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Peter and Adam Shepherd Kentucky Surveys

Adam Shepherd came to Kentucky around 1781 as his father's representative to survey and claim land, including considerable land in what is now Bullitt County, and including the site of Shepherdsville which is named for Adam Shepherd.

Between 1780 and 1804 surveys were made in the name of Peter Shepherd or his son all across Kentucky. The chart below attempts to organize these surveys in chronological order by the dates in which the surveys were first made. Given are the names of the individuals for whom the surveys were made, the then county in which it was made, the watercourse identified on the survey, the number of acres of land within it, the numbers assigned to the surveys, and the names of the head surveyors.

The survey numbers refer to two series of surveys, the Virginia Patent Series (identified with the letters VA) and Old Kentucky Patent Series (identified with the letters OK). Images of the original documents may be seen on the Kentucky Secretary of State web site. They are also available for viewing on the computers at the Bullitt County History Museum.

Survey DateGranteeCountyWatercourseacresSurvey #Surveyor
22 Oct 1780Peter ShepherdKentuckyBeech Fork500VA0337John Fitch
22 Mar 1781Peter ShepherdJeffersonSalt River900VA0335Benjamin Stansbury
23 Mar 1781Peter ShepherdJeffersonSalt River600VA0147Benjamin Stansbury
28 Mar 1781Peter ShepherdJeffersonMill Creek404VA0336Adam Shepherd
18 Aug 1781Peter ShepherdJeffersonSovern Valley Creek500VA0149John Handley
2 Jan 1783Peter ShepherdJeffersonFloyds Fork1000VA3117Adam Shepherd
4 Jan 1783Peter ShepherdJeffersonBranch of Floyds Creek500VA0424Adam Shepherd
7 Jan 1783Peter ShepherdJeffersonRolling Fork1100VA3640Adam Shepherd
7 Jan 1783Peter ShepherdJeffersonBranch of Cedar Creek1000VA3116Adam Shepherd
11 Jan 1783Peter ShepherdJeffersonShepherds Branch
of Cartwright Creek
1000VA0418Adam Shepherd
11 Jan 1783Peter ShepherdJeffersonShepherds Run1000VA0406Adam Shepherd
7 Feb 1783Adam ShepherdJeffersonRolling Fork200VA3639Adam Shepherd
13 Feb 1783Peter ShepherdJeffersonWolf Branch553VA3119Adam Shepherd
14 Feb 1783Adam ShepherdJeffersonBrashears Creek800VA1244Adam Shepherd
14 Feb 1783Peter ShepherdJeffersonWolf Branch1896VA1246Adam Shepherd
14 Feb 1783Peter ShepherdJeffersonWolf Branch500VA3118Adam Shepherd
6 Sep 1783Adam ShepherdJeffersonRolling Fork137VA3123Adam Shepherd
6 Sep 1783Adam ShepherdJeffersonSouth Fork of Rolling Fork165VA3122Adam Shepherd
6 Sep 1783Adam ShepherdJeffersonRolling Fork170VA3124Adam Shepherd
10 Oct 1783Peter ShepherdJeffersonElk Creek2483VA3076Adam Shepherd
14 Oct 1783Peter ShepherdJeffersonBrs Elk Creek398 1/2VA3077Adam Shepherd
16 Oct 1783Peter ShepherdJeffersonBrashears Creek801VA3120Adam Shepherd
7 Nov 1783Peter ShepherdJeffersonFork of Wilsons Creek1000VA3140Adam Shepherd
7 Nov 1783Peter ShepherdJeffersonRolling Fork100VA3134Adam Shepherd
8 Nov 1783Adam ShepherdJeffersonBranch of Rolling Creek1000VA3125Adam Shepherd
10 Nov 1783Adam ShepherdJeffersonRolling Fork600VA9257Adam Shepherd
7 Dec 1783Peter ShepherdJeffersonDrennings Lick Creek200VA3115Adam Shepherd
23 Jan 1784Peter ShepherdLincolnGlens Lick Creek720VA3136William Henry
27 Feb 1784Adam ShepherdJeffersonLong Lick Creek400VA1886Thomas Whitledge
5 Mar 1784Peter ShepherdJeffersonRolling Fork529VA5605Adam Shepherd
10 Mar 1784Peter ShepherdLincoln2nd S. Fk of Rolling Fork1500VA3871Samuel Drake
