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Publications for Sale

The following items are available at the museum or by mail. Our mailing address is Bullitt County History Museum, P.O. Box 206, Shepherdsville, KY 40165. Make check payable to the Bullitt County History Museum.
The Browningtown Massacre by Charles Hartley, 2018, softcover, 343 pages [details] $15.95
Train Wreck, Shepherdsville, Kentucky, December 20, 1917, by Charles Hartley, 2017, softcover, 205 pages [details] $19.95
More Bullitt County Memories by David Strange and Charles Hartley, 2015. $20.00
Bullitt County Memories by David Strange and Charles Hartley, 2013. $20.00
Murder or Not? The Hagan-Barbour Feud by Charles Hartley, 2012, softcover, 127 pages $8.00
Railroad Town (Lebanon Junction), a book of photographs, Stephen Masden and Burlyn Pike, 1991 $7.00
History of Bullitt County, 1974; reprint 2010 $10.00
Bullitt County Court Order Book J, 1867-1873. Abstracted by Ed Lee, and indexed by Betty Darnell. $8.00
Bullitt County Court Order Book O, 1900-1908. Abstracted by Ed Lee, and indexed by Betty Darnell. $8.00
A CD containing image scans of all surveys and deeds related to 42 old Bullitt County land patents that were issued in the early years after Kentucky became a state. [details] $15.00
1925 Bullitt County Map (18" x 24" poster, mailed in tube) $10.00
McFarland Funeral Home Records (Mt. Washington), Doris Owen:
  Vol. 1, 1910-1952$12.00
  Vol. 2, 1923-1940$12.00
  Vol. 3, 1952-1961$23.00
Bullitt County Cemeteries, Mary Sabetti and Doris Owen:
  Volume 1, Lebanon Junction Cemetery; southern area of county$18.00
  Volume 2, Pleasant Grove, Bethel Church, St Francis; Mt. Washington area$10.00
  Volume 3, Brooks area; Hwy 44 West area; Cundiff Cemetery; Hoagland Cemetery$10.00
  Volume 4, Mt. Washington Cemetery; Kings Church Cemetery$28.00

The following items are available for purchasing either at the History Museum, or by mail at Bullitt County Genealogical Society, PO Box 960, Shepherdsville KY 40165-0960. Make checks payable to the Genealogical Society.
Back issues of Wilderness Road. - Complete Volume Set Note: Volumes 1-22 run Sept-Aug; Vol. 23 includes 6 issues; Volumes 24 and following run Jan thru Dec.$20.00
The Owen Family in Bullitt County, Betty Cox Owen$23.00
Guardian Records, 1823-1905$23.00
1870 Bullitt County Census, Mary Sabetti$25.00
Archaeological Excavations at the Old Bank Building, Shepherdsville, M. Jay Stottman, 1999$5.00
Bullitt County, Kentucky, Births, (1852-1859, 1894, 1907, 1909-10)$13.00
Five-Generation Family Charts$5.00

The following items are published by Betty Darnell. They may be picked up at the History Museum or ordered by mail from Betty. Her mailing address is Betty R. Darnell, 171 Anna Lee Drive, Taylorsville KY 40071. Make checks payable to Betty R. Darnell. The price includes required postage and packaging fees.
1810 Bullitt County Census and Tax List $6.00
1820 Bullitt County Census $8.50
1830 Bullitt County Census $9.00
1840 Bullitt County Census $9.00
1880 Bullitt County Census $34.00
1900 Bullitt County Census
  Vol. 1 (Shepherdsville & Mt. Washington) $28.00
  Vol. 2 (Leaches District, Pine Tavern District, Lebanon Junction) $28.00
Bullitt County, Abstracts of Deed Book A, 1797-1805 $26.50
Bullitt County, Abstracts of Deed Book B, 1805-1813 $26.50
Bullitt County, Abstracts of Deed Book C, 1813-1818 $26.50
Bullitt County, Abstracts of Deed Book D, 1819-1822 $26.50
Bullitt County, Abstracts of Deed Book E, 1822-1825 NEW! $27.50
Bullitt Circuit Court Deed Book A, 1820-1842 $18.00
Bullitt County, Survey Plat Book $18.00
Bullitt County Tax Lists, 1797-1804 $38.50
Bullitt County, Court Order Book A, 1797-1800 $8.50
Bullitt County Marriage Records (Bonds, Licenses, Ministers' Returns, Registers)
  1797-1825 $45.00
  1826-1835 $34.00
  1836-1845 $34.00
  1846-1855 $34.00
Bullitt County Will Book A, 1796-1823 $26.50
Bullitt County Will Book B, 1823-1838 $26.50
Henry Crist/Crist Families NEW! $55.00
Prepared by the Devil's Devil, J. R. Zimmerman 1931-32 series, about 1891 Shepherdsville-area residents) $23.50
St. Francis Xavier Parish History, 1846-1996 $12.00
Shepherdsville Pioneer Graveyard, an annotated reading $5.00
Who Was Who in Bullitt County (extract of 1949-1950 news column, based on 1850 census) $18.00

The Bullitt County History Museum, a service of the Bullitt County Genealogical Society, is located in the county courthouse at 300 South Buckman Street (Highway 61) in Shepherdsville, Kentucky. The museum, along with its research room, is open 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday; and from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Thursday. Admission is free. The museum, as part of the Bullitt County Genealogical Society, is a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization and is classified as a 509(a)2 public charity. Contributions and bequests are deductible under section 2055, 2106, or 2522 of the Internal Revenue Code. Page last modified: 07 Feb 2019 . Page URL: