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Bullitt County Deaths - 1911

According to the Kentucky Death Index, 182 people died in Bullitt County in 1911. This page once linked to images of their death certificates at the Kentucky Vital Records Project. However, that site is no longer available. You may view these on microfilm at the History Museum in Shepherdsville.

NameAgeDeath Datecertificate #
Able, Henretta Litsey4905-31-191111591
Adams, John 6608-01-191122377
Alford, Chas E. (son of)U/109-27-191122693
Ash, Roy 1802-22-191102979
Barbour, Virginia 1806-25-191114286
Beachum, Martha Ann104-12-191108825
Beghtol, Alice 2706-20-191114290
Bishop, Ella Ridgway3111-08-191127683
Bolton, Owen Houston112-21-191130589
Bower, Goldia MayU/102-04-191102971
Boyd, Louviano 7712-25-191130595
Bradbery, James (daughter of)U/105-15-191113928
Bramham, Hurl 2301-06-191100272
Brown, Charles T311-27-191127685
Brown, Robt LeeU/109-12-191122698
Browning, Joseph 8002-15-191102978
Burchell, Sarah A7110-25-191125029
Burns, Charles (daughter of)U/102-01-191102982
Carlile, Henry Matt1808-19-191120141
Caroll, Mariah 9211-26-191127682
Carrithers, Annie ElizabethU/102-06-191102974
Carter, Cora 2409-21-191122700
Chambers, James BenjaminU/106-08-191114299
Chappell, Gladys U/105-02-191111596
Clayton, James PrestonU/107-19-191117208
Coleman, Dulcenia Johnson7810-05-191125018
Combs, Oliver Samuel105-08-191111587
Cristman, Carrie Becker3406-13-191114292
Darett, Lillie May1312-02-191130592
Dawson, Lan 6009-11-191122690
Deacon, Elizabeth Ellen5006-19-191114294
Denton, Mary Permelia2602-08-191102975
Desarue, Viola U/107-11-191117220
Dockery, Ida Della2203-03-191105662
Doe, John (unknown male)5011-06-191127677
Domn, Adam 6203-05-191105649
Engle, Clyde C1104-08-191108832
Estis, Benjamin F7107-02-191119828
Farlow, Wm Stanford7207-13-191117214
Ferguson, Charlie Thomas2410-22-191125028
Ford, Harry ThomasU/105-12-191111585
Fox, Sarah Estelle108-19-191120145
Gafford, Eliza Jane8012-01-191130591
Garr, Frances 105-04-191111586
Garrett, Eliza Ann7603-06-191105651
Gentry, Galbert Smith2101-31-191102633
Giles, Elizabeth 6111-04-191127688
Grant, John Thomas5104-24-191108831
Greathouse, Granville 5102-07-191102977
Green, Caroline Virginia7209-05-191122694
Griffin, Jesse Tilford5811-27-191127675
Griffin, Nannie Frances3609-27-191122701
Hall, Douglas 4904-06-191108826
Hall, James R8009-01-191122697
Hardy, Sarah 6106-29-191114295
Harris, J. T. (son of)U/104-08-191108830
Harris, John Earnest4503-14-191105652
Hawkins, Mary Elizabeth3905-10-191111600
Henderson, William U/107-23-191117216
Henley, Thomas 4404-12-191108833
Hobbie, Theodore (surname from 1910 census) 6505-07-191111594
Holsclaw, Jane 8712-04-191130584
Horine, James 7603-24-191108498
Horine, Mary E7210-30-191125023
House, Bulah M201-21-191100277
Hurst, J. H. (son of)U/107-10-191117219
Inman, Tom (son of)U/108-20-191120146
Jackson, James 6503-25-191105654
Jackson, Mort 8511-17-191127679
Jenkins, James FowlerU/112-08-191130593
Jewell, Mabel U/107-04-191119829
Johnson, Alice 2505-03-191111597
Johnson, Charley 7906-20-191114291
Johnson, George K8506-05-191114285
Jones, Martin 7706-16-191114289
Jones, Merit Chester1404-06-191108829
Karr, Della U/107-16-191117203
Karr, Della CallenU/110-12-191125031
Key, John T5111-27-191127689
Kinnison, Henry WalterU/103-16-191105660
Kinnison, John Everret911-21-191127687
Kinnison, Sudie Bell203-15-191105659
Lee, Ernest Anderson1802-26-191102981
Lee, George 7309-21-191122691
Lee, John 7303-09-191105658
Lee, Rebecca 7002-08-191102983
