Bullitt County History

Addie Norton to Louisville Girl Scout Council

In 1940, Addie Norton sold land she possessed south of Cedar Creek to the Girl Scouts to extend their campground.

Bullitt County Deed Book 60, Pages 346-347

This DEED made and entered into this the 1st day of April, 1940, by and between Addie Norton, widow of D. F. Norton, of Shepherdsville, Kentuoky, of the first part and the LOUISVILLE COUNCIL OF GIRL SCOUTS of Louisville, Kentucky, of the second part, and J. E. Kelly of the third part, and J. T. Kelly, of the fourth part and D. J. Crumbacker, of the fifth part:

WITNESSETH: That for a valuable consideration, receipt of which is acknowledged:

The first party does hereby sell, grant and convey unto second party. its assigns, and successors, the following described real estate lying on Cedar Creek in Bullitt county Kentucky:

BEGINNING at a small cedar tree (marked), corner Addie Norton in Gentry's line; thence with Gentry N 88° W 400 feet to a stake on the west bank of Ceder Creek, corner to Gentry and the 40.894 acre tract owned by Louisville Council of Girl Scouts; thence with said line of said 40.894 acre tract down the creek as follows, S 25-26° W 260 feet to a stake on the west bank of Cedar Creek; S 10-26° W 505 feet to a stake on the north bank of Cedar Creek; thence S 73-28° W 300 feet to a stake on the north bank of Cedar Creek; thence N 71-40° W 490 feet to a stake on the north bank of Cedar Creek; thence leaving the creek S 1 1/2° W 308 feet to a stake near a red oak, corner to Addie Norton; thence running a division line with Addie Norton as follows: N 87 1/2° E 585 feet to a marked Sumac bush; N 84 3/4° E 200 feet, to a large marked beech in a drain; N 65-45° E 228 feet to a marked cedar; N 62-30° E 184 feet to a marked cedar; N 15-30° E 521.3 feet to a small marked cedar; thence N 16-30° E 244 feet to the beginning, containing 11 58/100 acres and being part of tract No. 2 conveyed Addie Norton by heirs of D. F. Norton by deed dated Aug. 9, 1939, recorded in Deed Book 60 Page 96 in offioe of clerk of Bullitt County Court and also the dower interest inherited from D. F. Norton by said Addle Norton and small portion of which has been in continuous adverse, peaeable possession of said Addie Norton and those, under whom she claims same, for more than thirty years.

To have and hold the same unto said second party, its assigns and successors, forever, with covenant of general warranty.

There is also conveyed to second party any right, title or interest that first party may have in or to any land on the north side of Cedar Creek adjoining the land of second party and also any right to Cedar Creek.

J. E. Kelly, J. T. Kelly, and D. J. Crumbacker, each, join in this deed for the purpose of and they do release the liens held by then on said land and which liens are recorded in Deed Book 58 Page 113; Deed Book 59 Page 363 and Mortgage Book 17 Page 399 in office of clerk of Bullitt County Court and each of them does hereby waive any right, claim or interest he or either of them may have in or to the land herein conveyed.

In Deed Book 58 Page 113. a lien is retained to secure payment of sum of $185.31 due Mary Kelly with interest thereon and which lien has not been released.

It is agreed by Addie Norton, J. E. Kelly and J. T. Kelly, that in event a suit is filed to enforce the collection of any sum due Mary Kelly that a sale of the remainder of the land owned by Addie Norton shall be had to satisfy the lien, interest and costs of the Mary Kelly debt before any part of the land herein described is sold and it is further agreed by parties hereto that in no event shall any part of the land herein conveyed be held liable for any part of debt due Mary Kelly until all of the remainder of said land conveyed to Addie Norton by D. F. Norton heirs is sold and that the said Louisville Council of Girls Scouts has a lien on the remainder of the land described in deed from D. F. Norton heirs to Addie Norton recorded in Deed Book 60 Page 96 in office of clerk of Bullitt County Court to secure it against any loss by reason of said lien of Mary Kelly not being released on the land herein described.

First party is to pay the 1940 taxes on said property.

In testimony whereof witness hands of first, third, fourth, and fifth parties, this day and date first herein written.

Addie Norton
T. J. Crumbacker
J. E. Kelley
J. T. Kelley

State of Kentucky
County of Bullitt

I, T. C. Carroll, a notary public within and for the county and State aforesaid, hereby certify that the foregoing deed was produced before me in said county and State and aoknowledged by Addie Norton, D. J. Crumbacker, J. E. Kelly and J. T. Kelly to be their act and deed.

Witness my hand this 8th day April, 1940.
My commission expires January 17, 1944.
T. C . Carroll

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