marie Rowntree and Cathrine Triplett
May 09, 1930Gertrude Collard, Cathrine Triplett
June 12, 1931Gertrude Collard, Cathrine Triplett
May 13, 1932Lillian Duncan and Cathrine Triplett
April 11, 1935Principal A.J. Beeler, Ethel Mae Cochran, Pauline Daugherty
Granham School
July 08, 1910Cecil Funk
Harned School
July 08, 1910Maude Masden
January 1915Agnes Lee Roby
June 03, 1916Nettie Starks
June 07, 1918Mamie Smith
June 11, 1920Maggie Wise
May 13, 1921Mary B. Howlett
July 02, 1922Ruby Houck
July 05, 1923Mary Ping
September 12, 1924Francis McAllister
May 07, 1926Mary Triplett
August 1926Clyde E. Roby
May 30, 1927Mildred Beeler
May 11, 1928Mildred Beeler
June 07, 1929Mary Triplett
May 09, 1930Dorothy Steele
June 12, 1931Ray Masden
May 13, 1932Ray Masden
Hays School
July 08, 1910Nelle Griggs
June 03, 1916Neil Cummings
June 07, 1918Lillian Wiggington
June 11, 1920Ida M. Greenwell
May 13, 1921Mary Dawson
July 02, 1922Mary Stallings
July 05, 1923Beulah Lee
September 12, 1924Clarice Nicholson
May 07, 1926Hazel Hall
August 1926Hazel Hall
May 30, 1927Elizabeth Harned
May 11, 1928Thelma Lee Welch
May 09, 1930Mary Triplett
June 12, 1931Ida Mae Wise
May 13, 1932Ida Mae Wise
June 10, 1932Jennie Carpenter
April 11, 1935Zardettie Dawson
Hebron School
July 08, 1910Mayme Roby
November 27, 1914Miss Sara Williams
June 03, 1916Blanche Jeffries
June 07, 1918Nadine Melton
June 11, 1920Lula Cook and Neva Magruder
May 13, 1921Neva Magruder
July 02, 1922Neva Magruder and sister
September 12, 1924Lillian Swearingen and Mary Buckman
May 07, 1926Fannie B.Henderson and Lillian Swearingen
August 1926Fannie Bell Henderson and Lillian Swearingen
May 30, 1927Fannie B.Henderson and Lillian Swearingen
May 11, 1928Rossellee McKinney, Mary T. Melton
June 07, 1929Hazel Hall and Consuelo Simmons
May 09, 1930Dorothy Swan and Consuelo Simmons
June 12, 1931Delbert Wagoner and Consuelo Simmons
May 13, 1932Delbert Wagoner
April 11, 1935Principal Ruth Weller, Cora Ney Hardy
Highland School
July 08, 1910Nannie Mooney
June 03, 1916Cecil Funk
June 07, 1918Willie Chickering
Hobbs School
July 08, 1910Hogo Rouse
November 20, 1914Loa Hoagland
June 03, 1916Varina Mudd
June 07, 1918Maggie Wise
June 11, 1920Riby Monroe/Cluadia Duvall
May 13, 1921Elizabeth Vittitoe
July 02, 1922Elizabeth Vittitoe
July 05, 1923Elizabeth Vittitoe
June 10, 1932Robert G. Hardy
Horine School Circa 1888
Circa 1888Lizzie Miller
Lebanon Junction African American School
August 31, 1917M.E. Jackson
June 07, 1918Mary E. Jackson
June 11, 1920No Teacher
May 13, 1921Marie Robenson
July 02, 1922Anna Ray Bowman
June 07, 1929Sadie Ransom
Lebanon Junction School
September 12, 1924Roscoe Murray,Mrs Cherry, Ruth Johnson
Anna Carter, Mary B. Hill, Ada Monroe, Sadie Holeman
Miss Bessie Hocker's Room Circa 1907
Circa 1907Miss Bessie Hocker
Mount Carmel School
July 08, 1910Mamie Crigler
June 03, 1916Betty Cash
June 07, 1918Elizabeth Cash
June 11, 1920Elizabeth Cash
May 13, 1921Mary Stallings
July 02, 1922Ruth Murray
July 05, 1923Lillie Mooney
September 12, 1924Irene Shake
August 1926Mary Triplett
May 30, 1927Nellie Mae Triplett
May 11, 1928Nellie Mae Triplett
June 07, 1929Nellie Mae Triplett
May 09, 1930Nellie Mae Triplett
June 12, 1931Nellie Mae Triplett
May 13, 1932Nellie Mae Triplett
April 11, 1935Ida Lee Ball
Mount Elmria
November 27, 1914Marjorie Harris
June 03, 1916Geneva Joyce
June 07, 1918Bertha Wallace
June 11, 1920Hallie Ellingsworth
May 13, 1921Bessie Elliott
July 02, 1922Aldena Barrall
September 12, 1924Mabel Snellen
August 1926Marie Lutes
May 30, 1927Dorothy Swann
May 11, 1928Louise Crochan
