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Jeremiah Stallings - Gone but not Forgotten
By Daniel E. Buxton and Lynn Eddington

It was our wedding anniversary and my wife wanted flowers and plants for her anniversary gift. I took her to Country Corner Greenhouse on Highway 44 East a little over five miles from our home. While setting on the porch swing waiting for my wife to make her selections I began to think about a little graveyard located on Meadowlark Lane almost directly across from the greenhouse. I had visited this cemetery about 11 years ago with the Bullitt Genealogical Society Cemetery Committee.

This graveyard is unique in that it is located in the middle of the road. Yes that's right! When the road was built they went around the graveyard on both sides leaving it intact as an island in the middle of the road. There is only one tombstone in this small forgotten graveyard the name on it is that of Jeremiah Stallings.

As I set there in the swing that day I began to wonder just who is this Jeremiah Stallings? Was he a local politician, just what did he mean to Bullitt County? Did he have any family? I called my good friend and fellow society member Lynn Eddington and we discussed it, she was one of the cemetery committee members and was there that day 11 years ago when we visited the graveyard. After a conversation we decided that she would work on researching Jeremiah's family and descendants and I would research Jeremiah's life.

After an exhaustive search of historical records such as census records, deeds, circuit court records and many others what follows is my attempt to tell is story. I hope you enjoy. Jerry passed away 129 years ago but he is not forgotten!

Jerry's grandfather came from Maryland and settled in Bullitt County, Kentucky in the late 1700's.He is listed in 1797 tax list for Bullitt County. Jerry's father Henry was married in Bullitt County in 1801. Jeremiah Stallings known as "Jerry" to his family and friends was born on October 15, 1805 to Henry Stallings, and his wife Lucy Orme, in Bullitt County on the family farm located near Floyds Fork.

Little is known about his childhood years. We can surmise that he worked on his father's farm and had very little formal education, as the census records indicate that he could not read or write. At the age of 23 on February 24, 1829 in Bullitt County, Jerry married Amy Bishop. They were married by James Simmons.

Five months after their marriage Jerry and his wife purchased 130 acres of land on Floyds Fork from his father. There they would live and raise their family. They would have three children the oldest Henry, daughter Martha who died young and the youngest Eliza. Jerry was a farmer and had a small modest farm. He had a small number of horses, cows, sheep and a fair number of swine. He raised wheat, corn, oats and potatoes. They made butter, molasses and honey. Apparently he had bees because the 1860 agricultural census indicates that he had 1450lbs of honey that year. The 1870 agricultural census indicates he had 80 gallons of molasses that year. So I am sure he sold both honey and molasses to earn extra money.

Jerry's father passed away in about 1852. Jerry was named administrator of his father's estate. Between April 1852 and June 1852 his father's estate was inventoried and appraised and then sold. After the sale of the property the estate was settled in 1854 and the proceeds were divided between Henry's heirs with Jerry receiving an inheritance of $230.81.

On April 2, 1855 Jerry bought 98 acres of land for $450.00 from Benjamin and Mary Deats located on the south side of Salt River on Lees Ferry Road and Wells Run.

Jerry had a younger sister named Mary. Mary married Alexander T. Hazzard; he died in 1859. Mary passed away in 1865. As a result of Mary's death she left a minor son Jerry's nephew Charles Hazzard. Jerry took guardianship of Charles when he was 16 and was his guardian until he turned 21 exactly when or how is unknown.

Nineteen years later on April 10, 1874 Jerry and his wife Amy sold their 98 acres of land to William Ormes and J.H. Brashear for $1500.00. He made $1050.00 on the property a good return on his investment.

Jerry's wife Amy passed away sometime between 1874 and 1877. Jerry's sister Mary and her husband Alexander Hazzard purchased 172 acres of land from B.J. Cundiff in 1852. After their deaths there was a disagreement about the division of this land and it had to be settled in Bullitt County Circuit Court. The case was heard and as a result Jerry was granted 12.29 acres of land by the Judge. The division of land was laid out in a deed dated August 11, 1877.

Just two days later Jerry would marry his brother's widow Mary Jane Stader. They were married at Mary's home by T.J, Maynard a Baptist Minister on August 13, 1877. The marriage apparently was not a very happy one; by June 11, 1880 when the 1880 census was taken they were no longer living together.

Just four months later on October 20, 1880 Jerry would buy 100 acres of land about 5 miles out of Shepherdsville on Highway 44 east. This land is the current location of the Country Corner Greenhouse and his final resting place. About seven months later on May 18, 1881, Jerry went to Bullitt County Circuit Court and petitioned the court to end his marriage. His wife Mary did not even show up to court so the Judge granted a complete annulment of the marriage.

Jerry lived out his life moving in with his son. Jerry lived another 9 years. He passed away on October 30, 1890 his cause of death is unknown. He left two children and many grandchildren. The epitaph of his tombstone reads: "Dearest father thou hast let us, here thy loss we deeply feel, but this God has bereft us he can all our sorrows heal" Jerry Stallings gone but not forgotten.

Authors Note: The property that contains Jerrys final resting place was sold two years after his death by his son Henry. In the deed it states that a 25x35 foot lot containing a graveyard is exempt from the sale of the land.

Stallings, Jeremiah - Location: MeadowLark Lane (N 38 0.8990 W 85 38.1660); Elevation: 580 feet; Date Visited: 3/25/2008; Available Pictures= 4 [Cem #231]

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