21 Mar 1784Peter ShepherdJeffersonMill Creek1000VA5606Adam Shepherd
12 Jun 1784Peter ShepherdLincolnMississippi River800VA8997G. Clay
29 Jun 1784Adam (or Abraham) ShepherdFayetteLicking River531VA4353JMarshallS (?)
21 Mar 1785Adam ShepherdFayetteHinsons Fk Licking River60 1/2VA5997Thomas Allin
11 Apr 1785Peter ShepherdFayetteLicking River1000VA5170Adam Shepherd
11 Apr 1785Peter ShepherdFayetteFlat Creek1000VA5175Adam Shepherd
24 Aug 1785Peter ShepherdLincolnSouth Fork of Bensons Creek1000VA5176William McBrayers
13 Sep 1785Peter ShepherdLincolnGlenns Creek130VA5172Samuel Drake
20 Sep 1785Peter ShepherdLincolnGlenns Creek350VA5173Samuel Drake
4 Oct 1785Adam ShepherdJeffersonRaccoon Creek1000unknownunknown
17 Oct 1785Adam ShepherdJeffersonFork of Drennings Lick Creek300VA5315Adam Shepherd
27 Oct 1785Adam ShepherdNelsonLong Lick Creek250unknownunknown
26 Nov 1785Peter ShepherdNelsonMill Creek350VA5308John Helm
26 Nov 1785Peter ShepherdNelsonMill Creek146VA5211John Helm
5 Dec 1785Adam ShepherdNelsonEast Fork of Otter Creek300VA5191M. Barnet
16 Dec 1785Adam ShepherdNelsonEast Fork of Little Brush Creek400VA5995M. Barnet
16 Jan 1786Peter ShepherdNelsonLong Lick Creek100VA7449John Ray
18 Oct 1786Peter ShepherdNelsonClover Creek50OK1592John Helm
19 Oct 1786Peter ShepherdNelsonClover Creek50OK1591John Helm
22 Aug 1789Peter Shepherd HeirsMercerLittle Benson Creek400OK4598Robert Poage
1 Sep 1790Peter Shepherd*BourbonHinkston4000OK0189Chas Smith
2 Dec 1793Adam ShepherdJefferson & HardinOhio River67OK1920A. Breckinridge
10 Dec 1793Adam ShepherdShelbySalt River998OK1590Abraham Owen
11 Dec 1793Adam ShepherdShelbyElk Creek1130OK1589Abraham Owen
21 Apr 1797James McMurray & Jno Wright
assignees of Adam Shepherd
WashingtonOld Lick Creek900OK3736John Helm
24 Jul 1797Adam ShepherdMilitaryMuddy River1000OK4041William Roberts
20 Aug 1797Adam ShepherdBullittSalt River57OK3417James Shanks
28 Sep 1797Peter Shepherd*Shelby6 Mile Creek500OK4599Abraham Owen
28 Sep 1797Peter Shepherd*WoodfordClear Creek500unknownunknown
28 Sep 1797Peter Shepherd*Shelby6 Mile Creek500OK4596James Bradshaw
17 Oct 1797Adam ShepherdBullittNone391OK4575James Shanks
8 Nov 1797Adam ShepherdBullittKnob Creek1000OK4581James Shanks
13 Nov 1797Adam ShepherdMasonLicking River7231OK4329E. George Hartt
16 Nov 1797John Ficklin & Adam ShepherdMasonIndian Creek2097OK4330George Hartt
22 Nov 1797Adam ShepherdWashingtonRolling Fork1000OK4981John Helm
2 Jun 1798Peter Shepherd HeirsHardinNolin River500OK3705Chas Helm
11 Sep 1798Adam ShepherdWashingtonPopes Creek500OK4662John Helm
13 Sep 1798Peter Shepherd*WoodfordClear Creek700OK4597William Steele
13 Sep 1798Adam ShepherdWoodfordClear Creek300OK4663William Steele
18 Sep 1798Adam ShepherdBullittKnob Creek300OK4580James Shanks
22 Sep 1798Adam ShepherdBullittNone500unknownunknown
22 Sep 1798Adam ShepherdBullittNone750OK4776James Shanks
28 Sep 1798Adam ShepherdBullittLong Lick Creek925OK4868James Shanks
28 Sep 1798Adam ShepherdBullittLong Lick Creek160OK4869James Shanks
28 Sep 1798Adam ShepherdWashingtonRolling Fork1800OK4982John Helm
29 Sep 1798Adam ShepherdBullittLong Lick Creek200OK4579James Shanks
8 Aug 1800Adam ShepherdKnoxCumberland River200unknownunknown
9 Aug 1800Adam ShepherdKnoxCumberland River200unknownunknown
1 Nov 1804Peter Shepherd HeirsWashingtonRolling Fork94OK5898John Helm
1 Nov 1804Peter Shepherd HeirsWashingtonRolling Fork260OK5899John Helm

* This Peter Shepherd is possibly a son of Peter Shepherd, and Adam's brother.

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