The Bullitt County History Museum

It Happened in 1947

Over the years, Charles Hartley has shared glimpses of what was being printed in The Pioneer News in different months and years. This page includes what was taken from the January through December issues of 1947.

January 1947

In farm bureau news, Robert Henderson, S. O. Armstrong, Howard Hardin, J. W. Stark, A. H. Harned, Earl Dacon, S. N. Brooks, and Russell Jenkins were named as delegates to the state convention. Also, Walter Cundiff of Bardstown Junction was named as special agent to assist Frank Robards, general insurance agent.

In Needmore News, Mr. and Mrs. Matt Bleemel entertained Mrs. Herman Owen, Mr. and Mrs. Selbert Owen, Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Owen, Mr. and Mrs. Billie Bleemel, and Mrs. and Mrs. Harley Proctor on Christmas Day. Also reported was that Gordon Proctor and Jack Bleemel spent a day with Hubert Cox, and all went hunting.

T. W. Hoagland, Sr., of Bardstown Junction, had a family reunion on Christmas Day. Attending included Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hoagland, Jr. and children, Mr. and Mrs. Chester Mayes, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Watts and children, William, Harry, Marguerite and Alberta Hoagland, and Mr. Henry Miller of Worthington.

The Belmont News reporter announced several births including James Michael Richardson, son of Mr. and Mrs. James Richardson; Rita Carol Etherton, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Etherton; Audrey Faye Able, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Able; and Michael Stanford Brown, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harlan Brown.

In the Personals column we learned that Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kneisler and Marie entertained Mr. and Mrs. Charles Croan, Mr. C. E. Kneisler, Miss Nancy Kneisler, Miss Hazel Kneisler, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Stinnitte, and Mrs. Thomas Crigler. We also learned that Mr. and Mrs. Hugo Maraman went to Coral Ridge to visit the Sheltons.

Dr. Millard J. Cundiff purchased the dental office of Dr. R. A. Weir who was retiring on doctor's orders. Dr. Cundiff was a graduate of Shepherdsville High School, Campbellsville Junior College, Western State Teachers College, and the University of Louisville School of Dentistry, after which he served as a military dentist for over three years.

In Mt. Washington news, the Salt River Lodge F. & A. M. held their annual election of officers. Rev. Noah Benningfield was elected Master, C. S. Harris as secretary, J. M. Collier as treasurer, and Rev. J. L. Coomer as chaplain. At the close of the meeting they all were invited to the Central Eat Shoppe where Mrs. Mattie Tichenor served luncheon.

And Herbert Lee, at the Shepherdsville pool room, was offering for sale hewed logs sufficient to build a three-room house, together with rock for the foundation, and brick for the flue. He would sell or trade for anything of value.

February 1947

Everett Simpson of the Solitude Community won the five-acre division of the Kentucky Corn Derby with an average of 155 bushels of corn per acre.

In the Lebanon Junction Notes, we learned that Floyd Bryant was improving after being in a train wreck a few days earlier. We also learned that Mrs. Kate Hawkins celebrated her 83rd birthday with a surprise party given by her family and friends.

Frank L. Chelf

T. D. McAllister of Bardstown Junction died, age 75. He had spent many years as a distillery gauger. Survivors included his wife, Lottie Belle Smith McAllister, three daughters, Mrs. Brady Mooney, Miss Frances McAllister, and Mrs. Ella May Fendall.

Congressman Frank L. Chelf's picture was in the paper, along with an article about a bill he was sponsoring. His district included Bullitt County.

The Hebron correspondent reported that the pastor at Hebron, Rev. Shows, had resigned and was moving to Carrollton. She also reported that Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Summers were enjoying tropical fruit sent to them by a daughter of Boone Summers.

The sisters and brothers of Grover C. Maraman posted a "Loving Memory" message. Grover died 28 Jan 1946.

Edgar Major of Lebanon Junction was offering a 1931 Model A. Ford, 5 passenger Victoria Coupe, for sale.

E. M. Frantz, the proprietor of the Patterson Drug Store in Shepherdsville, had a nice two-column ad in the paper.

Woodrow Masden was offering mixed Timothy and Korean hay for sale.

In Mt. Washington news, Mrs. W. O. Swearingen spent the weekend in Indianapolis with Mrs. Susie Showalter at the home of her daughter, Mrs. James Carter. Also, Mrs. Mamie Harris was a Saturday night guest of her daughter Mrs. V. K. Mothershead and then spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Nic McArthur.

Also, Mrs. Marion Porter received word from Meridian, Mississippi that her son-in-law, Rev. Paul Horner had undergone an emergency appendectomy. (I had the pleasure of attending his class at Campbellsville College.)

In the Personals column we learned that Master Billy Bradbury was visiting his grandparents, Judge and Mrs. C. P. Bradbury; that Mrs. Ray Bush had returned to her post as Shepherdsville Postmaster; that Fletcher Hagan was in the hospital; and that Mr. and Mrs. Albert Harned of Elizabethtown were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Newt Pearl.

