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In the early years of the Twentieth Century, The Courier-Journal printed a page of "Society in Kentucky" news each Saturday. We have transcribed below several samples of "Mt. Washington" society news taken from issues of this paper.

Articles like these often provide us with genealogical connections, as well as a glimpse into life at that time.

From The Courier-Journal, Saturday, April 20, 1907, page 8.

Mt. Washington, April 19. - [Special.] - The Rev. and Mrs. J. L. Murrell and daughter, Miss Mary Murrell, who are visiting friends in Columbia, will return this evening.

Mrs. Sarah Gore and daughter, Miss Francis Gore, who went to Louisville to visit relatives and to attend the Lloyd-Prys wedding, returned last evening.

Miss Amanthus Cox has returned to Louisville after a visit at Lebanon Junction with Miss Mary Ray.

Miss Clara James returned last evening from Chicago, where she spent the winter with her sister.

The Rev. and Mrs. P. B. Grant have left for their home in Atlanta, Ga., after two-months' stay with relatives at High Grove.

Miss Corinne McCrocklin was tendered a birthday dinner yesterday by her mother, Mrs. W. A. McCrocklin. Covers were laid for sixteen.

Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Haskell, of Birminghom, Ala.; the Rev. and Mrs. T. E. Morris, of Dallas, Tex., have arrived to visit Mr. and Mrs. Jim Rouse.

Miss Emma Banard and Mr. J. H. Wall, two well-known young people, were married Wednesday.

Miss Mayme Carrethers will entertain this evening complimentary to her guests, Miss Eugenia Depree, Miss Ora Funk, of Louisville. Plates will be laid for twenty-eight.

From The Courier-Journal, Saturday, October 12, 1907, page 8.

Mt. Washington, Oct. 11. - [Special.] - Miss Lillian Spears and Mr. L. H. McMahon were married Wednesday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. L. T. Jones, on the Waterford road.

Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Ellaby had as their guests the first of the week the Rev. T. B. Smalley, of Louisville, and Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Wigginton, of Taylorsville.

Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Herin and daughter, Miss Lydia, went to Louisville Wednesday to visit friends and to attend the Trabue-Wright wedding.

Mr. and Mrs. William Barnes, who spent the summer here with relatives, left to-day for Owensboro, where they will spend the winter.

The Rev. and Mrs. J. L. Murrell were entertained Monday night by the Ladies' Aid Society.

Mrs. Lillie Netherland and daughter, Miss Lillian, have returned to their country home after spending the summer in New York.

Miss Adalyn Raley has returned to Somerset after spending the summer with her mother.

Mrs. Sallie Lewis left this week for Pennsylvania.

Mrs. Kate Rapier, of New Haven; Mr. T. N. Davis, of Arbela, Mo., are the guests of Mrs. Maggie Ellaby.

Miss Susie Lloyd has returned from a visit in the city with Mrs. George Zanone.

Messers, and Mesdames Hillary and Robert Hedges left this week to visit relatives in St. Louis.

Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Collier have returned to their home on the Bardstown road after a visit with Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Showalter.

From The Courier-Journal, Saturday, June 19, 1909, page 3.

Mt. Washington, June 18. - [Special.] - Dr. and Mrs. W. W. Coleman and daughter Miss Cornelia Coleman, were in Louisville this week the guests of Mr. and Mrs. P. K. Varble.

Miss Sophia Morrison, of the Southern part of the county, left Wednesday for Harrisburg, Pa., to visit relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Hedges left to-day for Nashville, Tenn., to visit their son.

The wedding of Miss Hettie Gentry and Mr. T. E. Owen was celebrated Wednesday evening at 6 o'clock in the Bethel Methodist church. The Rev. B. F. Lucy officiated.

Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Lee, who spent the winter with Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Daniel, left this week for their home in Los Angeles, Cal.

Miss Nannie Mooney, who has been a student in Bowling Green, has returned to her home in Shepherdsville.