June 07, 1929Louise Crochan
June 12, 1931Georgie Alford
May 13, 1932Georgie Alford
April 11, 1935Fronia Crenshaw
Mount Olive/Olivet
December 11, 1914Chas Hardesty
June 03, 1916Unknown
June 07, 1918Postponed
June 11, 1920Eula Funk
May 13, 1921Inez Bishop
July 02, 1922Sallie Self
May 07, 1926Ophella Masden
August 1926Lillian Duncan
May 30, 1927Jane Bryan
May 11, 1928Lucile Williams
June 07, 1929Lucile Williams
May 09, 1930Lilliam Duncan
June 12, 1931Robert G. Hardy
May 13, 1932Bernise Williams
April 11, 1935Dorothy Hedges
Mount Washington Academy 1843 to 1860
N. Kendall Principal/Teacher
Mount Washington School
January 1915Doris Harris, Toyne Harris, Coriene Coleman, J.H. Strickler
June 03, 1916Lea Swearingen and Mary Bell
June 07, 1918Mayme Stephens
June 11, 1920Bertha F. Engle and Emma M. Harris
May 13, 1921Misses Clark and Forrest
September 12, 1924Otis Brown, Beulah Lee, Susie Parris
May 07, 1926Bonnie Judd and Ernestine Hall
August 1926Ernestine Hall, Maud VanMeter
May 30, 1927Virginia Gardner
June 07, 1929Prof. Taylor, Lida Crouch, Elizabeth Harned, S.T. Clayton
June 07, 1929Eugenia Bunngardner
June 12, 1931W.H. McFarland, Louella McFarland, Edna Stewart
June 12, 1931Cecil Froman, Virginia Gardner, Lurline Miller
May 13, 1932W.H. McFarland, Louella McFarland,Anna Lee Hill
May 13, 1932Nauimerle Argenbrecht, Virginia Gardner, Cecil Froman
April 11, 1935Principal H.N. Ockerman, Louella McFarland, Lindsey Jones
April 11, 1935Clyde E. Roby, Mary B. Hill, Virginia Gardner,
April 11, 1935Katherine Williams, Myrtle Shake,
Mount Washington African American School
June 07, 1918Elsie M. Jackson
Needmore School
July 08, 1910Stella Troutwine
November 20, 1914Chas Daniel
June 03, 1916Stella Brumley
June 11, 1920Stella Simmons
May 13, 1921Mebal Sutton
July 02, 1922Rosetta Woods
July 05, 1923Beryl Hall
September 12, 1924T.H. Bertkstresser
Nichols School
July 08, 1910Mary McKinney
June 03, 1916Unknown
June 07, 1918No Report
June 11, 1920Ada Monroe
May 13, 1921Miss Wise and Armstrong
July 02, 1922Mary Weller and Christina Armstrong
September 12, 1924Gladys Stackhouse and Ethel Farris
May 07, 1926W.E. Roberts and Hazel Funk
August 1926Hazel Funk and W.E. Roberts
May 30, 1927Mabel Snellen and Hazel Funk
May 11, 1928Mabel Snellen and Hazel Funk
June 07, 1929Thelma Moore and Hazel Funk
May 09, 1930Hazel Funk
June 12, 1931E.N. Pusey and Thelma Moore
May 13, 1932Logan Murry and Thelma Moore
April 11, 1935Principal J.C. Brashear, Mary Holsclaw, Beatrice Lutes
Noble School Circa 1869 (African American)
Oak Grove School
December 25, 1914Lena Ice
June 03, 1916Gladys Welch
June 07, 1918Willie May Ridgway
June 11, 1920Willie M. Ridgway/ Ella Hardy
May 13, 1921Willie Ridgway
July 02, 1922Mary B. Crenshaw
July 05, 1923Mrs. Crenshaw
September 12, 1924Ruth Crenshaw
August 1926Rudy Perry
May 30, 1927Ruby Perry
June 07, 1929Linda L. Narned
June 12, 1931Mildred Hall and Linda Harned
May 13, 1932Mildred Hall and Linda Harned
April 11, 1935Principal Mildred Hall, Louise Cochran
Pitts Point Male and Female Academy Circa 1866 to Circa 1993
W.J. Lee
H.J. Green
W.J. McConathy
Joe Gwynn
Frank Gwynn
W.B. Gwynn
Miss Jones
Carrie Shacklet
Lida Chambers
Professor Pyles
Professor Caywood
Professor Nichols
Professor Greenwell
Jeff Lee
Henry McCarthy
James Hill
Jerome Hill
Web Woolridge
Herc Woolridge
Pitts Point School/Browns Run School
1897James Whitcomb Stovall
July 08, 1910Howard Roby
January 1915Ollie Welch
June 03, 1916Mary Dawson
June 07, 1918Mary Dawson
June 11, 1920Mary Dawson
May 13, 1921Ida Mae Greenwell
July 02, 1922Ida Mae Greenwell
July 05, 1923Lula Iles ?
