Bullitt County History

Matthew Wilson to John H. Baker, 1837

In September 1837, Baker purchased a lot and house in Shepherdsville and three small lots of land outside town from Matthew Wilson. The lot and house are likely where Baker and his wife lived during their stay in Bullitt County. The 10 acre tract adjoined the 250 acre tract Baker had purchased from Cornelius Comyges on its southeast corner.

Bullitt County Deed Book I, Pages 20-22

This indenture made this 14th day of September 1837 between Matthew Wilson and Martha T. Wilson his wife of the city of Louisville, Jefferson county, Kentucky of the first part and John H. Baker of Bullitt county and state of Kentucky of the second part. Witnesseth that the said Wilson has for and in consideration of the sum of $750 current money by siad Baker to said Wilson, secured to be paid, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledge, sold to said John H. Baker, and by these presents does sell, convey and confirm to said Baker one lot of ground, houses and appurtenances thereunto belonging in the town of Shepherdsville, Bullitt County, Kentucky, being part of lot number 58 in the new plan of said town, the same conveyed to said Wilson by Weir Tilford and wife and Jacob Bowman by deed dated the 16th of March 1829, recorded in Bullitt County office book G, page 64, conveyed to said Tilford and Bowman by Henry Jones by deed dated the 4th day of March 1819 recorded same office book D, folio 42, conveyed to said Jones by Harman Greathouse by deed dated 27th of April 1816, recorded same office book C, age 293, said lot was (as represented in said last named deed) conveyed by the trustees of Shepherdsville to John Collins, heir of James Collins dec'd on the 26th of June 1797, and said Collins having departed this life intestate and without issue, said Greathouse was by law appointed guardian &c to said Collins to sell said land, said lot is bounded as follows. Beginning in the alley at Water Street at the southeast corner of said lot, thence back and with the alley South 6 and a half degrees East, one hundred and ten feet, thence North 83 1/2° West (at right angles with the first line) 30 feet, thence South 6 1/2° West 110 feet to Water Street and with Water Street South 83 1/2° East 30 feet to the beginning, with its appurtenances.

And said Wilson for the further consideration of the sum of $150 lawful money secured to be paid him by the said Baker has sold and by these presents sells and conveys to said John H. Baker the following other property, to wit, in said county of Bullitt a lot of ten acres of land near to the town of Shepherdsville, bounded as follows. Beginning at said Baker's most northwardly corner adjoining Shepherdsville and running with his line North 79° West 40 poles to a stake, thence with a line of a tract once owned by Richard P. Simmons North 6 1/2° East 40 poles to a stake, thence South 79° East 40 poles to a stake, thence South 6 1/2° West 40 poles to the Beginning, being the same lot conveyed by Adam Shepherd to William Jones and by said Jones to Jonathan Gore Jr., and by said Gore and wife to said Matthew Wilson by deeds of record in Bullitt County Court office.

Also a lot of four acres of land near Shepherdsville, Bullitt county bounded as follows. Beginning at the northwest corner of Fred Travis' or R. R. Summers' four acre lot, thence North 6 1/2° East 23 1/6 poles to a stake, thence South 83 1/2° East 27 poles to a stake, thence South 6 1/2° West 23 1/6 poles to the northeast corner of said Summers' lot, thence North 83 1/2° West 27 poles to the beginning, conveyed to said Wilson by William Welch by deed dated the 21st of June 1831, recorded in said office and conveyed to said Welch by the sheriff of Bullitt county on the 9th of June 1831, deed of record in said office.

Also one other four acre lot of ground lying north of and adjoining a four acre lot of land sold by James Halbert to Henry and John M. Jones and is a part of the 23 acres conveyed by Adam Shepherd to said James Halbert by deed dated the 20th day of November 1816 and recorded in Bullitt County Court office,book D, page 62, and the same four acres sold by said sheriff of Bullitt county as James Halbert's property and purchased by James Alexander, see deed of the sheriff dated 5th of June 1822 recorded in deed book E, page 11 of said office, and sold by the sheriff of said county as the property of James Alexander and purchased by said Matthew Wilson, see Sheriff's deed dated 17th of February 1827 of record in said office in book F, page 269, with its appurtenances to have and to hold said lots of land, houses and appurtenances aforesaid to him the said John H. Baker and his heirs and assigns forever, and said Matthew Wilson for himself and his heirs doth hereby covenant to and with the said John H. Baker to warrant and forever defend the title to the aforesaid lots of land and appurtenances thereto belonging unto hims the said John H. Baker and his heirs and assigns forever against the claims of all persons whatsoever by this their deed in fee simple with general warranty. Said Wilson hereby retains a lien on said lots of land and appurtenances aforesaid for the payment of the purchase money which is allowed him by said Baker. Witness the hands and seals of the grantors, the date aforesaid. (signed) Matthew Wilson, Martha T. Wilson.

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