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Shortsville Post Office

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Shortsville was apparently located near the Bullitt-Jefferson Counties line, not far from Mt. Washington. There was a post office there at least from 1856 through 2 Jan 1863 when it was discontinued. [See Wilderness Road, Vol. 20, No. 1, Pg. 6.]

In 1856, Samuel C. Russell was the postmaster. In 1859, the postmaster was William C. Short, for whom the community was likely named.

In the 1860 census there were four census pages dedicated to the Shortsville post office area; three were in Jefferson County, and the fourth was in Bullitt County. We have transcribed below those families that likely used Shortsville for their post office.

We have not yet located information about this post office area earlier than 1856. We do know that it was identified in a General Assembly act which is described on another page. If you have additional information about it, please contact us.

Jefferson County, District 2, Shortsville (Bullitt Co) Post Office

PgDwHhLn#Family Data
6849347536Franklin Shields - 36 M, farmer, born KY
   37Eliza Shields - 45 F, born KY
   38Sarah Langford - 17 F, born KY
   39John W. Shields - 16 M, born KY
   40Sarah M. Shields - 12 F, born KY
69  1Malan Shields - 14 M, born KY
   2Franklin Shields - 10 M, born KY
   3George Shields - 7 M, born KY
 4944764Thos S. Thurman - 39 M, farmer, born KY
   5Emeline Thurman - 32 F, born KY
   6Elizabeth B. Thurman - 13 F, born KY
   7Mary E. Thurman - 11 F, born KY
   8James A. Thurman - 10 M, born KY
   9Emma D. Thurman - 5 F, born KY
   10Henry R. Bright - 18 M, farm laborer, birthplace not given
 49547711Fredrick Pound - 43 M, farmer, born KY
   12Elizabeth C. Pound - 40 F, born KY
   13Richard M. J. Pound - 19 M, born KY
   14Thos P. D. Pound - 16 M, born KY
   15Susannah M. Pound - 13 F, born KY
   16Sarah A. Pound - 10 F, born KY
   17Aaron D. F. Pound - 8 M, born KY
   18Irene E. Pound - 6 F, born KY
   19Elizabeth J. Pound - 1 F, born KY
   20Rebecca E. Pound - 1 F, born KY
   21Mary Pound - 76 F, born PA
 49647822John Woodsmall - 66 M, farmer, born KY
   23Martisha Woodsmall - 60 F, born KY
   24John Kelly - 7 M, born KY
   25Anna Kelly - 6 F, born KY
   26Chs W. Moore - 24 M, farmer, born KY
   27Susannah Moore - 23 F, born KY
   28Martisha M. Moore - 4/12 F, born KY
 497 29unoccupied
 49847930Nancy Shake - 38 F, farmer, born KY
   31Isaac Shake - 19 M, farmer, born KY
   32Amanda Shake - 16 F, born KY
   33James Shake - 14 M, born KY
   34Sarah F. Shake - 12 F, born KY
   35Mary E. Shake - 9 F, born KY
   36Jane Shake - 7 F, born KY
   37John Shake - 5 M, born KY
   38Anna B. Shake - 1 F, born KY
 49948039Henry Jones - 38 M, farmer, born KY
   40Nancy C. Jones - 27 F, born KY
70  1William B. Jones - 12 M, born KY
   2Sarah C. Jones - 10 F, born KY
   3Aanus(?) M. Jones - 8 F, born KY
   4Mary E. Jones - 5 F, born KY
   5Margaret A. Jones - 3 F, born KY
   6Elnora Jones - 11/12 F, born KY
 5004817Wm P. Beard - 30 M, farmer, born KY
   8Arsula Beard - 29 F, born KY
   9Wm C. L. Beard - 7 M, born KY
   10Johnson D. Beard - 1 M, born KY
 50148211Wm P. Barnett - 56 M, Bapt. minister, born KY
   12Jane A. Barnett - 40 F, born VA
   13Rebecca Barnett - 12 F, born KY
   14Sarah F. Barnett - 10 F, born KY
   15Mary V. Barnett - 8 F, born KY
   16Evadna Barnett - 6 F, born KY
   17Francis A. Barnett - 5 M, born KY
   18Martha B. Barnett - 3 F, born KY
 50248319James T. Reid - 34 M, farmer, born KY
   20Rebecca A. Reid - 27 F, born KY
   21John T. Reid - 7 M, born KY
   22Andrew J. D. Reid - 5 M, born KY
   23James B. Reid - 3 M, born KY
   24Arsula F. Reid - 1 F, born KY
 50348425John Russell - 45 M, farmer, born KY
   26Apphia Russell - 35 F, born KY
   27William Russell - 17 M, farm laborer, born KY
   28Charles Johnson - 14 M B, born KY
 50448529Martha Russell - 45 F, farmer, born KY
   30Samuel Russell - 19 M, farm laborer, born KY
   31Alexander Russell - 18 M, farm laborer, born KY
   32Emily J. Russell - 14 F, born KY
   33Martha Russell - 12 F, born KY
   34George Russell - 10 M, born KY
   35Sarah E. Russell - 5 F, born KY
   36Jane Singer - 30 F, born KY
 50548637Robert Caruthers - 47 M, farmer, born KY
   38Elizabeth Caruthers - 37 F, born KY
   39Mary Caruthers - 20 F, born KY
   40Edmond Caruthers - 17 M, born KY
71  1Francis Caruthers - 12 M, born KY
   2Charles Caruthers - 9 M, born KY
   3Arenith A. Caruthers - 6 F, born KY
   4Joseph R. Caruthers - 3 M, born KY
   5Martha E. Caruthers - 1 F, born KY
 5064876Cynthia Reid - 52 F, farmer, born KY
   7William Reid - 27 M, farmer, born KY
   8John S. Reid - 24 M, born KY
   9James Steel - 19 M B, farm laborer, born KY
 50748810Adam Shake - 63 M, farmer, born KY
   11Anna Shake - 55 F, born VA
   12John Shake - 21 M, farmer, born KY
   13Adam A. Shake - 18 M, farmer, born KY
   14Alice Shake - 10 F, born KY
   15Moses Russell - 13 M B, born KY
 50848916Elizabeth Yates - 34 F, born KY
   17Mary J. Yates - 13 F, born KY
   18Martha A. Yates - 11 F, born KY
   19Fanny E. Yates - 9 F, born KY
   20Isaac N. Yates - 5 M, born KY
 50949021James Shake - 28 M, farmer, born KY
   22Mary Shake - 26 F, born KY
   23William F. Shake - 6 M, born KY
   24Elizabeth Shake - 43 F, born KY
   25Edward R. Shake - 21 M, born KY
 51049126John Shake - 68 M, farmer, born KY
   27Wesley Shake - 25 M, farmer, born KY
   28Reuben Shake - 23 M, farmer, born KY
   29Ruth Russell - 32 F B, servant, born KY
   30Adalaid Russell - 4 F B, born KY
   31Laura Russell - 7/12 F B, born KY
 51149232James Netherland - 28 M, farmer, born KY
   33Malinda Netherland - 32 F, born KY
   34Carrie S. Netherland - 2 F, born KY
   35William C. Netherland - 7/12 M, born KY
   36Elizabeth Russell - 57 F, born KY
 51249337John Harrison - 88 M, born PA
   38Mary Harrison - 65 F, born KY
   39Ruth Harrison - 22 F, born KY
   40Eliza Harrison - 20 F, born KY
72  1Martha Harrison - 17 F, born KY

