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Bullitt Memories

Most of these "Bullitt County Memories" articles were written for a local newspaper. Additional ones have been added since then. The articles are grouped here according to their author. Click on the article title to go to its page.

Charles Hartley

1916 - Headlines a Century Ago
A Day to Remember
A Family Legacy
A History of Shepherdsville's Oldest Building
A Letter Written During the 1937 Flood
A Marker for Adam Shepherd
A Memento From the Old S.H.S. Gym
A Mysterious Stranger
A Serious Smash Up
A Train to Mt. Washington
A Trip Down Memory Lane
Adam and Ben Chapeze
Adam Shepherd
Alma Wallace Lesch, A Remarkable Artist
An Abandoned Cemetery Restored
An Alleged Bigamist
Annie Mitchell Reed - A Survivor
Attorney General A. E. Funk
Bardstown Junction
Battle of the Kettles
Benjamin and Elizabeth Chapeze
Beulah Lee Fontaine - A Remarkable Lady
Bidding You Adieu
Bob Zimmerman, a Renaissance Man
Brashear's Station
Bullitt County Communities in 1883
Bullitt County's First Jaycees
BUZZ - S.H.S. Newspaper, 1948
Charles Lehr, Civil War Telegraph Operator
Charley Kurtsinger, the Jockey
Cholera in the 1800's
Christian Barclay - A Venerable Lady
Cliffa Foster, Title IX, and Girls' Basketball
Colonel William Christian
Dingley Dell
Dr. John Elias Johnson
Easter in the 1920's
Eckstein Norton Institute
Father Bertello & St. Aloysius Church
Fires in the 1920s
Foot and [or in the] Mouth Disease
  a Hundred Years Ago

Four Long-Term County Clerks
Frank Hatfield - A Man of Integrity
Frank Hatfield, School Financial Reform Pioneer
Franklin Pierce Straus
Frederick William Spence Grayson
Froman's Ferry at Pitt's Point
Getting Rowed up Salt River
Greenup Miller's Will
Hardy Family Roots, Old and Deep
How Bell's Mill Road Got Its Name
How Cahill's Knob Got Its Name
How Floyds Fork Got Its Name
Huber's Station
Ida Matilda Holsclaw
  World's Oldest Newspaper Correspondent

Indian Projectile Points
Iron Manufacturing
Isaac Wolfe Bernheim
J. D. "Jiggs" Buckman
Jackson Family Cemetery
James William Hardaway
Jean Casey
John D. Colmesnil and Paroquet Springs
John Marshall Harlan's Civil War
  Service at Lebanon Jct

John Ratliff's Civil War Tale
Joseph Aud and the St. John's Chapel
Judge A. E. Funk
Judge C. P. Bradbury
Judge Wilhite Carpenter
Judge William T. Morrow
Lawrence Bishop - Revolutionary War Veteran
Lebanon Junction High School Seniors - 1937
Levi Magruder's Family
Looking Back 100 Years to 1912
Louisville & Nashville Railroad
Names and Faces
New Henry Crist Book
Ora Lee Roby
Paroquet Springs Remembered
Professor Jack Sanders
Raymond Nute's Amazing Peach Orchard
  and Turkey Farm

Recognizing Our Voting Workers
Remembering to Vote!
Remembering Tom Pack and Robert McDowell
Rev. Davison and the Methodist Church
Ridgway Memorial Library
Sarah O'Brien - A Life Well Lived
Shepherdsville First Baptist Celebrates 175 Years
Shepherdsville High School 1929 Annual Staff
Smallpox in 1899 Lebanon Junction
Spanish Influenza
Taking a Sunday Drive
The 1790's - A Dangerous Time
The 1937 Flood
The Barralls of Knob Creek
The Barton-Fox Family at Huber's Station
The Beckwith Saga
The Bleemels
The Brothers Gwynn
The Carrolls of Bullitt County
The Corner Drug Store
The Creation of Bullitt County
The Cruises and Harness Racing
The Field Family
The History of Bullitt's Lick Saltworks
The Lee Family
The Legacy of Dr. Emmet Field Horine
The Legacy of
  Hardin Harrison Columbus Quincy James

