The Bullitt County History Museum

State Senators and Representatives for Bullitt County

The following list is taken from a Kentucky Legislative Commission Report.

The Senators and Representatives since 2002 have been added by the museum staff.

Since Bullitt County's population did not show significant growth until the 1960's, many of these people represented districts larger than just Bullitt County, and may not have lived here.

1900 William O. JonesD12 Robert O. CochranD41
1902 Charles CarrollD12 Ed CroanD41
1904 Charles CarrollD12 E. T. HollowayD41
1906 W. W. TabbD12 Ed CroanD41
1908 W. W. TabbD12 William M. ThompsonD41
1910 John C. GrahamD12 J. R. ZimmermanD41
1912 John C. GrahamD12 David B. ThurmanD41
1914 J. R. ZimmermanD12 James W. BarrallD41
1916 J. R. ZimmermanD12 John W. SniderD41
1918 Haynes CarterD12 S. G. ThornsberryD41
1920 Haynes CarterD12 Benjamin F. ShieldsD33
1922 Charles J. HubbardD12 Smith G. ThornsberryD33
1924 Boyd A. MusterD12 Felix W. CollingsD33
1926 C. M. Clay PorterD12 John R. BuckmanD33
1928 C. M. Clay PorterD12 Harry CochranD33
1930 James H. BondurantD12 John R. BuckmanD33
1932 James H. BondurantD12 Benjamin F. ShieldsD33
1934 James E. WiseD12 Harold L. BarnesD33
1936 James E. WiseD12 Benjamin F. ShieldsD33
1938 James E. WiseD12 C. P. BradburyD33
1940 James E. WiseD12 Benjamin F. ShieldsD33
1942 T. C. CarrollD12 Bert R. HallD33
1944 T. C. CarrollD12 Johnston MillerD33
1946 Dalph E. CrealD12 Harold L. BarnesD33
1948 Dalph E. CrealD12 Joe B. VeechD33
1950 Dalph E. CrealD12 J. D. "Jiggs" BuckmanD33
1952 John M. WilliamsD12 Joe b. VeechD33
1954 John M. WilliamsD12 Leo A. BleemelD33
1956 John M. WilliamsD12 D. C. Casey Jr.D33
1958 Clyde S. HowardD12 D. C. Casey Jr.D33
1960 Clyde S. HowardD12 J.D. "Jiggs" Buckman, Jr.D33
1962 J.D. "Jiggs" Buckman, Jr.D12 Leo A. BleemelD33
1964 J.D. "Jiggs" Buckman, Jr.D12 Stuart S. KellyD31
1966 J.D. "Jiggs" Buckman, Jr.D14 Stuart S. KellyD31
1968 J.D. "Jiggs" Buckman, Jr.D14 Leo A. BleemelD31
1970 William R. Gentry, Jr.D14 Leo A. BleemelD31
1972 Mack G. WaltersD20 Stuart S. KellyD49
1974 Tom EasterlyD20 Thomas B. GivhanD49
1976 Tom EasterlyD20 Thomas B. GivhanD49
1978 Tom EasterlyD20 Frank J. SmithD49
1980 Tom EasterlyD20 Frank J. SmithD49
1982 Fred BradleyD20 Frank J. SmithD49
1984 Fred BradleyD20 Frank J. SmithD49
1984 Joseph W. PratherD10 Bill LileR27
1986 Fred BradleyD20 John HarperR49
1986 Joseph W. PratherD10 Mark S. BrownD27
1988 Fred BradleyD20 John HarperR49
1988 Virgil L. PearmanD10 Mark S. BrownD27
1990 Fred BradleyD20 John HarperR49
1990 Virgil L. PearmanD10 Mark S. BrownD27
1992 Fred BradleyD20 John HarperR49
1992 --- Mark S. BrownD27
1994 Dan KellyR14 Allen MaricleR49
1994 Fred BradleyD20 Mark S. BrownD27
1994 Larry SaundersD37 Kaye BondurantD26
1996 Dan KellyR14 Allen MaricleR49
1996 Fred BradleyD20 Mark S. BrownD27
1996 Larry SaundersD37 Kaye BondurantD26
1998 Lindy CasebierR7 Allen MaricleR49
1998 --- Joseph "Jodie" HaydonD50
1998 --- Marshall LongD58
2000 Lindy CasebierR7 Larry BelcherD49
2000 --- Joseph "Jodie" HaydonD50
2000 --- Gary TappR58
2002 Lindy CasebierR7 Larry BelcherD49
2002 --- Joseph "Jodie" HaydonD50
2002 --- Gary TappR58
2004 Gary TappR20 Mary HarperR49
2004 --- Dwight ButlerR18
2004 --- Jodie HaydonR50
2006 Gary TappR20 Larry BelcherD49
2006 --- Dwight ButlerR18
2006 --- David FloydR50
2006 --- Gerry LynnR27
2008 Gary TappR20 Larry BelcherD49
2008 --- Dwight ButlerR18
2008 --- David FloydR50
2008 --- Jeff GreerD27
2010 Gary TappR20 Linda BelcherD49
2010 --- Dwight ButlerR18
2010 --- David FloydR50
2010 --- Jeff GreerD27
2012 Paul HornbackR20 Linda BelcherD49
2012 --- Dwight ButlerR18
2012 --- David FloydR50
2012 --- Jeff GreerD27
2013 Paul HornbackR20 Russell WebberR49
2013 --- Dwight ButlerR18
2013 --- David FloydR50
2013 --- Jeff GreerD27
2015 Dan SeumR38 Russell WebberR26
2015 --- Linda BelcherD49
2015 --- James A. TiptonR53
2017 Dan SeumR38 Russell WebberR26
2017 --- James A. TiptonR53
2017 --- Dan JohnsonR49
2018 --- Linda BelcherD49
2019 Dan SeumR38 Russell WebberR26
2019 --- James A. TiptonR53
2019 --- Thomas HuffR49
2020 Michael J. NemesR38 Russell WebberR26
2020 --- James A. TiptonR53
2020 --- Thomas HuffR49
2022 Michael J. NemesR38 Russell WebberR26
2022 --- Emily CallawayR37
2022 --- Thomas HuffR49

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