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1857 Political Meeting

The following article appeared in the Louisville Democrat newspaper on Tuesday, 28 Apr 1857. It is of interest for the many Bullitt County names listed within it.

Democratic Meeting in Bullitt

At a meeting of the Democrats and Old Line Whigs of Bullitt County, in Shepherdsville, on the 20th of April, 1857, to express their views in regard to the approaching political contest, Col. W. Phelps was called to the Chair, and Robt. M. Smith named as Secretary. The objects of the meeting having been explained by Gen. H. E. Reed and Wm. Wilson, Esq., a proposition for a convention to nominate a candidate for this senatorial district, to be held at Boston, Nelson County, was unanimously adopted, and that said convention meet at that place on the second Saturday in May next.

A. H. Field, Esq., being named as a candidate to represent Bullitt County in the next Legislature of Kentucky, was unanimously nominated.

In reference to the course of the Hon. J. H. Jewett, as our Representative in Congress, we take this occasion to express our approbation; and in regard to his present position for reelection in the 5th district, we give our hearty approval, and pledge ourselves, by every honorable means, to insure his election.

We respectfully propose to the district our talented fellow-citizen, Wm. Wilson, Esq., as a candidate for the Senate, a gentleman eminently qualified by his talents and energy, and for the zeal and ability with which he has combated the enemies of constitutional rights and civil and religious liberty, from the inauguration of the contest to the glorious triumph of Nov., 1856.

The following gentlemen were nominated and appointed as delegates to represent the county of Bullitt in the Senatorial Convention at Boston, on the second Saturday in May next: J. Q. A. Hall, Wm. H. Foreman, C. Bell, Rob. Hall, Caleb Wise, Austin Hough, Geo. Abell, Caleb Tucker, Ben. Ridgeway, James Cream, Hiram Samuels, Geo. Horine, Henry Myers, Rob. Hardesty, Wm. McDaniel, Thos. Hogland, Rob. M. Lee, Wm. G. Hays, N. Levi, Thos. R. Horrall, Wm. Wilson, A. S. Chapeze, W. H. Warren, Jno. B. Cundiff, A. Shanler, Sam'l Purcell, Jno. Bukey, Jos. Blandford, Anderson Rouse, Hilary Downs, Jno. Stoner, Jno. S. Simmons, Leroy Ferguson, Henry Trunnell, Fred. Raymond, Wm. Barclay, Wm. P. Simmons, Col. W. Phelps, Woodford McDowell, Gen. H. E. Reed, Geo. W. Hardy, Rich'd H. Field, S. N. Brooks, D. L. Brooks, J. M. Shanklin, W. L. Ball, Robt. M. Smith, W. R. Thompson, L. Hogland, Nat. W. Gattin, Jno. Scott, Thos. Joyce, Gen. Raymond, Leonard Beghtol, Wm. P. Bishop, Ken. Chapeze, Wm. Croan, Joseph Wright, W. T. Applegate; and all Democrats and Old-Line Whigs are respectfully nominated as delegates to said convention.

On motion, it was unanimously adopted, that the Bardstown Gazette is entitled to the thanks of this meeting, for the very able manner in which it has advocated and defended our constitutional rights, and the cause of civil and religious liberty, in the late and pending political contest; and we hereby adopt it as the exponent and advocate of Democratic and anti-Know-Nothing principles in the Fifth Congressional District.

The Louisville Democrat, and Courier, are also entitled to our gratitude, which is respectfully tendered, for their ability and zeal in our common cause.

The Bardstown Gazette, Louisville Democrat, and Louisville Courier, are respectfully requested to publish the proceedings of this meeting.

Wesley Phelps, Chairman
Robt. M. Smith, Sec'y

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