The paper reported that the Bullitt County courthouse was going to get a three-story annex, with the top floor being the new jail.

In Salt River news, we found that Delray Robinson was recovering from chicken-pox; that Mr. and Mrs. Rogers sold their store and home; that Mrs. Ed Kneisler spent an afternoon with Leona Robinson; and Mrs. Myrtle Roby was with her daughter, Mrs. William Mattingly.

And the Lions Clubs of Shepherdsville and Lebanon Junction played "a very interesting basketball game" at the S.H.S. gym before a packed house. Plenty of laughs were had by the fans. The main attractions seemed to be Lindsay Mattingly in his sugar sack bloomers, and Roy Maraman who managed to play the entire game without losing his cigar.

March 1947

The Lebanon Junction correspondent apologized for failing to mention the marriage of Corinne Beeler to Roy Wise of Lebanon Junction. Miss Beeler had been a fine school teacher for many years in the community.

The Carter-Cooper Electric and Paint Shop moved from River Street to the building next the Standard Filling Station. The building was made vacant when Hardy's Store moved.

Glecia Ratliff of the Cedar Grove school won the annual Bullitt County spelling bee. Other participants included Raymond Mitchell (Nichols), Helen Loys Lester (Sunny Side), Kenneth Bailey (Brooks), Janet Lee Willoby (Pleasant Grove), Dorothy Lewis (Mt. Washington), Margaret Ann Robinson (Clermont), Joan Bradbury (Belmont), Edna Shaw (Woodsdale), Patsy Jean Reading (Shepherdsville), Charlene Murphy (Lebanon Junction), James Swearingen (Bowman Valley), and Ella Mae Greathouse (Greathouse). The Mt. Olivet and Cedar Glades schools were not represented.

In the Personals column we learned that Professor and Mrs. Foster Sanders were Saturday evening guests of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Gardner and children of Louisville. We also learned that Inez Patterson attended a health department conference at Mammoth Cave.

In Mt. Washington, Rev. J. L. Coomer was badly bruised when his brakes failed to work, causing him to run in front of another vehicle. Then when H. C. McGee went after Bro. Coomer and his car, he was struck by another car while crossing the street.

Only a few members of Mrs. C. L. Stansbury's Young Woman's Class at the Methodist Church were able to attend a meeting with their teacher due to much sickness in the community.

Mrs. Thelma Bergen underwent an operation in a Louisville hospital, but was home and doing well.

Mr. and Mrs. Hebert Cundiff and daughter were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Carpenter in honor of Mr. Carpenter's 59th birthday.

Mrs. Gabe Bealmear, Mrs. J. W. Hardaway, and Mrs. T. C. Carroll of the Bullitt County Woman's Club offered a resolution of respect for one of their members, Addie Harmon, who passed away on January 24th.

Dudley Shelbourne sold a 500 pound hog, but when asked about it, declared that it wasn't much of a hog. He also cut a big red oak tree that was so big that no local mill could handle its size. It was said to be over six feet in diameter.

Mr. and Mrs. Luther Stivers were operating the Shepherdsville store formerly run by Nettie Rheaume.

W. B. Samuels, Clyde E. Roby, and W. T. Finn were elected members of the Bullitt County Bank Board of Directors. They joined Dr. Woodford B. Troutman, H. H. Combs, Holloway T. Miller, W. Howard Roby, and Alice Pope on the Board. Mr. Samuels was the proprietor of Samuels Motor Company in Lebanon Junction. Mr. Roby was the Bullitt County tax commissioner. Mr. Finn was formerly a teller at the Stock Yards Bank in Louisville.

And bids for building the jail and remodeling the courthouse were opened and I. Bush & Son of Louisville had the low bid of $61,945. The newspaper offered a tip of the hat to Judge Bradbury for insisting that the old Bullitt County jail building remain as it is. He said that there were hardly any jails of that type left, and this one served as an interesting relic.

April 1947

The following 35 men were listed as among Bullitt Countians who were killed during World War II: Robert Lee Abell, Robert Jefferson Beeler, Johny Whitson Bishop, Clarence Warren Boulware, Emmett Hood Brown, John Evans Brown, Jr., Smith Garrow Carrithers, Paul Thomas Carter, William N. Caulk, Leo M. Clark, Robert E. Crouch, Bernie Druin, Elmore Roscoe Easton, Joe Nevius Harned, William Nathan Isgrigg, James Woodford Jackson, Malcolm W. Jenkins, Charles Ray Lee, Charles Leo Mann, William B. Merker, Charles Bolin Montgomery, Jarriet Thurman Moore, William Thomas Moser, Thomas G. Mullins, Milliard Harley Proctor, Archie Theodore Raymond, Commie Leslie Robison, William Dean Rouse, Roy Lee Rummage, Leland Howard Shepherd, Nickles Steinlander, Jr., William E. Thompson, George K. Waters, Willard Franklin Wright, and Clyde Bradley York.

