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Samuel Hornbeck Land Division - Part 3 to Preston N. Hornbeck

Following Samuel Hornbeck's death, his descendants divided his estate amongst themselves. The deed shown below describes this process, and identifies the part that went to his son Preston N. Hornbeck.

Bullitt County Deed Book I, Pages 270-71

Whereas Samuel Hornbeck deceased died owning a tract of 408 acres of land, more or less, on the waters of Floyd's Fork in Bullitt County, and left the following children and heirs at his death, viz. Solomon Hornbeck, John C. Hornbeck Isaac Hornbeck, Ruann who married John Anderson, Susan who married Alfred Quick, Mary who married David L. Brooks, Dortha who married James W. Knight and Preston N. Hornbeck and Susan Hornbeck his widow; and since the death of the said Samuel Hornbeck, the said Isaac and John C. Hornbeck purchased the interest of and received deeds of conveyance from John Anderson and wife, Solomon Hornbeck and Alfred Quick and wife, for their interests in said land which togetherwith their own interests made them joint owners of five-eighths of the said 408 acres. And said Preston N. Hornbeck in like manner purchased of and received deeds of conveyance from James W. Knight and wife and David L. Brooks and wife for their interests in said 408 aces, all held subject to he dower. And Preston N. and John C. and Isaac Hornbeck have also purchased of and received a deed of conveyance from said Susan Hornbeck the widow for her dower in said tract of land. And they said Isaac, John C. and Preston N. Hornbeck agreed to and did actually divide said 408 acres of land between them according to their said respective interests as aforesaid, held under the purchases aforesaid, taking into consideration quantity and quality, whereby there has been set apart to said Preston N. Hornbeck by metes and bounds as his full share and interest under his said purchases and interest in said tract of land, the full quantity of 140 acres, which said 140 acres are bounded as follows.

Beginning at the southeast corner of the tract of Hornbeck's land, thence North 1/2° East 49 poles, 18 links to the southeast corner of J. C. Hornbeck's land, thence North 89° West 64 poles to a stake, another of John's corners, thence North 1/2° East 51 poles to a stake, another of J. C. Hornbeck's corners, thence North 88° West 52 poles to a stake, corner to John C. and Isaac Hornbeck, thence South 85°45' West 147 poles to two sycamores on the bank of Brooks' Run and near John Anderson's gate, thence South 10° East 78 poles to a mulberry and water beech on the bank of Brooks' Run and between said run and a high cliff, thence South 42° West (for 50°) 21 poles and 18 links to a sugar tree on the bank of said run, thence South 44° East (for 45°) 5 poles to a stone on said branch and stopped short of a white oak marked as a corner two poles, ten links, thence East 253 poles to the beginning.

And in like manner 153 acres were allotted to Isaac Hornbeck, and also 115 acres to John C. Hornbeck. And by agreement between said Preston N. , John C. and Isaac Hornbeck, deeds of release and quit claim were to be made and executed by the parties to each other for said parts of said land as allotted to each, as their interests in the whole tract as aforesaid. Wherefore in consideration of he whole premises and the sum of one dollar paid by said P. N. Hornbeck to said Isaac and wife and John C. Hornbeck and wife each, this indenture made this 22nd day of November 1839 between said Isaac Hornbeck and Mary M. his wife, John C. Hornbeck and Delia W. his wife of Bullitt County and State of Kentucky of one part and said Preston N. Hornbeck of same place of the other part, witnesseth that the said Isaac and wife and John C. Hornbeck and wife have and by these presents do sell, alien, release, convey and confirm unto his the said Preston N. Hornbeck and to his heirs and assigns forever all the interests, right, title and claim of them the said Isaac Hornbeck and wife and John C. Hornbeck and wife of in and to the said 140 acres of land meted and bounded to said P. N. Hornbeck as aforesaid. To have and to hold the said 140 acres of land and all its appurtenances unto him the said Preston N. Hornbeck, his heirs or assigns against the claims of them the said Isaac Hornbeck and wife and John C. Hornbeck and wife and their heirs and all persons claiming by, from, through or under them or either of them by this their deed of release and quit claim. Witness the hands and seals of grantors. (signed) John C. Hornbeck, Delia Hornbeck, Isaac Hornbeck, Mary M. Hornbeck.

State of Kentucky, Bullitt County Sct.
I Noah C. Summers, clerk of the county court for said county, certify that this deed from John C. Hornbeck and wife and Isaac Hornbeck and wife to Preston N. Hornbeck was on the 2nd day of December 1839 produced to me in my office and acknowledged by said John C. and Isaac Hornbeck to be their act and deed. And they the said Delia W. Hornbeck and Mary M. Hornbeck, being by me privily examined separately and apart from their said husbands, they declared that they did freely and willingly seal and deliver said writing, and wished not to retract it, and again acknowledged said writing fully read and explained to them to be their act and deed and consented that the same might be recorded. Whereupon I have truly recorded the said deed and this certificate in my said office this 12th day of February 1840 in my said office. Att. Noah C. Summers C.B.C.C.

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