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Williams to Hornbeck, 700 Acres, 24 Apr 1794

On 24 Apr 1794, Edward Williams of Hardy County, Virginia (now West Virginia) deeded 700 acres to Isaac Hornbeck, which included the southern part of Williams' settlement and preemption in Bullitt County, which is shown here and described on another page.

In actual measurement, the tract sold to Hornbeck came closer to 798 acres, while Reed's tract measured only slightly more than 601 acres.

Isaac Hornbeck died without having the original deed recorded. Then, on 8 Jul 1802, Williams, through his attorney in fact, Thomas Bullitt, a Louisville merchant, conveyed the 700 acres to Isaac's sons, Samuel, John, and Neal.

It's interesting to note that, of the 1400 acres in Williams' settlement and preemption, he conveyed 700 acres to Isaac Hornbeck, and 862.5 acres to George Reed, as shown on another page. Note also, that Williams warranted 700 acres and no more to the Hornbecks.

A photocopy of this deed is shown below. A transcription of the deed follows.

This indenture made this eighth day of July, one thousand eight hundred and two between Edward Williams of the County of Hardy and State of Virginia by Thomas Bullitt, Merchant of Louisville in the County of Jefferson and State of Kentucky, his attorney in fact, of the one part, and Samuel Hornbeck, alienee and grantee, & John Hornbeck & Neald Hornbeck, devisees of Isaac Hornbeck dec'd of Bullitt County and State of Kentucky of the other part.

Whereas the said Edward Williams did in the lifetime of said Isaac Hornbeck by deed of bargain and sale bearing date the 24th day of April 1794 for the consideration of six hundred pounds Virginia money convey to the said Isaac in fee simple with general warranty seven hundred acres of land bounded as follows, towit:

Beginning at the southeast corner of the said Williams' preemption, running thence North 231 poles to three beech trees, thence West 553 poles to a large white oak, hickory and ash, thence South 231 poles to a large poplar, thence East 553 poles to the Beginning, being part of the said Edward Williams' settlement and preemption of fourteen hundred acres, situated about four or five miles from Bullitts Lick and on the waters of Floyds Fork in Bullitt County aforesaid, and it was agreed and so expressed in the said deed that in case the metes and bounds above set forth should contain more than seven hundred acres of land that the said Williams, his heirs, executors or administrators should not be bound to warrant the title to such surplus, and whereas the said Isaac Hornbeck executed deed of conveyance in fee simple to the said Samuel Hornbeck for a part or parcel of the said seven hundred acres of land, and by his last will and testament devised the residue thereof to the said John and Neald Hornbeck and departed this life without having the said deed recorded, and whereas the said Edward Williams in order to execute with the heirs of the said Isaac dec'd the contract entered into with him, hath authorized, constituted and appointed the said Thomas Bullitt as his attorney in fact to convey this 700 acres of land to the heirs of the said Iaaac by a deed in fee simple with general warranty, as by a letter of attorney from the said Williams to the said Bullitt bearing date the 24th day of November 1800 and of record in the County Court of Jefferson, aforesaid, reference thereto being his will appear.

Now this indenture Witnesseth that the said Edward Williams by his attorney aforesaid for and in consideration of the promises and the payment of the said six hundred pounds by the said Isaac Hornbeck, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, hath granted, bargained, sold, aliened, released, conveyed and confirmed, and by these presents doth grant, bargain, sell, alien, release, convey, and confirm unto the said Samuel, John and Neal Hornbeck & their heirs and assignees forever the said seven hundred acres of land described and bounded as aforesaid with all the appurtenances to have and to hold the said tract of seven hundred acres of land with all the appurtenances unto the said Samuel, John & Neald, their heirs & assigns to their only proper use benefit & behoof forever.

And the said Edward Williams by his attorney in fact aforesaid convents and agrees to and with the said Samuel, John & Neald Hornbeck, their heirs, executors, administrators & assigns that he the said Edward Williams, his heirs, executors and administrators shall an will warrant and forever defend the said seven hundred acres of land (but no more) with the appurtenances unto the said Samuel, John, and Neald Hornbeck, their heirs, executors, administrators and assigns against the claim or claims of all persons whatsoever. In witness whereof the said Edward Williams by his attorney in fact aforesaid hath hereunto set his hand and affixed his seal on the day and year first written.
Edward Williams by Thomas Bullitt, his attorney in fact.

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