Their names were to be included in a large roster of Kentuckians known to have died in the war. The roster was to be placed in the new University of Kentucky Memorial Auditorium when it was completed. I believe a handful of them were later moved to other county's lists.

The newspaper reported that Highway 44 from Shepherdsville to Taylorsville was to be treated with 1380 tons of rock asphalt seal, and from Shepherdsville to Dixie Highway with a preservative.

Eula Kay Hardy, a local graduate, was elected president of the Beta Gamma Chapter of the National Chi Omega Fraternity at the University of Louisville.

In Mt. Washington news, Miss Frances Clark, R.N., who was a cadet nurse overseas during the war, had a medical discharge and was back on private duty.

The Junior Woman's Club of Shepherdsville met with Catherine and Swearingen Weller to discuss assisting in the recreation program. Refreshments were served.

Ten-year-old Margaret Roby attended the Baptist Training Union convention at Newport, and became eligible for a full week at the Baptist Training Union Camp at Pineville, all expenses paid. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ola Roby of the Victory community.

In other Mt. Washington news, Messrs. and Mesdames M. D. Jasper, W. W. Spurr and L. A. Tichenor attended the Home and Food Show at the Armory in Louisville; Mr. and Mrs. Wade McAfee and her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Thompson motored to Tennessee and visited the Grand Old Opry; Kenneth Lutes, Hilary Lloyd, and Billy Gentry received their discharge papers and returned home; and Lexie Lee fell and broke her arm. A year or more ago she also fell and broke an arm, so it was nothing new to her.

In Belmont news, the Albert Bradbury family attended the circus in Louisville; Charles E. McCubbins was discharged after spending about ten months in the Philippines; Mr. and Mrs. Bob Jackson visited relatives in Bowling Green; and Rev. Williams of Louisville filled in at the Baptist Church for Rev. Tom Douglas.

And the school bus routes operated by Eugene Thompson and Orbra Lee Masden were advertised for bids by the school board.

May 1947

E. B. Stansbury

In Lebanon Junction news, Herman "Foge" Masden was killed at the L. & N. Yards in Louisville when he was run over by a train. Also, Sallie Harned died at the home of her son, Ack Harned at Bardstown Junction; and Jack Ryan died at L.J. following a bout of pneumonia.

E. B. Stansbury, a graduate of S.H.S., was to deliver the school commencement speech. He was head of the Department of Health, Physical Education, and Athletics at Western Kentucky State Teachers College at Bowling Green.

In County Agent H. E. Rothwell's column, we learned that Ruth Green of the Mt. Washington 4-H Club won the county style revue for girls clothing, with Darlene Nutt (also Mt. Washington) placing second, Ina Catherine Barger (Cedar Grove) third, and Betty Berman (Shepherdsville) fourth.

In Mt. Washington news, Gerald Lloyd, baby of Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Deacon, who could not be brought home from the hospital with his mother, had gotten his normal weight and was home doing well.

The town of Shepherdsville was grateful to John Sloan of Limestone Springs for his hard work in seeing to repairs of the town water system.

The following students graduated from Lebanon Junction High School in 1947: William Bishop, Billy Boone, Bernard Fain, Charles Hoagland, Bobby Kidwell, Donald Masden, Billie R. Miller, James Montgomery, Paul Mullins, William Newman, Lamont Ratliff, Joan Abell, Anna Margaret Brady, Helen Joyce Cofer, Patricia Ann Masden, Gwendolyn Purcell, Evelyn Earleen Shawler, Martha Rose Shawler, and Shirley Elaine Sweat.

At Mt. Washington, the graduates were Clyann Troutman, Mary Crenshaw, Horace Hall, Fay Harris, Margaret Johnson, Reginald Johnson, Helen Lewis, Ralph Lutes, Walter Matis, Lois Jean McAfee, Betty Owen, Laverne Owen, Nina Owen, Wilma Owen, Elsie Patterson, Juanita Quinn, Jean Roby, Florence Rothman, Mary Rouse, Mildred Ryan, R. T. Shouse, Elizabeth Smith, Garneta Smith, and Jewell Troutman.

Shepherdsville graduates included Christean Armstrong, Jean Barger, Harold Boyd, Glenn Bradbury, Charles E. Brown, Patsy Edington, Charles Hatfield, Betty Johnson, Clara Lee, Johnnie Maraman, Charles Lee Milam, Eleanor Moody, LeVerne McCubbins, Henrietta Nalley, Sam Raley, Norma Ridgway, Edith Roby, and Roger Wigginton.

Miss Albertine Harris and Mr. Ack Hill Harned Jr. were united in marriage Saturday evening, May 3rd at the Victory Baptist Church by Rev. George A. Jones, pastor of the bride. The bride wore a gown of ice blue satin with a finger tip veil and carried an arm bouquet of pink rosebuds.

June 1947

Walter Lee Crady

Eva Virginia Dalton

Walter Lee Crady, a graduate of Lebanon Junction High School, graduated from Campbellsville College, completing a two-year program in 12 months. Walter, who was Salutatorian of his college class, had served in the navy between high school and college.

The Hebron correspondent reported that Frank Quick was in the hospital following emergency surgery for an acute appendicitis attack that he suffered while driving his tractor. His friends and neighbors baled and put away his hay crop for him after his illness.

Miss Eva Virginia Dalton, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. B. H. Dalton, formerly of Lebanon Junction, was named “Miss Duke University School of Nursing for 1947” by her classmates.

In Mt. Washington, Darrell Alcorn became engaged to Mildred Ryan; Donald Coomer was in the hospital for a tonsillectomy; Roy Gentry fell from a step ladder while doing repair work on his hotel building, and broke some ribs; and Mr. and Mrs. Bryant Moore, Miss Corrine Owen and Pope Sheehan spent a weekend in Indianapolis at the Speedway race.

Mark Rhea, son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. Rhea who lived near Shepherdsville, earned a master of science degree from Iowa State College in agricultural education. He was appointed a professor at State Teachers College in North Dakota. Mark graduated from Shepherdsville High School in 1937, Iowa State College in 1941, and spent four years with the Army Corps of Engineers before returning to school to get his masters degree.

The Lebanon Junction correspondent reported that Leona Kappel had died. She was survived by her husband John, five daughters including Mrs. Edna Lands, Mrs. Flossie Briscoe, Mrs. Katherine Riggs, Mrs. Mamie Tipton, and Miss Helen Kappel, and four sons, Clifford, Elmer, John, and Dave Kappel.

Miss Swearingen Weller accepted a position as bookkeeper for attorney S. J. Stallings, and she was rooming with Miss Zora Rayman.

Mrs. Billy Roy Pennington and daughter moved into their home in Salt River that they had recently purchased.

Mr. and Mrs. Hugo Maraman and their children, Olliebelle, Barbaranell and Lloyd Maraman spent a Saturday at Fontaine Ferry Park.

Frank Scroggins, Master, and H. H. Combs, Secretary of Bullitt Lodge No. 155 advertised that the lodge met the first and third Monday evenings of each month.

In Cupio news, a large crowd attended the Knob Creek Cemetery Memorial Day; Miss Eunice Ridgway hosted Mrs. Nancy Sheane, Miss Loraine Sheane, Miss Elizabeth Ditto, and Mrs. Drommel; and Wayne Hopewell spent a Saturday with Clarence Dawson.

Mrs. J. F. Wiggington of Shepherdsville was one of ten teachers in Kentucky to be awarded a scholarship to Western, which was given to encourage students to pursue courses in library science.

Mrs. Edith Walker decorated Little Flock Baptist Church for the wedding of Ina Fay Mobley to Clyde Raymond.

Lucinda Masden, 90 years old, and mother of L. L. Masden of Lebanon Junction, died at her daughter’s home in Missouri.

In Mt. Washington news, Earl Thomas McAfee, age 67, died after a brief illness. He had been an undertaker there for several years. With his death, the two McAfee Funeral Homes will be operated by his son J. Vernon McAfee and his widow Mrs. Sara McAfee.

And the Lebanon Junction baseball team defeated Elizabethtown 11-1 with Harry Leslie limiting E-town to one unearned run, and striking out 20 batters. In their next game, the Railroaders of L.J. beat E-town 15-0, with Bud Crady pitching a two-hit shutout.

July 1947

The Mt. Washington correspondent wrote that Jerry Owens, radio evangelist had bought the R. S. Hall farm from E. O. Carrithers who had just recently purchased it. Also, Dale King was erecting two houses on Church Street near the Jackson Highway; and the new home of Jack Barnes was in progress on the Shepherdsville Road.

Also in Mt. Washington, Mrs. Stanford Harris entertained Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Harris, and Misses Birta and Kathleen Harris at a birthday party for her husband.

Newton Pearl, age 80, and the last member of an old, prominent Bullitt County family, died. He was the son of Steve and Margaret Hargan Pearl, and brother to Oscar, Sallie, Nellie, and Jasper Pearl, all of whom were now dead. His funeral was preached at the Methodist Church by his pastor, Rev. Brinson and by Bro. Bruce Hartsell of the Baptist Church across the street.

After winning their first three games, the Lebanon Junction Railroaders fell to Glendale 2-1. Harold Martin of Glendale pitched a four-hitter for Glendale to secure the win.

In other Lebanon Junction news, Marie Crady and Clarence Thomas Raley were married in the parlor of the Baptist parsonage by Bro. Joe Canzoneria. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Crady; he was the son of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Raley. The newlyweds left for a wedding trip to Boonsborough.

In the Personals column we learn that Dr. F. E. Patterson was able to be out after being ill for several weeks; that Ike Mudd was taken to the hospital for examination; that Mrs. Johnnie Lee was on the sick list; and that the Robert Hardesty family had as guests Vernon Foster and family, Charles Hardesty and wife, Mr. and Mrs Henry Smith from Louisville, Mrs. Charles Otis of Homestead, Florida, and Herman Pearl.

Foster Sanders

In news from Cupio in western Bullitt County, we learn that Rev. Howard Brown had services at Knob Creek and was entertained in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Archie Whiteman. Also, little Janet Ridgway spent several days with her grandmother, Mrs. Cora Ridgway; and Mr. and Mrs. Roy Polston were the proud parents of a baby girl, born July 4th.

The first calf born in Bullitt County as a result of artificial insemination was dropped at Henry Maraman's farm at Salt River. It was "a beautiful large bull calf, well marked."

Foster J. Sanders, principal of the Shepherdsville school, resigned his post there to accept a position in the Louisville schools. He had been here six years as teacher, coach, and then principal at the school.

James S. Shepherd, age 78, died in July. He was the son of Harlan Shepherd, and married Mabel Crenshaw, daughter of James B. Crenshaw, and granddaughter of J. Vard Crenshaw. James and Mabel were the parents of three sons, Herbert, Howard, and Forrest.

Remember when churches had revivals and Bible Schools lasted more than a few days? In 1947, the Bible School at Cedar Grove reported a ten-day school with good attendance where the Junior and Intermediate girls made crafts. I guess we're too busy for that now.

August 1947

Boy Scout Troop 208 of Clermont registered the following boys: J. A. Ryan, R. P. Conniff, Bobby Hodge, B. N. Cundiff, E. R. Crigler, J. P. Conniff, D. C. Riley, W. J. Conniff, P. A. Ryan, Joe Mooney, and B. H. Huffman. Cecil Cundiff was their scoutmaster and Prince Ryan Jr. their assistant scoutmaster. Charles Fearnbach was chairman of the troop committee.

R. E. McAfee, Hobert Roby, and Dr. T. P. Sloan met and appointed election officials for the August election. For Shepherdsville precinct #1 the following were appointed: Lida Armstrong, J. H. Boes, W. P. Foster, and Fronie Samuels. Shepherdsville #2 included Mack Jones, Pirkle Minter, Oscar Underwood, and Lillian Stallings. Brooks #3 had J. Havey, S. C. Sanders, James Beghtol, Mrs. Lee Hatzell. Griffin #4 officials were Gladys Shepherd, J. E. Burden, Roy Shepherd, and Mrs. J. E. Burden.

Continuing down the list, at Cupio #5 were appointed Ruf Abel, Charley Ridgway, Archie Whiteman, and Mrs. George Atkinson. At Salt River #6 we found Evelyn Shaw, C. A. Masden, S. B. Foster, and Mrs. Jess Hardaway. At Mt. Washington #7 were German Branham, Leda Barnes, Margaret Grigsby, and Mrs. Pat Daugherty. At Mt. Washington # 8 were B. Owens, S. O. Armstrong, Henry Lutes, and Mary Fisher. Zoneton #9 had W. A. Ladusaw, D. J. Crumbacker, Maud Gentry, and Sue Wigginton.

At Cedar Grove Mrs. Lee Close, K. F. Bolton, Elmer Cundiff, and Edan Lane were appointed. At Leaches #11 it was R. J. Clark, Ed Ash, Jim Bell, and Mrs. H. D. Rouse. At Clermont #12 were Ray Morris, John Shaw, Mrs. Charles Fearnback, and Mrs. Georgia Duvall. Lebanon Junction # 13 had Minnie Fisel, Hansford Ricketts, Mrs. N. E. McMillen, and Christine Boone; and L.J. 314 had Andrew Mann, Vina Roby, Tilli Vanfleet, and Mrs. J. W. Stark.

The last two precincts were Belmont #15 with Fred Goodrich, Mrs. Luke Ryan, George Ashbaugh, and Gladys Bradbury. And Beech Grove #16 had Otto Cundiff, Kathryn Carpenter, Anna Cundiff, and Mayme Cundiff.

In the personals column we learned that Mrs. J. D. Buckman, Jr. and two little daughters returned home after a visit with her parents in Texas; that Cpl. Albert Griffin had returned to Fort Meade after visiting his parents here while on furlough; that Mrs. Frona Harris had been visiting Mrs. Sudie Swearingen; and that Mr. and Mrs. Hugo Maraman and family were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Lockett of Lebanon.

In Lebanon Junction news, we learned that John Argenbright, a retired conductor for the railroad, was in the hospital; that Mrs. Welch of Boston, the mother of Mrs. Lenn Masden, passed away; and that Miss Mary Grace Ricketts was visiting her relatives in Nelson County near Samuels.

The Hecker Twins

Lightning struck Bert Pope's barn, burning it to the ground. He lost three calves, a cow, and a mare.

The Hecker twins, Barbara and Mary Hecker celebrated their 82nd birthday, and invited their Bullitt County friends to visit them in their new home in Buechel.

Howard Hardin would sell you Elberta peaches; George Stottman had a Jersey bull for sale; Mamie Judd was selling fryers; and Alzo Smith had a 1942 Super Deluxe Ford 2 door with five tires, radio, heater, seat covers and fog lights. He was also selling an ice box.

Jock Robinson bought E. E. Frantz's Shepherdsville drug store. He also bought the Bradbury house at auction.

The Dairy Bar opened in Shepherdsville on August 23rd. On that day the ladies received a rose, the men a cigar, and the kids free ice cream.

And the grand opening of the St. Clair Theater in Lebanon Junction was held on August 22 with the showing of the movie "Vacation in Reno." Popcorn anyone?

September 1947

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Mattingly reported seeing a "flying saucer" in the night above their home west of Shepherdsville. He reported that it had bright spots as though it was sprinkled with diamonds.

Mrs. Sidella Shepherd's music students gave a recital on the Baptist Church in Shepherdsville.

Well, the Cedar Grove Dairy Maids defeated the Little Flock Termites 16-7 in a softball game. Howard Stallings and Bobby Devers pitched for the Termites, and Russell Crenshaw was the Maids' hurler. The catchers were Benny Dawson for the Termites and Gene Ashbaugh for the Maids.

Poor Henry Pugh had a foot shot off when his son-in-law's shot gun accidentally discharged.

In the Personals column we learned that Mr. and Mrs. Hite Rouse and son Bobby were guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. V. Jones. Mr. and Mrs. Norman Bridwell of Mt. Washington were there as well.

Also, Judge and Mrs. C. P. Bradbury moved into their new home.

Golden Hodge of Clermont had a 1938 4-door Buick for sale. And if that's not your speed, Mrs. Willard Rosser of Shepherdsville would sell you a baby buggy, all leather, with good tires.

And you'd best not go trespassing on the Ryan farm west of the L. & N. railroad between Brooks and Huber Station. J. M.'s got it posted, especially against hunters.

Florine Carr, a 1944 graduate of Lebanon Junction High School, graduated from the Norton Infirmary School of Nursing, the youngest in her class. She was a daughter of Mrs. Flossie Carr, a former Bullitt county teacher, and a 1925 graduate of Shepherdsville High School. Flossie was the former Flossie Louise Lynch who married Herman Carr in 1925. Florine would marry Eugene Meadows of Lebanon Junction in 1952.

William T. Finn of Shepherdsville was appointed as State Senior Bank Examiner. He was the former cashier for the Bullitt County Bank.

The newspaper reported a building boom in Shepherdsville with the Baptist Church building a parsonage next to the Methodist Church, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Scroggins having a new home nearly completed on Highway 44, Adrian Jones completing a nice building for a garage and living quarters, and Clarence Dawson building a new two-story building where the Exchange used to sit.

Also, Jiggs Buckman had purchased a lot between C. C. Daugherty's store and the barber shop, and was building a two-story building; and Bert Shepherd had just completed a two-story building just east of the L. & N. Railroad.

The St. Clair Theatre in Lebanon Junction showed for one day only "Terror Trail" starring Charles Starrett as the "Durango Kid." Did you see it?

And Charlie Gohagan pitched a no-hitter for the Lebanon Junction team, giving up only three walks.

October 1947

The Junior Conservation Clubs of Shepherdsville and Lebanon Junction met and elected officers. At Shepherdsville, 64 boys met and elected Charles Wood president, Gerald Bergen vice president, Bardy McCubbins secretary, and Billy Brown treasurer. At LJ, 60 boys met and elected Bill A. Beeler president, Joe Sweat vice president, Joe McMillen secretary, and Bobby Pike treasurer.

The F.H.A. girls displayed the articles of clothing they had created in the store window of Roy Maraman's store. Girls whose articles appeared included Georgia Clark, Betty Beeman, Helen Fields, Evelyn Buckman, Merrill Cundiff, Sharleen Lanham, Norma Ratliff, and Ramona Simpson. Also, below is an image of one of the newspaper advertisements that Mr. Maraman had printed in the newspaper.

Below is an advertisement announcing the grand opening of a new car dealership in Shepherdsville in October 1947.

Miss Mary D. Porter was hired to work as county Home Demonstration Agent. Her first tasks were to organize Community Homemaker Clubs, and assist 4-H girls with projects.

At Mt. Washington, Mrs. Will Pierson was finally able to be out and about on crutches. She had been confined to her home and bed for more than a year from injuries received in a motorcycle accident.

Miss Eleanor Jackson, a teacher at the Shepherdsville school, announced that her sixth-grade students had elected class officers, including Alice Ryan as president, Ina Roby vice-president, Doriscella Myers as secretary and treasurer. Louise Pugh, Shirley Lee, and Shirley Stansbury were named as reporters; and Robert Stallings was sergeant at arms.

Mrs. Dorothy Glenn Bullock and her sister, Miss Frances Cruise flew to New York to visit with Jimmy Cruise who was racing there on the harness racing circuit.

The High Grove correspondent shared that Albert Spratt and wife had returned home from Miami, Florida; that the Chester Raymond's had moved into Arch Raymond's house, and that Bessie Berkhead was staying awhile with them; and that Mrs. Bell Troutman was getting along well after a fall that broke several ribs.

Items listed for sale included Burl Coakley's smokeless Dixie Coal stove, Viola McCubbins' Victrola and records, and Mrs. L. M. McKinney's kerosene burner for a hot water heater. Also, Dick Pope had lost his wallet and was offering a reward for its return.

In the personals column we learned that Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Masden entertained for dinner Mrs. Ida Roby, Mrs. Howard Roby, Mr. and Mrs. O. H. Masden, and Mr. and Mrs. George Quick; that Bernie C. Milam had returned to the University of Kentucky; that Alvine and Beulah Foster attended a wedding in Louisville; and that Mrs. Ben Richardson and Mrs. Fredie Hoagland spent a Sunday with Mrs. Jessie Foster.

The Scotts

The Lebanon Junction Lions Club put on a home talent hill-billy comedy at the high school gym for the benefit of Spastic paralysis. Performers included Dick Hocker as Cousin Linney Pearl, Russell Argenbright as Elviry Judkins, Andy Blankenship as Sue Judkins, Earl Ryan as Miss Twitty, Barrett Murry as Aunt Bessie, Stanley Muir as Mazie Mae, Raymond Tatum as Henry Judkins, Fred Whitehead as Elmer Judkins, Samuel Pottinger as Bob Sandrock, and Edward Thompson as Squire Hicks. Bet that was a load of fun!

Mr. and Mrs. O. N. Scott got their picture in the paper by celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. Front page too!

And the Bullitt Lodge of Masons No. 155 celebrated its 100th anniversary with a banquet and some 250 guests. T. C. Carroll was master of ceremonies. Pendleton Jones was the guest speaker, with Bruce Hartsell providing the music along with a group of singers from the Baptist Seminary.

November 1947

The Lebanon Junction correspondent reported that Dennie Beeler, son of the local druggist, had improved enough to come home from St. Joseph's after being accidentally shot in the eye.

Six Homemakers Clubs were organized in the county including ones in Brooks, Cedar Grove, Bardstown Junction, Hebron, Nichols, and Mt. Washington. At Nichols, Mary Porter, the Home Demonstration Agent, met with the ladies at Hassie McPherson's home to organize that club. Present were Mesdames Herbert Bennett, Jr., Dorothy Nichols, Virgil Cower, Glenda Bruce, Walter Fletcher, Jr., Charles H. Lowe, Ella Gassaway, and Viola Logsdon.

Meanwhile, at Mt. Washington's meeting, Mrs. C. L. Stansbury was elected club president. Vice President was Mrs. Leo Bleemel; and Mrs. Loyd Tichenor was the secretary/treasurer. Others given responsibilities included Mrs. Louis Roby, Mrs. Dewey Alexander, Mrs. Lyle Rouse, Mrs. S. F. Smith, and Miss Georgia Porter.

A. E. Funk

Fourteen Bullitt County students were attending the University of Kentucky, including Theodore Caddell, Thomas Carroll, Jerome Dawson, Robert Farris, Charles Hamilton, William Hamilton, Robert Harned, Bernie Milam, Hershel Sailings, William Simmons, Billy Snellen, all of Shepherdsville; Gerald Napier and James Snyder of Lebanon Junction; and Bobby Rouse of Cox's Creek.

A. E. Funk, who was born in Bullitt County, was elected Kentucky's Attorney General on the Clements ticket.

Mr. and Mrs. C. V. Sanders announced the birth of a son they named Charles Capps Sanders.

Laverne Owen and Forrest Burns were scheduled to be married at the Mt. Washington Baptist Church.

The Dawson Realty Company was urging everyone to attend the big Tom Cochrane sale on November 15th.

Remember the Stanley parties? Mrs. Dorothy Lanham of Cedar Grove hosted one with several ladies present. Sorry, but I didn't get their names.

The Mt. Washington correspondent sadly reported that "one of our town's oldest landmarks is no more." It seems that the Bridwell log house on Main Street next to the McFarland Funeral Home, and across from the Baptist Church, had been torn down and hauled away.