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Bergin, of Panama, are the guests of relatives.

Mrs. Elmer Combs, of Omaha, Neb., is the guest of relatives at Shepherdsville.

Mrs. J. D. Crenshaw has as her guest Mrs. F. M. Arnold, of Chicago.

Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Gober, who have been the guests of relatives, left this week for their home in New York City.

Mrs. J. M. Owen, of Peoria, Ill., Misses Lena and Annie Gentry, of Lexington, Mo., and Miss Mary Raymond, of Louisville, who came to visit relatives and to attend the Owen-Gentry wedding, left this morning for their homes.

Mr. E. H. Lawrence and Mrs. Lawrence, of Oklahoma City, are the guests of relatives.

Mrs. F. J. Newman has arrived with her little daughter from Mobile, Ala., to visit relatives.

Miss Ellen Gill, of Russellville, arrived Wednsday to visit Misses Amelia Oaks and Ethel Newman in the southern part of the county.

Miss Levad Bogard entertained at dinner Wednesday. Those present were Mrs. V. G. Bigham, of Pontotoc, Miss.; Rev. F. E. Tayler, of Memphis, Tenn.; Miss Carrie Tayler, of Bowling Green; Misses Myrtle Carrithers and Marina McGee, of Mt. Washington.

From The Courier-Journal, Saturday, August 7, 1909, page 8.

Mt. Washington, Aug. 6. - [Special.] - The Rev. B. F. Lucy and Mrs. Lucy are in New Albany visiting relatives.

The Rev. E. L. Elliott and Mrs. Elliott left this week to visit relatives in Norfolk, Va.

Misses Jossie and Lillie Morris, of Tyler, Texas, were given a handsome luncheon Thursday by Misses Cora and Maye Rouse.

Mrs. G. M. Harrison left to-day for her home in Baltimore, Md. She was accompanied by her sister, Miss Carrie Tayler.

The Rev. J. Y. Coleman, mother and sister, who have been the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Asa Overall at High Grove, left to-day for De Valls Bluff, Ark.

Miss Austine Brooks left Thursday to join her sister, Mrs. Edna Mathews, to spend the summer in Detroit, Mich.

Mr. Press Troutman, Misses Polly Sutton and elizabeth Troutman, of Owensboro, are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Crume on the Bardstown road.

Misses Nancy and Sarah Thweat, of New York City; Hallye Hays, of Shepherdsville; Ethel Smith, of Mt. Washington, were given a handsome luncheon Wednesday by Mrs. James V. Rouse.

Mrs. S. H. Ridgeway and two children have returned to their home in Shepherdsville aftera ten days' stay at French Lick Springs.

Miss Adaline Culp has arrived from Washington City to visit Miss Edna E. O'Bryan at Shepherdsville.

Mr. R. W. Bergen and Mrs. Bergen, who have spent some time with relatives in the county, left this week for their home in Christobal, Isthmus of Panama.

Miss Lounette Stansberry entertained Tuesday night in honor of Miss Nora Isaacs of Lebanon. Twenty-two guests were present.

Mrs. D. E. Burch entertained Wednesday complimentary to her sister, Mrs. Lena Roby Davis, who left the following day for her home in Owensboro.

Mrs. N. T. Finley and Misses Lula and May Miller left to-day for Seattle, Wash., to visit the exposition.

In addition, we note the following death notice, published in The Courier-Journal on January 27, 1907, page 3.

Mt. Washington, Ky., Jan. 26. - Thomas Rouse, a prominent and wealthy man, died at the home of his son, Herman Rouse, after a lingering illness of Bright's disease. Mr. Rouse was sixty-four years old. The following children survive him: Mrs. Thomas Tichner, of Waterford; Mrs. George Jones and Mr. B. T. Rouse, of Smithville; Mrs. Charles Long and Mr. Herman Rouse, of Mt. Washington.

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