September 12, 1924Ida M. Wise
May 07, 1926Clara Johnson
August 1926Clara Johnson
May 11, 1928Mae Matbis
June 07, 1929John Cruise
May 13, 1932Nell Dawson
April 11, 1935Ruby C. Masden
Pleasent Grove School
July 02, 1922Mable Snellen
July 05, 1923Johnson Ash
May 07, 1926Rosellee McKinney
May 09, 1930Gladys Murphy
June 12, 1931Clifton Hall
May 13, 1932Clifton Hall
April 11, 1935Myrtle Stansbery
Pleasent Hill School
June 03, 1916Edna Stark
June 07, 1918Edna Starks
July 09, 1920Evelyn Sutton
May 13, 1921Sylvia Phelps
September 12, 1924Mildred Hagen
May 07, 1926Julia Ash
August 1926Grace Martin
May 30, 1927Marie Lutes
May 11, 1928Junia Ashe
June 07, 1929Junia Ashe
May 09, 1930A.J. Beeler, Jr.
June 12, 1931Loraine Wheatley
May 13, 1932A.J. Beeler, Jr.
Shades School
July 08, 1910Ina Fern Foster
June 03, 1916Maria Adkinson
June 07, 1918Varina Mudd
June 11, 1920Christine Armstrong
May 13, 1921Eula Funk
July 02, 1922H.Q. Harned
July 05, 1923Mary Stallings
September 12, 1924Sylvia Barrall
May 07, 1926Sylvia Barrall
August 1926Sylvia Barrall
Sharps School
September 12, 1924Beatrice Moore
May 07, 1926Mebel Snellen
August 1926Mebel Snellen
May 30, 1927Sylvia Barrall
May 11, 1928Sylvia Barrall
June 07, 1929Sylvia Barrall
May 09, 1930Cathrine Wallace
June 12, 1931Sylvia Barrall
May 13, 1932Sylvia Barrall
April 11, 1935Sara Fay Lee
Shepherdsville African American School
August 31, 1917Leona Johnson
June 07, 1918Leona Johnson
June 11, 1920M.E. Jackson
July 02, 1922Mary Rena Brasher
September 12, 1924Bertie Rankin
May 11, 1928Mattie Owens
Shepherdsville School
September 12, 1924J.H. Sanders,Martha Alexander, Esther Coogle
September 12, 1924Audrice Wise, Geneva Gibson, Thelma Davis
September 12, 1924Alder Acker, Geneva Killsbrew
May 13, 1932Fred C. Gonn, J.T. Underwood, Virginia Thomas,
May 13, 1932James W. Nance, Elizabeth Harned, Maudean Mitchel
May 13, 1932 Milred Beeler, Olive Stewart,
Sugar Valley School
December 25, 1914Miss Ollie Welch
June 03, 1916Dora Harris
June 07, 1918Edyth Clark
June 11, 1920Edyth Clark
May 13, 1921Elizabeth Cash
July 02, 1922Elizabeth Cash
July 05, 1923Elizabeth Cash
September 12, 1924Beryl Hall
May 07, 1926Beryl Hall
August 1926Beryl Hall
May 30, 1927Junia Ashe
May 11, 1928Arzetta Wilcox
June 07, 1929Anna Garr
May 09, 1930Anna Garr
June 12, 1931Anna Garr
May 13, 1932Martha Weller
Sunnyside Side School
July 08, 1910Malissa Anglebrecht
December 11, 1914Edward Barrall
June 03, 1916Edward Barrall
June 07, 1918Postponed
June 11, 1920Marge Redman
May 13, 1921Martha Hornbeck
July 02, 1922Martha Hornbeck
September 12, 1924Aldena Barrall
May 07, 1926Aldena Barrall
August 1926Aldena Barrall
May 30, 1927Thelma Moore