Don F. Hawkins reported that the Shepherdsville Rams defeated Old Kentucky Home 29-27 in basketball.

Ben Frank Robards, who had been breeding registered Duroc hogs since he was in high school, added to his herd with a new male pig valued at about $250.

Richard B. Maraman received his diploma from the Kentucky School of Embalming with one of the highest averages of his class.

William Miller and Kathryn Rennison were married at Bardstown Junction by the Rev. R. B. Cundiff. Dr. and Mrs. M. J. Cundiff were the attendants.

Angela Marie Mattingly and Norbert Joseph Noltemeyer were married at the St. Benedict Church of Lebanon Junction.

In the Personals column we learned that Fred Hatzell broke his arm; and that Mrs. Headie Lee and daughter Sandra Sue were guests of Mrs. Lee's sister, Mrs. M. C. Becker of Louisville.

The Shepherdsville Lion's Club renewed its sponsorship of Boy Scout Troop 217. Sam Ridgway was appointed Scoutmaster, and his two assistants were Frank White and Foster Sanders.

The Hebron Church invited everyone to their Thanksgiving Service with a basket lunch to follow.

And the Ladies Auxiliary of Hebron Church announced that they would hold their annual Afternoon Tea and Bazaar in December; and that orders for cakes or chickens should be placed with Mrs. Burks Williams by the beginning of the month. Her telephone number was 6222.

December 1947

The Hebron correspondent reported that Boone Cooper of Valley Station spent a few days with his uncle, J. R. Ball, and his aunt, Mrs. J. R. Holsclaw. While there he went hunting, and Mrs. Holsclaw reported that they were enjoying rabbit as a result.

In local marriages, we read about the marriage of Mildred Williams, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Williams, to William Russell at the St. Aloysius Church. Rev. Felix Pitt officiated.

Roy Maraman and Ann Gibson were married in Louisville. The attendants were Mr. and Mrs. Richard Maraman.

And Nancy Montgomery, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Mont Montgomery of Lebanon Junction married Billy Ben Jenkins, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Jenkins, also of L.J. They were married at the Catholic church at Colesburg.

And news of the wedding of Evan McKinley and Jane Brooks of Philadelphia was reported. Mr. McKinley was the son of Rev. McKinley who had pastored the Shepherdsville Baptist Church a few years earlier. (He served there from August 1934 to December 1935.) The paper also reported that Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hardy had attended the wedding.

The Belmont community experienced a mini-population explosion with the births of Nancy Louise to Mrs. Leslie Able, Mildred Isabelle to Mrs. Calvin Rice, and twin girls, Glenda and Linda to Mrs. Roy Nalley.

Morace Burns was the manager of a local Shepherdsville basketball team sponsored by the Lions Club. Team members included Charlie Brown, Foster Sanders, Ben F. Robards, R. B. Armstrong, John Armstrong, Jimmy Hardy, Billy Hill, Charles Fearnback, and Charles Magruder.

In Cedar Grove news, we learned that Mrs. Alf Weller taught school one day in the absence of Mrs. Thelma Roby; and that the little daughter of Mrs. Oral Meridith was improving after a serious burn.

Miss Edith Mae Roby traveled to Frankfort to take her final examination for Beauty Operator. She was going to work with Mrs. Rua Shouley.

The Shepherdsville Baptist Church choir presented a program of Christmas carols for the community. Choir members included Jeanie Lanham, Peggy White, Betty Fern Larimore, Mary Sue Roby, Nancy Kulmer, Peggy Sadler, Billie Gwen Evans, Carolyn Easley, Willa Burns, Marilyn Miller, Patty Ann Cruise, Julia Ann Weller, Hilda Ogle, Alice Ryan, Barbara Philpot, Ina Charles Roby, Imogene Sadler, Billy Brown, Jimmy Brown, Terry White, Bobby Roby, Blaine Terry, Jimmy Ryan, Prince Ryan, Gerald Bergen, Frank White, Jr., Mrs. Mary Cook, Mrs. Norma Tate, Mrs. Alma Hardesty, Mrs. Eudora Burns, Ruth Bilbry, Elnora Jackson, Reba Hall, Mary Evelyn Milam, Edith Woods, Bro. Hartsell, Russell Lanham, Mrs. Roy Stallings, Mr. Charles Holsclaw, Jr., Mr. Charles Holsclaw, Sr., and Mr. Charles Hatfield. Mrs. Eugenia Stansbury was the organist, and Mrs. Bruce Hartsell was the director.

And Mrs. Elsie Masden flew from Bowman Field to Dayton, Ohio to keep house for her son, Capt. Gilbert A. Masden and little daughter Diane for a couple of months while Mrs. Masden and son, Alan Lee, are visiting Mrs. Masden's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Stannard, of Sidney, Australia.

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