The Maramans' Store in Shepherdsville
The McAfees of Mt. Washington
The Meadows, Part 1
The Meadows, Part 2
The Railroad Comes to Shepherdsville
The Trunnell House
This Land is My Land!
Thomas and Alexander Scott Bullitt
Thomas Daniel and His Civil War Adventure
Troutman Bros Mammoth Store
Troutman's Dry Goods Store
What Time Is It?
When the Civil War Came to Mount Washington
William Thomas Lee
William W. Sweeney - A Remarkable Conductor
Woodrow Masden
World War I Memorial Plaque
Worst Train Wreck in Ky. History
Wreck at Gap in Knob

David Strange

2012: A Year of Anniversaries
A 1932 Valentine Letter
A Book of Memories ... with your help
A Footrace to Louisville
A Long Line of Friendly
A Moving Story about a Depot
Airplanes and Airfields
All Aboard the Kiddie Special!
An Album of Memories
Ann Christianson Troutman
Art Stamper and His Music
Benjamin Summers House Saved
Bernadeen Wheatley
Blue Sundays and Closed-Store Wednesdays
Brass plate Marks '37 High-water Mark
Bullitt County and its Communities
Bullitt County Woman's Club
Bullitt County's First Courthouse
Bullitt County's Traffic Lights
Bus Drivers – A Labor Day Salute
Camp Crescendo
Casper Herps - A Remarkable Man
Christmas 2016 Series Farewell
Christmas Memories
Civil War in Bullitt County
Cowboys and Indians
Crawfish Fishin' in a Crawfish Hole
Dr. Bruce Hamilton
Dr. Woodford Bates Troutman
Drag Racing at Cedar Creek
Dueling and Its Connection to Bullitt Co.
Easter Sunday Memories
Ed Croan and the Dog Tax Law
Fall is Here; Winter is Coming
Flag Day
Flat Lick Road
Flight of the Balloon
For Lack of 17 Cents; A Fathers' Day Story
Fox Chase
Gap in Knob
George Lawson Rogers
Giving and Getting Directions
Glass House Restaurant
Hebron Estates
Hebron in Bullitt County
Herding Turkeys
Hot Soda on a Summer Day
Hubert Clay, A Man of High Esteem
Hunters Hollow
Murder or Not? The Hagan-Barbour Feud
In The Eyes of Children
"Independence Day, The Fourth of July"
Iron Stoves and Adoptive Children
Jack Frick at 100
Jeremiah Vardeman "Uncle Vard" Crenshaw
Joy Oder and One Step for Women's Rights
Lady in Lace
Leaches District
Leaches District, Again
Lebanon Junction
Life and Death.
  When Hearses were used as Ambulances.

Major John Jacob Peacock
Memorial Day
Memories of Mom
Metal Skates and Gravel Driveways
Misremembered Memories
Mt. Washington
October Rain
Ode to the Baloney Sandwich
Old Shepherdsville Road
On the River
One Phone Call Away – A Veterans' Day Story
One Veteran of Many
Painting Trees
Pioneer Village
Pitts Point - A Little River Town
Plenge - Korfhage Farm
Precious Memories
Remembering Nick Simon
Remembering the Poor Farm Again
Second Place Trophy
Shepherdsville's Salt River Bridge
Slavery Made Personal
Stop Those Devil Wagons!
Submarine Lost
Sugar Valley Has a Deep History
Survey Markers
Tanning Leather – The Theophile Conrad Story
That 1912 School Exam!
The 1942 Tornado
The Art and Struggles of Salt Making
The Bowman Valley School
The Courthouse Bell Mystery
The First Bullitt County TV
The Fourth of July is not Trivial
The Last Great Tree of Shepherdsville
The Lions Clubs, Part 1
The Lions Clubs, Part 2
The Lions Clubs, Part 3
The Lone Grave
The Loss of Christopher
The Lynching of Mary Thompson
The Murder of Joseph Lavine
The Old Stone Jail
The Old, Old Shepherdsville High School
The Pioneer Winters
The Poor Farm
The Shooting of Doctor Crist
The Snowstorm of 1994
The War of 1812
The Water Pump
Three Bridges at Blue Lick Creek
Toll Roads
Train Wreck of 1888
Tree Traditions Fades but Story Remains
Trick or Treat!
Washing Cars on the River
What Happened to David Phillips?
Where Have All The Pickup Trucks Gone?
William Casper Herps
William Dean Rouse. A Loss to War; A Loss to Family
William Dean Rouse. A World War II Friend Found
World War One and Memories on a Bronze Plaque

Stephen Thomas: An Honor for George


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