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Bullitt County Population and School Enrollment 1955-2012

The chart below shows the enrollment of Bullitt County Schools from 1955-2012. Scrolling over the bars will show the year and enrollment figure for that year. Part of this data was provided by Frank Hatfield, former school superintendent; the remainder came from Keith Davis, current superintendent, and his capable staff.

As you can see, from 1955 through 1980 the school enrollment experienced a steady and significant growth each year. Then for the next decade the enrollment declined before beginning to slowly climb back to former numbers, finally surpassing the 1980 enrollment in 2004. Since then, the enrollment has continued to climb slightly each year.

The next chart shows the population of Bullitt County, year by year. The census years' data comes from the Census Bureau; the other years' data comes from Kentucky State resources and our own estimates.

Bullitt County's population has grown significantly since 1955. From that year though 1980 the growth was steady and significant. Then for a time population growth seemed to level off before picking back up in the mid to late 1980s. Since then the growth has been, and continues to be significant.

This last chart uses the data from the previous two charts to provide a percentage of county population enrolled in the school system for each year.

From 1955 through 1964 the percentage of the county's population enrolled in schools held fairly steady, with small increases in some years. Then, beginning in 1965 and running up to 1970 the percentages climbed at an exceptional rate. For the next six years they remained high before beginning a decline in 1977. What appears remarkable is the steady, almost precipitous decline down to the mid 1990s. Since that time, the percentages have leveled off, although it does seem to be showing another decline in the last few years.

There are a number of conclusions that may be drawn from this data. One is that our county population is becoming older with fewer children in our households. We encourage our visitors to share their ideas about what we have presented on this page by using our "Contact Us" link to send us your thoughts.

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