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Emma T. Wilson to Upton Wilson and Sarah Moreman - 166 Acres

On 4 Sep 1891, Emma T. Wilson formally deeded to her brother and sister, Upton Wilson, and Sarah E, Moreman, their share of the lands of their brother Matthew E. Wilson, deceased. At Matthew's death without a will, his 287+ acre tract would go to his siblings. On 11 Dec 1890, Emma purchased her sister Mary's interest in the land, giving her the right to half of it. Then in February 1891 an agreement was reached in which Emma was to receive 121.6 acres as her share and the remaining heirs, Upton and Sarah were to share the rest. This deed allots that part to them.

Bullitt County Deed Book 29, Page 257-259

This deed made and entered into this fourth day of September 1891 by and between Emma T. Wilson of the first part of Bullitt County, Kentucky, and Upton Wilson, and Sarah E, Moreman of the second part of the state of Missouri. Witnesseth that whereas M. E. Wilson died in Bullitt County, Kentucky intestate, leaving as his only heirs at law, Upton Wilson, Emma T. Wilson, Sarah E. Moreman, wife of Augustine Moreman and Mary W. Sanders, wife of J. N. Sanders, and seized and possessed of a tract of land lying in Bullitt County, Kentucky containing 287 6/10 acres, and Emma T. Wilson on the 11th day of December 1890 purchased of Mary W. Sanders and J. N. Sanders, the undivided 1/4 interest of Mary W. Sanders in said land, and whereas on the 13th day of February 1891, an agreed division of said land was made allotting to Emma T. Wilson a boundary of land containing 121 6/10 acres as her one-half thereof, quality and quantity considered, and allotting to Upton Wilson and Sarah E. Moreman a boundary of land hereinafter described containing 166 acres, each to own an undivided one half interest in said boundary as their half interest therein, quality and quantity considered, now in consideration of the promises and the conveyance of Upton Wilson and Sarah E. Moreman of their interest in and to the boundary of land allotted to Emma T. Wilson, the said party of the first part has bargained and sold, and does hereby convey with covenant of general warranty to Upton Wilson, Sarah E. Moreman jointly (each to own an undivided one half thereof) all the right, title and interest of the said Emma T. Wilson in the following described tract of land lying in Bullitt County, Kentucky, bounded as follows.

Beginning at a point in the easterly edge of the metal bed of the Louisville and Shepherdsville Turnpike, corner to 121 6/10 acres allotted to Emma T. Wilson, thence with the easterly edge of the metal bed of said turnpike, S 34°10' W 27 poles, thence S 27°20' W 28 96/100 poles, thence S 18° W 10 16/100 poles, thence S 14 1/4° W 20 56/100 poles, thence S 10°20' W 58 24/100 poles, thence S 27 3/4° W 21 6/10 poles to the intersection with the middle line of the Bell's Mill Road or the Shanklin line, thence with the middle of said road S 87°25' E 131 72/100 poles, thence N 2°20' E, passing a stone corner to J. D. Roberts at 23 links in all 88 poles to a stake, corner to said Roberts, thence with another of said Roberts' lines S 87°10' E 78 88/100 poles to a stake, corner to said Roberts and in Robert Tyler's line, thence with his line N 1°44' E 26 1/2 poles to a stake, corner to said Tyler's, thence with another line of said Tyler S 83°20' E 75 poles to a stake in another line of said Tyler and near a cedar tree, thence with said line N 18°18' E 52 poles to a stake, corner to said 121 6/10 acres, thence with a line of said 121 6/10 acres N 88°14' W 247 2/10 poles to the beginning containing 166 acres. Witness the hand of the grantor the day and year above written.

[Signed by Emma T. Wilson and recorded in the Bullitt Clerk's office on 16 Sep 1891.]

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