Bullitt County History

Federal Pensioners in 1883

The following chart is taken from the List of Pensioners on the Roll January 1, 1883 ... as called for by Senate Resolution of December 8, 1882. It identifies individuals from Bullitt County who were receiving a federal pension for any reason at that time.

No. of certificate Name of pensioner Post-office address Cause for which pensioned Monthly rate Date of original allowance
91,939Moore, AaronBardstown Junctionloss of forefinger$2.66 2/3no date
183,509Hall, ElizabethBardstown Junctiondept. mother$8.00Mar 1879
169,586Brooks, ElizaCane Springwidow$8.00Jun 1875
195,067Fox, SallyCane Springdept. mother$8.00Apr 1882
30,242Ringo, Kitty E.Cane Springdept. mother$8.00Sep 1864
46,516Roark, Martin V.Clermontwound of right shoulder$12.00no date
179,229Medcalf, WilliamLebanon Junctioninjury to abdomen$4.00Nov 1880
200,535Jones, AaronLebanon Junctiongun shot wound of left ankle$4.00Jan 1882
76,229Mayfield, Elizabeth G.Lebanon Junctionwidow$8.00Jun 1866
46,826Welker, Cary A.Lebanon Junctiongun shot wound left leg$8.00Aug 1865
112,141Lee, JohnLebanon Junctionloss index finger right hand$6.00Jul 1871
128,830Lounger, SamuelLebanon Junctionloss sight right eye$4.00Jun 1874
186,287Cook, Charles J.Lebanon Junctiongun shot wound thigh$2.00Apr 1881
55,606Cocherell, Mathew J.Lebanon Junctionwound right ankle$4.00Jan 1866
6,144Sanders, MaryMount Vitiowidow 1812$8.00May 1874
207,825Ferry, AddisonMount VitioBright's diseast and resulting dis. of heart & dropsy$12.00no date
154,346Pharris, NathanMount Vitiogun shot wound of left thigh$6.00Jul 1878
5,904Tyler, AnnaMt. Washingtonwidow$8.00Jan 1874
24,980Goode, LouisaMt. Washingtonwidow 1812$8.00Jun 1879
8,111Lup, RachelMt. Washingtonwidow 1812$8.00Aug 1878
10,839Claradence, ElizabethPitt's Pointwidow$8.00Oct 1867
3,965Crutcher, SarahPitt's Pointwidow, 2d sec., 3 Feb 1853$8.00Feb 1854
211,540Froman, John G.Pitt's Pointscalded legs and feet and injury to left side abdomen$16.00Jun 1882
190,026Bolton, John B.Shepherdsvilledept. father$8.00Oct 1880
164,286Caldwell, MargaretShepherdsvilledept. mother$8.00Mar 1874
187,786Younger, JohnShepherdsvilledept. father$8.00Apr 1880
168,840Eckert, EllenShepherdsvillewidow$8.00May 1875
197,634Hash, ElizabethShepherdsvillewidow$8.00Nov 1882
94,701Middleton, WalterShepherdsvillewound in right hand$8.00no date
211,099Heages, LoganShepherdsvillegun shot wound of left breast$4.00Jun 1882
186,794Harshfield, ColumbusShepherdsvilleinjury to right ankle and foot$6.00no date
134,756Weyler, George M.Shepherdsvilleinjury to abdomen$4.00Jul 1875
18,967Love, MariaShepherdsvillewidow 1812$8.00Feb 1879

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