Bullitt County, District 2, Shortsville Post Office

PgDwHhLn#Family Data
10981877638Wm E. Drake - 48 M, farmer, born KY
   39R. S. Drake - 40 F, born KY
   40C. J. Purcel? - 21 F, born KY
110  1Susan A. Drake - 16 F, born KY
   2M. E. Drake - 13 F, born KY
   3W. E. Drake - 12 M, born KY
   4S. R. Drake - 5 M, born KY
   5C. Drake - 3 F, born KY
   6J. C. Drake - 1 M, born KY
 8197777David Hall - 35 M, farmer, born KY
   8Eliza Hall - 24 F, born KY
   9S. A. Hall - 7 F, born KY
   10A. M. Hall - 6 M, born KY
   11J. D. Hall - 4 F, born KY
   12V. E. Hall - 5/12 F, born KY
 83077813Zealey Williams - 43 M, farmer, born KY
   14Patience Williams - 47 F, born KY
 83177915David Ellaby - 46 M, farmer, born England
   16E. Ellaby - 44 F, born KY
   17W. H. Ellaby - 19 M, farm laborer, born KY
   18J. A. Ellaby - 16 F, born KY
   19J. N. Ellaby - 13 M, born KY
 83278020Wesley Drake - 37 M, farmer, born KY
   21N. E. Drake - 31 F, born KY
   22Jessie T. Drake - 13 M, born KY
   23S. A. Drake - 8 F, born KY
   24John Drake - 6 M, born KY
   25Olivia Drake - 4 F, born KY
 82378126F. Wigginton - 62 M, farmer, born VA
   27E. Wigginton - 62 F, born VA
   28D. H. Wigginton - 29 M, farm laborer, born KY
   29M. Wigginton - 22 F, born KY
 82478230W. C. Short - 49 M, farmer, born VA
   31Nancy Short - 44 F, born KY
   32M. Wilkinson - 22 F, born KY
 82578333J. S. Hobbs - 32 M, farmer, born KY
   34C. Hobbs - 24 F, born KY
   35N. S. Hobbs - 4 F, born KY
   36W. S. Hobbs - 2 M, born KY
   37Hobbs - 6/12 M, born KY
 82678438M. Smock - 59 M, farming, born VA
 82778539J. Markwell - 80 M, farmer, born VA
   40E. Markwell - 70 F, born PA

Bobby Darnell posted the following information about Shortsville in another place, and has given us permission to add it here. Dale Salmon has also contributed much to this research on that forgotten town.

"A while back David Strange asked in his Bullitt County History Museum newsletter if anyone knew where Shortsville was located. Very little was known about it but it was apparently on the Bullitt Co. and Jeff. Co. lines near Mt. Washington. According to a contract to build a road between Taylorsville and the Bardstown-Luoisville Turnpike (Bardstown Rd) in 1860 it mentions Shortsville several times. In censuses taken about that time residents of Shortsville included well known Kings Church area names as Barnett, Roby, Markwell, Wigginton, Carruthers, Williams, Pound, and more which could mean somewhere on Waterford Rd, Markwell Ln. or near Whitfield. Which leads us to this man, the man that Shortsville apparently was named for. William C. Short (July 11, 1811-Dec. 14, 1862). While working in the cemetary lately I found his stone (see below) nearly fallen over, overgrown with Yuccas, and falling backwards and blackened by a fungus os something making it difficult to read. When I first saw it I saw the name 'Judge' Wm. C. Short and thought was it his real name or was he possibly a real judge. He certainly was and was one of Bullitt County's first judges serving from 1850-1853. He also owned a grocery in the community called Shortsville and was it's postmaster in 1859. Certainly an interesting find in the old cemetary. His wife's name was Nancy. I've yet to find her stone. Gonna take more than me to fix this one!"

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