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It Happened in October

We will be looking back 25, 40, 70 and 100 years to see what was being printed in The Pioneer News in 1998, 1983, 1953 and 1923 in the month of October.

1998 - 25 Years Ago.

William and Mattie

William and Mattie (Greenwell) Stinnett celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary. She was a native of Bullitt County.

Nicole McCubbins, Holly Coover, Kimberly Curry, Angela Foster, Sheena Kelly, Amber Walters, Laura Weber, Crystal Allen, Caleb Buege, Crystal Caulk, Travis Dillander, Leslie Littrell, Lindsay Seeders, Jessica Stanton, Jessica Stevenson, Stephanie Whittaker, and Tammy Wiseman all made the A Honor Roll at Bullitt Lick Middle School.

Paula Ashe retired as postmaster of the Mt. Washington post office after 32 years on the job.

Bullitt Lick Middle School receiving a community grant to form a community band was music to the ears of band director Cheri Greer.

Bullitt Central's Eric Hagan fired a one-over par 73 in the Region Six tournament which earned him a trip to the state championships.

Bullitt East's Amanda Lucas earned her second trip to the state golf championships.

Travis Gossum scored a 69-yard touchdown, and 198 yards total to lead Coach Mike Egan's Bullitt East team to a 55-0 victory over Hart County.

Brittany Saltsman and Rachel Haley at Lebanon Junction Elementary were the top performers in the UK Wildcat Basketball Shootout for Easter Seals.

At the Lebanon Junction Pageant, these were the winners:

Girls (0-18 months) Darrian Wooldridge, Alexis Holapple, and Dara Simmons; (19-35 months) Briana Flynn, Ashley Conover, Sarah Gaw; (3-5 years) Tori Hoagland, Sarah Spurling, Brianna Ashbaugh; (6-8 years) Kaci Hoskins, Mackenzie Gordon, Erica Meenach; (9-11 years) Brittany Forshee, Savannah Browning, Melissa Rummage; (12-14 years) Makensie Walls, Erin Culver, Lauren Sweat; (15 and up) Jessica Froman, Heather Hefley, Michelle Walls; (Girls' Supreme Winner) Darrian Wooldridge.

Boys (7-12 months) Alec Carter, Jonathan Simmons, Trevor Walker; (13-35 months) Alexander Sparks, Nathan Hall, Christopher Tedford; (3-5 years) David Irvin, Joseph Duckett, Tyler Platicus; (6 and up) D. J. Keith, Evan Gaw, Donald Dodson; (Boys' Supreme Winner) D. J. Keith.

Susan Mattingly & Jane Crawford

Clyde McKinney and the Singing Aires performed at Russell's Shed on Highway 44W.

Steve McKendree and Ben Quinton each scored a goal as Bullitt Central defeated Bullitt East in soccer 2-1.

Mary Kuchta and Beth Purvis led Bullitt East to a 5-2 victory over Bullitt Central in soccer.

Numerous people were pictured in a spread about St. Benedict's 50th Anniversary celebration, including Sister Elizabeth Wendeln, Sister Marita Riede, Principal Iris Whitney, Rev. Roger Boehmicke, Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Murphy, Cecil and Susan Mattingly, Jane Crawford, George Wethington, and Rev. Kenneth Kamber.

And the Bullitt County Woman's Club celebrated its 75th Anniversary with a special dinner. Dorothy Hartsell provided the musical entertainment.

1983 - 40 Years Ago.

Estel & Emma Lee Armstrong

Sixth grade teacher, Rod Firquin was pictured teaching Jennifer Wallace and Michael Stage how to use one of five state-of-the-art Apple //e computers available at Hebron Middle School.

Horace & Caroline

Estel and Emma Lee Armstrong celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with their family including their three sons, W. T. (Dub), Wayne, and Gerald, nine grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren.

Horace Ray and Caroline Hefley were pictured training for the Louisville Corporate Cup race. They didn't normally train together for, as Caroline said, "Horace clocks too many miles and runs too fast."

Mark Cross and Ronnie Tyler were two of the younger participants in a Bike-a-thon at the Bullitt Central track to raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation; while at Frank's Roller Rink in Belmont, a large group of skaters did the same. They included Melina Ashbaugh, Jerry Combest, Debbie Cox, Cindy Crady, Cindy Fish, Barbara Lanham, Brent Marcum, Craig Martin, Stacie Martin, Andrew Ragg, Bobby Trowbridge, Dana Trowbridge, Cline Tyler, Melissa Tyler, and Ronnie Tyler.