Lobb, Mary Jane6706-07-191114301
Lutes, George Washington7501-03-191100273
Maddox, Roarria C7308-08-191120142
Magruder, J. Lee210-10-191125019
Magruder, Julia 2403-19-191105657
Maraman, Zodie Shepherd3010-16-191125020
Markwell, Florence Bell3808-19-191120143
Martin, Perry (daughter of)U/111-09-191127678
Masden, Amy 9006-15-191114298
Masden, Cleo M102-26-191105209
Masden, Hyma Chambers2410-11-191125027
Masden, Otie Margaret102-02-191102967
Masden, R. L. (son of)U/106-11-191114297
Massey, Laura 6502-10-191102980
May, Smith 5903-01-191105653
McCormack, Paul NewmanU/106-30-191114287
McCormick, Charles Elsworth4907-29-191117204
McCubbins, Charles RU/105-15-191111598
McCubbins, Mamie PearlU/112-12-191130594
McMillian, William D4204-26-191108836
Meredith, Henry 6605-23-191111599
Middleton, Everett Berniss3107-12-191117207
Miles, Dorca Lena107-04-191117218
Miles, Mary Ann5503-15-191105647
Miller, Anna 2411-20-191127681
Miller, George 5512-06-191130596
Miller, Verly Ross507-08-191119830
Mudd, Mathew 7112-22-191130590
Murphy, James Vester602-17-191102976
Murphy, Osa Ola1612-01-191130585
Nugent, Edward Atlas3805-13-191111595
Ogle, Richard (twin premature sons of)U/107-03-191117209
Owen, Douglas FU/104-04-191108828
Owen, William C6807-06-191117212
Owens, George M5207-08-191117213
Owens, Lucille U/107-15-191117215
Parrish, Lee (son of)U/106-11-191114293
Parrish, Reta OU/104-04-191108827
Pecock, Sadie 102-19-191102969
Pendleton, Abygill 7001-24-191100274
Perry, Alf 6010-26-191125024
Pierce, William 3701-20-191100276
Raymond, Bettie 2610-17-191125025
Richards, Sam Henry2410-03-191125026
Rickette, Hardin 7103-12-191105656
Ridgway, James W8302-10-191102968
Roby, Alma Coones1909-22-191124673
Roby, Bertha U/102-06-191102973
Roby, Cleveland (son of)U/102-06-191102972
Roby, John W5108-07-191120144
Roby, Lillian RussellU/107-27-191127269
Rogers, Tom 3010-20-191125021
Ross, Charley 706-04-191114300
Rydell, Christina Marie8011-06-191127686
Rysinger, Mable 308-22-191120334
Sales, Frederic 6311-19-191127684
Samples, Elizabeth 8008-07-191122376
Samples, Hilary 105-12-191111589
Scott, William James7803-20-191105650
Seidel, Emilia 3810-30-191125022
Seidel, Maria U/111-05-191127676
Shackleford, George 7003-30-191105655
Sheckles, Joel 5706-25-191114296
Shelton, Annie U/101-23-191100271
Sherrard, Katie 2303-22-191105661
Simmons, William Peyton8206-10-191114288
Sloan, Aaron 8401-27-191100275
Smith, Cleo 1709-09-191122695
Smith, Frank 312-27-191130582
Smith, Nannie B4205-20-191111588
Sparks, Johnie (son of)U/112-01-191130588
Spitznagel, Joseph 7209-19-191122692
Stallings, Edward 4104-23-191108834
Stearman, Robert (daughter of)U/105-17-191111601
Stibbins, Freeman 505-13-191111590
Stovall, Robert Stanley1611-05-191127680
Stover, Georgia TaylorU/112-07-191130586
Swaner, Gladys PaulineU/110-28-191125030
Swearingen, Caroline 9012-22-191130581
Temberton, Lillian Irene3007-12-191117205
Thomas, Lula Bonaparte4907-26-191117217
Thompson, Herbert 2106-30-191114302
Thompson, S. Wheeler3504-27-191111267
Thornton, Judson (son of)U/105-05-191111593
Tinnell, Jerry 5609-22-191122696
Tyler, Ralph LongU/105-03-191111592
Waggner, Mary LouiseU/109-19-191122699
Ward, William C4207-12-191117206
Wathen, Hettie C5712-30-191130583
Weathers, Samuel 1002-03-191102970
Welch, Williams 8404-26-191108835
Welsh, Mathyas M7603-05-191105648
Whitehouse, James Marion4207-28-191117221
Whitledge, Mineriva 5712-29-191130587
Williams, Margie U/107-06-191117211
Wilson, George U/104-04-191108824

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