May 11, 1928Thelma Moore
May 09, 1930Mabel Snellen
June 12, 1931Mabel Snellen
April 11, 1935Francis Beeler
Victory School
June 03, 1916Bertha Trunnell
June 07, 1918Mollie Roby
June 11, 1920Mary Weller
May 13, 1921Florence Bischoff
July 02, 1922Ruth Crenshaw
July 05, 1923Martha Hornbeck
September 12, 1924J.L. Weller
May 07, 1926Mary T. Melton
August 1926Mary Tom Melton
May 30, 1927Mary Tom Melton
May 11, 1928Thelma Philpot
June 07, 1929Thelma Philpot
May 09, 1930Thelma Philpot
June 12, 1931Thelma Philpot
May 13, 1932Pauline Daugherty
Whitfield School
December 25, 1914Nellie Polk
June 03, 1916Nell Anderson
June 07, 1918Ruby Monroe
June 11, 1920Mary C. Holsclaw
May 13, 1921Rebecca Parrish
July 02, 1922Sylvia Phelps
September 12, 1924Lula Farris
May 07, 1926Louise Shelton
August 1926Louise Shelton
May 11, 1928Mabel Bradbery
June 07, 1929Mabel Bradbery
May 09, 1930Cathrine Smith
May 13, 1932Myrtle Shake
Woodsdale School
1910-1911Zorah L. Raymond
1911-1912Lolah Hoagland
1912-1916Ruth Van Meter
June 03, 1916Neva Magruder
June 07, 1918Ethel Wise
June 11, 1920Ruby Perry
May 13, 1921Mary E. Weller
July 02, 1922Margaret Combs
July 05, 1923Bertha Trunnell
September 12, 1924Mary Triplett
1925-1926Mattye E. Magruder
August 1926Beatrice Moore
1927-1928Marjorie Purcell
May 11, 1928Mildred Bergen
1928-1929Lydia Holloway
June 07, 1929Ida Mae Shaw
1930-1931Ida Mae Shaw
1931-1932Mary Triplett
May 13, 1932Homer Wilson
1932-1933Berniece Thorne
1933-1934Bessie Marie Harris
April 11, 1935Wilma Crenshaw
1934-1935Margarita Crenshaw
1939-1940Fronia Crenshaw
1940-1941Dorothy Johnson
1941-1942Williw Crenshaw
1942-1943Mary Theresa Smith
1943-1944Clara Childress
1944-1946Mary Bell Hall
1946-1947J. Marvin Hopewell
1947-1948Juanita J. Quinn, Mattie E. Manakee
1948-1949Ollie Mae Wagoner
1949-1950Geneva and Leonard Bare
1950-1951Geneva Buford nad Ferold Dawson
1951-1953Emily Robison
Woodlawn/"Woodland School
July 08, 1910Helen Lee
June 03, 1916Margaret Hardesty
June 07, 1918Gussie Quick
June 11, 1920Bertha Harshfield
May 13, 1921Guy L. Birdwell
July 02, 1922Tom Stallings
July 05, 1923Mr. Burkstresser
September 12, 1924Mary Crenshaw
May 07, 1926Anna Ray Combs
August 1926Alama Duncan
May 30, 1927Catherine Triplett
May 11, 1928Catherine Triplett
Zion School
July 08, 1910Mary Dawson
June 03, 1916Unknown
June 07, 1918Ida May Greenwell
July 02, 1922Ella Hardy
July 05, 1923Ida Greenwell
September 12, 1924Thelma Daugherty
May 07, 1926Ida May Wise
August 1926Ida M. Wise
May 30, 1927Ida Mae Wise
May 11, 1928Louise Martin
June 07, 1929Louise Martin
May 09, 1930Mildred Skaggs
June 12, 1931Logan Murphy

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