In cross-country track, Michelle Leasor, Sonya McKinney, Tammy Everett, Linda Ritter, Paula Ritter, and Dawn Keeling led Bullitt Central to victory in the Mid-West Kentucky Conference meet at West Hardin.

Three men and three women competed for the title of 1983 Bullitt County Citizen of the Year. They included June Dawson, Martie Korphage, Ruth Sohm, Ronald Murphy, Harry Morton Taylor, and Bud White.

Adults and kids alike had a great time at the Roby Fall Festival. Among the kids present were Harvey and Debbie Childers' daughter Sarah, Clinton and Gail Sears' son Donovan, Randy and Sandy Blakely's son Trevor, Ronnie and Diane Masden's daughter Brittany, Delbert and Sherrell Miller's daughter Jennifer, and Chuck and Sharon Hunt's children Brian and Christina.

Dr. Bob McDade

Beulah Foster's Quilt

The Bullitt Central FFA had its annual marksmanship contest that month. Greg Walters won the shotgun category; Wayne May won the open-sight 22 rifle competition; Chris Simpson the 22 rifle with scope event; and Kevin Spratt took the pistols category. Others placing in these events were Charlie Ploetner, Dennis Philpot, Don Glass, Richard Eisenback, Steve Geary, and Jeff Philpot.

Missy Perkins and Larry Roeder were named Bullitt Central's football homecoming queen and king, while Tracy Whitaker and Anthony Coke took the honors at Bullitt East.

The paper reported that Dr. Robert B. McDade was now practicing dentistry on a full-time basis in Shepherdsville. He married the former Sarah Nell Hamilton.

Beulah Foster was pictured with her finished quilt that displayed the one room Pleasant Grove School that burned in 1935.

Out at the Belmont Baptist Church, Clifford Etherton, Timmy Etherton, Otis Burks, Sammy Hatfield, Shirley Milligan, and Bro. Clarence Duvall worked to install a new cistern.

V.V.C. Band

Bullitt County Clerk Nina Mooney received a grant of $2000 from the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives to help fund the microfilming of county records. (I understand another Mooney is carrying on this good work too.)

The Lebanon Junction correspondent reported that "there's a new band, country and western, playing at the Timber Inn, called the V.V.C." which stands for Vietnam Veterans and Co. On lead guitar is George Bishop; Ronnie Wyatt and Keith Johnson are playing rhythm guitars, and Ronnie Chapman is on the drums. Ronnie was Butch Sweat's cousin.

How many of you were there when Governor Brown's train pulled into Shepherdsville forty years ago? Do you remember seeing the governor with his wife Phyllis and their young son Lincoln as they arrived as part of a three hour train trip to mark the completion of the renovation of the Seaboard System line between Louisville and Campbellsville? John Roberts should, for he took their picture.

And Dennis Tate was a contestant of the TV show, The Joker's Wild. He was picked out of the audience and won a refrigerator and cash. With him were his wife Norma, and friends Harvey and Peggy Johnson.

1953 - 70 Years Ago.

The following boys were selected to serve on the Shepherdsville School bus patrol: Jimmie Smith, James Froman, J. B. Shelborne, Gene Hester, Charles Bullock, Rodney Simpson, Robert L. Stevenson, Leonard Armstrong, Gerald Armstrong, Eugene Elder, David Beam, Phillip Tinnell, Billy Isgrigg, Jackie Yaeger, Samme Anderson, Billy R. Shepherd, J. C. Heffley, Cecil Beams, Everett Brown, Richard Phelps, Ray Smith, Evert Coy and Jerry Davis. The town patrol included Edwin Arnold, Warren Arnold, Errol Greer, Jon Myers, David Kulmer, Edward Schmidt and Gene Cox.

Cecil Cash purchased Joe Troutman's interest in their store. They had formerly been in partnership with the late G. T. Wilson in the Wilson and Company store. These three had begun their business after buying it from Lindsay Mattingly several years earlier. Cash was now the sole owner.

In its personal column, the paper reported that Mrs. Kate Greenwell celebrated her 89th birthday.

At the Community Day event at the Shepherdsville High School, Arthur Miller and Beverly Simpson were selected as Mr. and Miss Shepherdsville.

The Belmont Homemakers met at the home of Mrs. Russell Strebble. A lesson of Swedish embroidery was given by Mrs. D. L. Eskridge and Mrs. Strebble.

In Lebanon Junction, Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Shawley were back home from their vacation to Washington D.C. and New York.

The folks at Jackson's used car lot in Shepherdsville advertised that Smarty was missing and a reward was offered. Smarty was a female Cocker Spaniel that walked with a limp.

Six Bullitt County homemakers appeared on the TV show, Farm and Folks. They included Mrs. Homer Myers of Brooks, Mrs. C. L. Stansbury of Mt. Washington, Mrs. Howard Hardin of Nichols, Mrs. William Goodwin of Hebron, Mrs. Harry Farmer of Brooks, and Mrs. Leo Bleemel of Mt. Washington.

Allen R. Hawkins, Jr.

The Shepherdsville FFA chapter initiated new freshman members including Dallis Bentley, Leroy Bishoff, Donald Christman, Lewis Cockrell, Everett Coy, J. T. Cunningham, Roy Dowell, James Froman, Gerald Gagel, Gene Hester, Bobby Hines, Cecil Hurst, Billy Magruder, Ronald McCubbins, Donald McGlassen, J. B. Shelburn, James Sheppard, Billy Smith, Kenneth Ray Smith, Jimmie Smith, Donnie Thompson, Ike Toy, Garland Waters, Larry Lewis, Maxie Huff, Donald Johnson, Glenn Lewis, Ted Marcum, Carl Ray Saddler, Fletcher Crigler, Vernon Huff, and Billy Webb. The reporter was Doyle L. Eskridge.

Bullitt County Sheriff Allen R. Hawkins, Jr. resigned to become an investigator for the state fire marshall staff.

And Roy Maraman and Noble Porter purchased 65 acres of land east of town which was the last part of the Thomas Cochran estate. Rumor has it that they were planning to develop it into a "Boom City." This speculation was driven by the prospect of the new toll road coming by it.

1923 - 100 Years Ago.

With the 1923 election coming up in November, the paper identified the following officers for the various voting places in the county.

At Shepherdsville No. 1 (west) W. A. Cook and O. P. Means were judges, H. L. Wheatly was sheriff, and Mrs. J. W. Barrall the clerk. On the east side of Shepherdsville were A. W. Vance and Robinson E. Lee as judges, Wave Bell as Sheriff, and Mrs. W. C. Herps as clerk.

At Brooks were J. E. Quick and Bert Sanders as judges, J. W Smith the sheriff, and Mrs. Lea Hatzell clerk. At Giffin, Willima P. Foster and T. J. Barrall were judges, Granvill Welch was sheriff, and C. E. Rogers was clerk.

Continuing in that order of office, At Cupio were Ernest Funk, W. B. Nichols, Ed G. Marcum, and Mrs. Ada Samuels. At the Salt River precinct were William Combs, J. R. Buckman, Henry Hamilton, and T. D. McAlister. Precinct 7 at Mt. Washington included B. D. Burch, John Wallis, German Branham, and Miss Lula Swearingen; while that town's precinct 8 had W. A. King, Pete Bleemel, Henry Lutes, and Mrs. Hassie Parrish.

At Zoneton were W. A. Ladusaw, Tom Hackney, S. G. Thornsberry, and Josh Gore. Elbert Lutes, G. B. Herps, Barney Weller, and S. A. Shelton were at Cedar Grove; while Leaches had A. J. Roby, Harry Hummel, R. J. Clark, and Miss Jennie Bridwell. Clermont's officers were George Taylor, William Hodge, Virgil Duvall, and J. C. Hagan.

On the east side of Lebanon Junction were J. H. Waters, J. I. Samuels, Charles Duvall, and Mrs. Maud Beam; while the west side of town had L. L. Masden, C. C. Lutes, Alford Brown and Aliene Barrett.

The last two precincts were Belmont with L. L. Roby, W. A. Bradbury, John Boots, and Mrs. I. T. Mudd; and Beech Grove with W. H. Cundiff, H. C. Cundiff, Jess Dawson, and C. W. Skelton. The election commissioners were A. L. Roby, V. H. Rouse, and George I. Rennison.

Over in Mt. Washington, little James Franklin Kaze was on the sick list, as were Mrs. Curt Moore and son Haskel. Meanwhile, S. B. Owen was building a tobacco barn for Alvin Owen; and the Hall Brothers were building one for Pete Bleemel.

An advertisement in the paper encouraged you to "Stop at Masden and Roby's in Shepherdsville for good eats and drinks."

The Sugar Valley school, led by Miss Elizabeth Cash, had entertainment and pie supper, and raised $125 for the school.

Miss Anna Wilhoit of Zoneton married Ernest Foley of the Victory community in Leaches by Judge Shelton.

Miss Willie Mae Ridgway, who was teaching at St. Mathews in Jefferson County, returned home for a visit.

And J. R. Sargent of Boston was offering a reward of $25 for a cedar chest full of clothing he lost somewhere between Shepherdsville and Boston. Must have been a bumpy ride.

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